I really love you(a twinj story) chapter 17

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Hello everyone….
Firstly i m really very sorry to everyone for not posting for so many days….actually i got sick so i was not able to post..abhi bhi m nt well but … i m posting this…
And thanks to all those who commented and silent readers too…

Here is the episode17


Twinkle and chinki came to their room….it was quite late so they both changed their clothes and resided to bed…..twinkle’s face was gloomy and sad…..she was thinking something and then she patted on chinki’s shoulder to call her..
Twinkle: chinki….uthna so gayi kya??
Chinki:kya hai twinkle di….pareshan mat karo sone do na..
Twinkle:arre sun na muje tujhe boht imp baat batani hai…
Listening to imp….chinki turned to twinkle’s side and said..
Chinki: kya….kya imp baat hai…
Twinkle:vo chinki ummm….bhai aur mahi ek dusre se pyaar karte hai..
Twinkle: haan they both confessed each other and r together now..
Chinki: twinkle di…ye itna sab kab hua….kaise hua…
And then twinkle told her abt all the things abt yuhi….
Listening to dis all chinki was happy as she liked mahi…
Chinki: wow di….dats really nice…m happy abt dem..
Twinkle: hmm well ek aur baat bhi batani hai tuje….
Chinki: acha kya???
Twinkle: voh…i…i love kunj..
Chinki was double shocked….she spoke with wide eyes…: what!!!! Dii really dat means u nd kunj bhai also..
Twinkle: nahi…we r nt together….only i like him…i donno abt him….
Chinki: woww dii….dats really nice…kunj bhai boht achhe hai…
Twinkle smiled and they both talked for sometime and later chinki slept….
But twinkle was still awake…she looked at the clock it was 12:30 at the night….she ws feeling restless…..she was just changing her sides on the bed but she was nt getting asleep….
Then she took her phn and opened kunj’s pic in it….
She closed her eyes and remembered all the moments with kunj…and tears made their way to her cheeks…
She looked at kunj’s picture and spoke….I miss you kunj…i really miss you….and she cried and cried till sleep overtook her…

The next morning twinkle woke up and then as usual went for shower….
Something was going on in her mind…she was in deep thoughts…..
After sometime she directle went to yuvi’s room and went to him….he was sitting on the bed with his phone in his hands…
Twinkle was scared but she went to him nd sat beside him….yuvi saw her and said..
Yuvi: twinkle…tu yaha…kuch kaam tha kya??
Twinkle: bhai vo….can i ask u something..
Yuvi: ha bol na..
Twinkle: bhai..umm…vo…see like mahi loves u and she is with you…soo agar mere sath bhi aisa ho to…
Listening to this yuvi got shocked as he didnt expected this question frm twinkle….he looked somewhat angry so he only said..
Yuvi: twinkle kon hai vo…
Twinkle: no answer
Yuvi: twinkle answer me…kaun hai vo.
Twinkle: bhai…vo…its mahi’s brother…(she spoke with almost tears in her eyes)
Yuvi: kunj….right…
Twinkle jus nodded…
Twinkle: bhai but there is nt any thing between us….its only abt me..
Yuvi: dekh twinkle….see whatever u have in ur heart…i ll just say plzz dont move forward…..look me aisa nai keh raha dat kunj is nt a good guy…he is a good one….but i dont want u to get in these all things….
Twinkle nodded her head in a yes as tears were moving from her eyes…
Yuvi held her hand and said: twinkle plzzz…tu boht innocent hai…iss sab me mat padna….plzz ye kunj ko lekar jo bhi hai use bhul jaa okay…
Twinkle: yes bhai…
And then she went back to her room…she closed the door and cried her heart out….
Twinkle’s pov…
I know yuvi bhai u r telking this for my betterment but the truth is…i cant forget kunj…..he is the only person whom i want to give my heart and to whom i will…
I cant deny you so i said a yes but i will always keep loving kunj….though i wont tell kunj about my feelings…but i ll love him always…

Like this the days passed nad months too….twinkle’s love for kunj had grown more day by day…there was not a single day when she didnt cried missing him……and missing kunj was not a sole reason for her cries….many times she cried because of yuvi and mahi….as she was the one who got yuhi together so she was the only one who suffered in yuhi’s fights…..
Both yuvi and mahi fought very much on small things and both of them use to vent out each other’s anger on twinkle as she was the only one to whom they both told about their realtionship status….
But twinkle being twinkle…she never reverted back to yuvi or mahi as she didnt like to hurt them…..
So she wud always take up all the anger or shoutings….and the best way to relieve herself from this all was to cry so she just did that…
It had been 5 months from the vacation and in these 5 months twinkle had met kunj 2 times….once on rt’s bday as they went for dinner together and second when kunj and mahi had come to taneja house for a day….
These 5 months were not easy for twinkle…..but she always prayed that she and kunj get together….
Now it was october nd it was when rt-leela and manohar-usha were going durban for a week….they were not taking any one of their children as school’s and all was there….but these days mahi had come to taneja mansion to stay wid twinkle and chinki…and kunj was staying at usha’s sister’s house who just lived opposite to sarna mansion…
As mahi had come to taneja mansion yuhi were very happy as they wud get some time together…
The week had passed very early and it was only a day left for their parents to come…..
Mahi and twinkle had a talk and they both decided dat as mahi goes back to her home she wud just casually ask kunj dat he likes twinkle on not….but twinkle had refused mahi to mension anything abt twinkle….she only have to ask him….

A day later leela rt nd manohar usha came back and mahi also went back to sarna mansion….and now it was diwali vacations for all….
Chinki went to a trip from school for 10 days….
Twinkle was nervous as mahi was going to ask kunj abt them…

She thought to call mahi as till now she wud have asked kunj….so she called mahi..
Twinkle: hello…mahi
Mahi: hii twinkle..
Twinkle: mahi…tune puchha kya kunj se…kya puchha aur kya kaha usne…
Mahi: mene kunj bhai se puchha…..i told him dat…..twinkle thinks dat u like her…
Twinkle: mahi…shitt…ye kya kia…mene tujse ye nahi kaha tha bolne ko…i only said dat ask him if he likes or not…tune aisa q kaha ki twinkle ko lagta hai…
Mahi: twinkle yaar….usme kya hai…abb mene aisa puchh lia to ab kya..
Twinkle: ab kya…tell me whats his ans…
Mahi: bhai told me dat….


Hope u liked it guyzz…plzz comment karna….
Love u all❤❤❤❤❤????????

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  1. Twinjsidminfan

    Wow?????? it was damn amazing????? felt very bad for twinkle ????? plzzzzz get them together sooner…nd plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzz introduce kunjs feelings tooo
    Would eagerly be waiting for the next post…PlZzzz plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzz update as soon as possible????

  2. The answer is obviously yes.. it’s a wonderful episode..

  3. Amazing

  4. Presha

    Hey didu…
    Hw r u knp2..

    Srry netwrk error k wajah se apko message nai kr payi….
    Well abt the epi

    It was emotional…
    I just loved it…
    Too good..

    Felt bad for twinkii…
    Mahi nd yuvi was … ???
    Post next soon

  5. di what is this ab ap itna intazar krao gi hamain jijo ka ans ka liya bit i think ans is yes

  6. Di tomorrow i mean it’s my bdy on 27 april

  7. Baby

    ohhhhhhh god fatimaaa dii……♥
    ismein bhii suspense…….
    hey bhagwaanji mein mar jaungii…..
    bt I think answer is no..
    because u bth got together in april……..around right……. ?
    well srsly osm marvelleous speechless emotional.diii awwiieee…u srsly r too good….u never shouted u cried…….m srsly feeling sad for u……. 🙂
    bt now m vry happy……….☺
    lods of love……..♥
    cant w8 post soon………..♥

  8. SidMin23

    Superb eagerly waiting to know kunj reply for twinkle poor twinke and do share kunj feeling too like u share for twinke how she felt for kunj.

  9. Hi Fatima I am sawera esha ki czn pehly to kbi b coment na krny ka liye sorry? ….. Epi was Emotional…. And 2nd nmbr pa tm itna q roti ha it hurt us alot plzzzz na roya kro tm ok…. Or tmry bhai ki bat sun ka bht bura lga hm sb ko lga ka wo tmra sath da ga…. Or ab m kya bolo starting sa ab tak ka sary episodes bht bht bht zyada kamal ka thy…. I have read all the epi but never coment on any epi sorry…. And waiting for ur would be husband ans…. And always add one coment of mine in ur each epi ok…. Bcz i am gonna read this ff till end but may be comenting for 1st and last time….. Or meri wish ha ka tm dono hamesha khush rho or wo tmry would be husband sa husband b jldi he ban jayen (Ameen?)…… All the best for ur coming life…. Or plzzzzz kam roya kro mjy bht tension hoti ha tmri jaanu plzzz itni tension na liya kro abi mjy pta chala ka tm kuch din pehly bimar thi tension leny ki wajah sa…. Tc of urself wesy mjy pata ha mjy yeh bat bolny ki zaroort nhi ha bcz tmry wo jo ha tmra dehan rakhny ka liye? toh phr tm unka dehan rkha kro ok….. Byeeee ?? and plzzzz reply must krna mera coment parhny ka bad ya phr sach bolo toh bakwas parhny ka bad par jwb da dena plzzzz bcz m na pehli dafa coment kiya ha or yeh bht bht lamba ho gya ha….love u??

    1. Fatimaa.

      Heyy sawera….
      Well firstly thank u soo much for commenting and secondly thank u soo much for this big comment…it really means a lot to me…hmm i m glad dat u like my story and u read it…..
      Thank u soo soo much
      And yeah ur bhai is der to take care of me???…..
      Thanks again…
      Love u so much❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. SidMin

    Yaar itna suspense …. khyu khyu khyu ?????
    I loved the episode and UV Bhai is also so sweet …. he loves you a lot …
    Love you post soon can’t wait … ❤

  11. Hey api first of all thnks for posting ur ff soon nad 2nd epi was full of twist and turns…. Ur bro ans shocked me bcz i thought he will be happy and he will support u but ur bro is also right on his place and epi was emotional too…. Ap na bht hi zyada twist pa epi end kr di…. Luv u byee sorry for late cmnt…

  12. Nice episode dear
    Post soon

  13. Gourav Acharya

    Kunj bhai n twinky di lv u

  14. Mia12

    Omgggggg Janeman….
    What a episode Love it,,???????
    Full of emotional ka dabba,,????
    Twinkle kitna roti hai,,????
    Or Itna pyar karti hai kunj se,,????
    Omgggg ye pyar to beyond of imagination ho gaya jii,,????
    So pure twinkle feelings is towards kunj,,?????..
    Wese don’t wry hamari Twinj ki tarah bhi hamari the most Adorable couple FATIMAZ bhi hamesha ek sath rahegi,,??????? Coz they are truly made 4 each other,,?????
    But mai apni Fattu se bhttttttt pyar karti hun kyuki wo hai hi itni pyari,,☺☺
    Ab apna khyal rakhna or jeyada stresses mat lena OK meri janeman,,???
    Warna jiju ko bata dungi,,??? blackmailing hai ye samjhi,,????
    Next jaldhi post karna OK,,??
    LOAD’S OF LOVE MERI FATTU,,❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤

  15. Aap be bhi emotional Kar diyaa??…..?? But it was AWESOME ☺???……..Kunj kuch bhi kahe …Lekin hamme pata Hai….Ki unhe bhi kuch kuch hota hai??…..Post soon ??

  16. Fatima awesome amazing
    But tune kyu roya tha itna
    Mujhe bohat bura lag raha hai
    Aur yuhi apne gussa tum per kaise nikal sakte hai haa
    Tu Sach mai bohat innocent aur achi hai
    Kunj bohat zyada lucky hai

    N ab meri baat sun tu phir kabhi aise nahi royegi u know I hate tearsn dat to my in my frnd eyes no never ever
    Ager mujhe bata chala mai na tujhse naraz ho jaungi dekhna
    So keep smiling
    Love u

  17. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Yrr fattu ISS epi me meko v rula dia kiuki my doll was crying…..???
    Bt koi no it’s a stage of love pyaar m Thora Dard toh HOTA h…..And mazze ki baat ye h ki you both r together…..nd I wish you always be together….
    Tw love for kunj yani tera pyar jij k liye ekdm true love h…..
    Or ur Bhai really loves u…..Isiliye he is a bit possessive….
    Or tu Roya na kr….We get hurt…
    Or ye Kya jaan home suspense m chor Diya tune….
    Waiting eagerly for kunj ans and pov….
    Jij k side ki story v post kr de plz… GET WELL SOON ???
    Loads of love ???

  18. Sohi

    very sad that u have to suffer this much
    But the episode was too good
    Do continue

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