Realisation of Love- SHIVIKA OS


I donno whether u will like it not but lets see. Even a word would work so please do comment. And it has only this one shot. So here it goes……..
Anika – Take this.
Shivay- Whats this?
Anika- Divorce papers.
Shivay- What???
Anika- Cant u hear once. Divorce papers. Sign them.
Shivay-What nonsense. Why?
Anika-Because I don’t have all that which u want in ur wife. Name, blood, lineage. Nothing. And moreover the marriage was just for a day. Right? I don’t want to carry on this drama of being ur wife anymore. And I too think that I m just a burden to u. soo it will be right if we have a divorce.
Shivay tries to say something anika leaves from there.

Anika on phone- I have done it. Now….
On the other side of the phone- Good job my love. Now quietly without telling anyone come to the old textile mill. U will get what u want.
A drop of tear escapes from her eyes. But she assues herself that everything will be fine and goes
On the other side in shivay’s room
Shivay sees the papers. Anika had already signed on them. He throws away the paper and then his phone[I think its his childhood problem].
After a while, Shivay- No anika cant do this. There is something which she was hiding from me. I have to find it out.
He calls anika but she doesn’t pick it up. So he calls khanna and says- Yes khanna listen,…..[ the talks are muted]
In the old textile mill
Anika-I have given divorce to shivay now give me my sahil back to me.
A man- Ohh u r sooo desperate. He is fine. I have sent him to Oberoi Mansion.
Anika- Okk.

And anika turns to go when the man helds her hand from behind and pushes her towards him. Anika feels quite uncomfortable and soo pushes him and slaps him hard.
Anika- How dare u touch me?
The man[ in full anger]- Why don’t uunderstand that I love u. I m just like shivay soo why cant u love me? Same face everything is same and after shivay knows that I m his cousin brother. I will have money too. I will have an equal share from the oberoi mansion.[ Yes this is none other than mahi]
[NOTE- Mahi is in love with anika {not real just like daksh he is obsessed with anika}. ]
Anika- you are not at all like shivay. Only your faces match but you and shivay have much differences. You can never match my shivay. And u will not get even a penny from oberoi mansion. Not at all to a person like u. And what u say as love is not love. For if u would have loved me then u would nhave blackmailed me on the name of sahil to divorce sahil.
Mahi gets angry and in anger puts chlorofoam on her mouth and takes her away in an unconscious state.
He takes her to an inhabitated place[ you can imagine like in movies the villians have there secret place] where there was his team[or I can say gang]. He covers her mouth with a mouth and says to his team- Don’t let her escape from here. She is mine only mine.
And he leaves from there
Meanwhile in Oberoi mansion
Shivay[to khanna]- Have u traced her phone.
Khanna-Yes sir. Here it goes.
Shivay-What is anika doing at such a place?
And shivay leaves from there in frustration.
Shivay[ in the car]- I hope anika is fine.

At the other side
Anika wakes up is unable to do anything else then crying as her mouth is covered. She tries hard to free herself but all attempts go in vain. She makes a plan and after a while……..
Anika tries to speak something
One of the man- See she wants to speak something I think we should open her mouth for if something will happen to her then boss(mahi) wont leave us
Another one- I think she is just acting. Leave her as she is. Boss will see her himself.
Anika again acts of trying something. She keeps on trying till they open her mouth.
One of them- Say what do u want?
Anika- I want to go to washroom.
Another one- Hey don’t try to be over smart. We know that u r just acting.
But one them says- Let her go. And where will she run away from here. There is no way
All of them agree.
The condition of the washroom was worst and the door was also broken. So the men went aside. Meanwhile anika ran away from them. As soon as they knew that she has ran away, they informed mahi. Mahi was in great anger. He decided not leave anika this time. And planned something with his team.

Anika was tired running here and there. There was nothing other than jungle all around. Her legs had given way but she still ran as far as she could.
On the other hand shivay of unable to figure where anika was for there was jungle all around[shiv and ani were at the same place just opposite to each other] that highway and the network was also too weak. He was again and again trying to call anika but as her phone was with mahi he got no response.
Meanwhile mahi had send his men in all directions to search anika and himself have gone to search him.
Anika gets on the highway and starts running on the road with completely tired legs. She could not walk further but tries her level best to save herself from mahi by frequently uttering the words “Shivay” in complete pain.
Shivay was driving the car when suddenly he saw a girl walking with tired legs. He sensed that it was anika and getting down of the car ran towards anika shouting “Anika”. Anika due to weakness was in a sudconcious state,but on hearing shivay’s words she moved back to see him. With all her strength she shouted “Shivay” and ran towards him.
Mahi reached there and saw both them running towards each other. He could not take this anymore and he took out his bullet and it slowly went towards them and made one of them wounded.
Shivay shouted”Anika”. The next moment anika was in shivay’s arms having a big red spot near her heart. Shivay saw mahi standing behind him. He wanted to kill him but at that moment his paanika was more important to him.
Anika said “S..h..i…v..a…y..” and then lost her consious. Shivay hugged her and shouted “Anikaaaaa”.
Mahi was meanwhile smiling wickedly at all this.
Mahi- If anika cant be mine than she cant be anyone’s.
Shivay take hold of anika and takes her to the car to take her to the hospital. He makes anika sitted and assures her [ I think more to himself] that she will be fine, nothing can happen to her.
Shivay drives her off to the hospital with tears in her eyes. He remembered all there moments, especially the romantic one’s.
In the hospital
Shivay takes anika inside in her arms calling in his high voice for the doctor. Nurses come over there and take anika on the stretcher.
Shivay[in mind]- I hope nothing happens to anika. I will put fire on the earth if anything happens to her. I don’t know why but my heart is aching too much. I know the bullet has struck just near anika’s heart. But I can feel the pain. I want her to be safe, with me. I want my paanika back.
What did I just say ‘my paanika’? No, its all because of……… I don’t know what. Why do I always get weak when it comes. I know there is something between us, very special. Is it love? No love and all is nonsense. It exists only in stories. There is no love in real life. And anika doesn’t even have name, blood and lineage[ again to this blood, lineage and all. Huhh]. But above all there is something between us which attracts me towards her. I feel happy when she is happy, I feel sad when she sad, I feel pain when she is in pain[ at this point he remembers om’s poems].
Yes that’s it. Its love. I can sense her. I always want to be her. I care for her. And all that is love. I m soo dumb I couldn’t recognise that I m in love with her. I couldn’t sense that when this hatred changed into love. But now I would never let her go. I cant let my paanika leave me. She is my life. She cant leave me before my confession.
I will not leave that mahi. How dare he hurt my paanika, MY PAANIKA.
He calls khanna and says- Search everywhere, the whole of mumbai, don’t leave even a single place. Do whatever but I want that MAHI behind the bars!!
And he disconnects the phone

Just then the doctor arrives
Shivay- doctor how is anika? Is she fine?
Doctor- see mr. oberoi. Much blood have flown out, and the bullet have struck just near her heart. We have taken out the bullet but the situation of the patient is critical.
It was enough for shivay. He held the doctor’s collar and warned him
Shivay- Nothing should happen to my anika. You don’t know who I am. I will destroy you if something happens to him.
Shivay gets shattered and kneels down on his knees saying with pain-Nothing should happen to my anika…..nothing should…..happen…to…her.
And he bursts out in tears.
The doctor- Calm down mr. oberoi. We will try our level best to save her. Nurse, take him to the resting room.
But in such a condition rest was far away from shivay. How could he sleep when her paanika was in pain. He wondered about her, her silly talks, her eyes, her innocent face, her killer smile. He was feeling that he was going to lose his whole life.
As shivay was sitting in the resting room restless, he got a call from khanna.
Shivay- Yes khanna any news about mahi?…………Great, I will not leave him. He tried to kill my anika, make sure that he doesn’t come out of the jail………ok
After two days
Doctor- Sign on the discharge papers mr. oberoi.and make sure that she gets enough rest for the wound have not yet healed.
Shivay-Ya sure doctor. Thank you soo much.
In oberoi mansion
Dadi- Bring the puja plate. Shivay and anika had come
Dadi does puja of both of them. Both of them take blessings from dadi.
Dadi- You are fine na, my child? You are looking soo weak. Now go and rest. Billu, take her in YOUR room.

In shivika room
Shivay makes anika carefully sitted down on THEIR bed and then kneels down on his knees and says
Shivay- Anika I have always rejected my feelings towards you. I never excepted the fact that there is something between us. I kept on denying the fact that……. Anika today this bagad billa fails in front of you. My rules, regulations about name, blood and lineage have failed in front of your love. I was such a fool for rejecting such a BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT, ARROGANT AND STUBBORN GIRL like you. For my and family’s sake I had hurted you so many times. I m sorry for all that anika. Forgeting all the past will you become mine anika? Will you become your baggad billa’s billi? Will you love this fool as he does you?
A tear escapes from anika’s eyes. She was dying to hear these words.
Anika-YES SHIVAY….. yesssss…..

That’s all of it. I have written much rubbish, I know. My tests are going on so I did not have much time and so wrote all the rubbish which came in my mind. Please do comment for it means very much to me
Love u all,

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