Love! A conclusion to my love saga… (Raglak)

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………………….” Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”………

So true is this…isnt it? ….

The word true!…it doesnt mean no nok jhoks..infact love means..Fights…for each other….Nok jhoks..defending each other…Taunts..for hurting him/her..this is all love about…Pureness…love should be as transparent as water..crystal hidden facts..truth..from eachother…being in love means being like a open book for eachother..Understanding..Is also most essential…

Writing about love is quite difficult..not is compicated but has different shades…sometimes Happy..Sometimes Sad..sometimes complicated…and some extra ordinary…

My work pieces covered most of the genres…

First discovered in

Then scattered and torn in


(1-Legally Mrs Laksh Maheshwari
2-Pahela Pyaar
3-Our connection))

Were knit together to express the different emotions of love and Now..this…

A my love saga….

I had already they they separated..and how they fought the odd circumstances of their love life..(Note-none of them were related..not sequels..but ya diff emotions of love)and now showing you all the different and the most fascinating element of love…
…the love based on two individuals..who were connected to eachother in the past…but…?what now?..this love full of struggle..of meeting eachother..of knowing eachother all…

So lets see how does this story shapes…

“Uthhhh Jaaaaa Kumbhakaran…Ragu..u will surely get late for the first day and then u will say…(imitating)”Mother India…because of you only because of u i got late..and ma..i am not talking to you katttiii”…shouted janki..

A girl comes out from her room dressed in a black patiala,white kurti and a back sleevless cottion jacket…
“Mother India I am ready…and as i said pushpa..i hate screamings yaaar”…

“Ragu!Oh My God…shekhar please pinch me..this kumbkaran..woke..that to so early!”

Yeshh…Pals..she is our Ragini but wait!is she the same ragini who was used to wake early in the morning(as in the serial)..but what happened now?..Lets see…

Shekhar enters!

“Kya hua dar…i..i mean janki..”said shekhar seeing Ragu..
“Janki..whose this..ragu ka bhoot who is this girl.”told shekhar chuckling

“Papa..pls na..dont tease i woke up early..and u both are teasing hufff…this dharti (earth)…Bhagwan ji..(god ji)kaisa kalyug hai (wats this era)…kuch acha karu toh bhi tane ufff meri zindagi  (even if i do good also then also taunts..god my life)…”

“Allee meri princess…all the will surely get the job..but beta…again i am asking you to leave all this and join our company..The Gadodia Constructions and Hotels…pls..why do u want to go and work in any office..”said a concerned Shekhar..

“Arreeyyy mere Romanatic Romeo?…i wamt to explore myself!U know sometimes i feel its not where i am meant to be..i have received or will receive something better..papa u toh know na that i get nightmares..marriage..blah blah..which is so confusing but gives a strng message to me..that its not where i belong..i have lost something..maybe…my real identity..pata nahi..isliye”said a strong more confident ragu

“Ya beta..i know your perspective..have this and then only leave..othere wise u will get late..”saying this janki makes ragu eat Curd and sugar (dahi shakkar)

Eating Ragini left..
“Shekhar when are we going to tell her the truth?

Said Janki..
“Not until she recovers”said shekhar..

“May i Come in sir?”said a nervous ragini..”
“Ya sure”a voice came from inside
“Good Morning s..”ragini stopped seeing the man!

Her thinking..
Oh god him…i dnt know where have i seen him but where?who is he?

“Excuse me…miss?”
“Ragini..”ragu completed..slight nervously..
“So you are the new employ of our company..”
“Yes sir..”..
“Whn can u join from?”
“Today itself sir”said ragu..
“Good..Raman will tell you about the work..”
“Sure”saying this ragini left..

The man!
“This girl where have i seen her?somewhere…but she looks so similar..i dont know who she is..”…

Suddenly..his phone rings..
“Yes..Ya Laksh Maheshwari here..ya that deal us signed ya..sure..”

Yes he is laksh..

“My god..this girl!aatankwadi(terrorist) she 1 month she made me mad..laksh maheshwari mad her antics are so different some are wierd..and ya her demands!ufff…i wamt lift in the night…i want  coffee 2 times a day..i am her boss..or she is mine?..but ya in this one month i understood that i have a connection with her..a heart connection…i dont know why..why have i started feeling for her..frim the very first day..quite strange. I a mean i dont even know her well but ya the one thing i am clear about is that i am irrevocably and unconditionally in love with her..

But ya..i will tell my feelings soon i dont like keeping my feelings in my heart for a long time..but how do i know she is not married or has a boyfriend..hmm i ll confess soonn…Miss Ragini u are soon going to be Mrs Maheshwari soon…
Seen changes to the cafeteria of the office…

“Ragu will help me only u both toh are usless only”said neha..(ragu’s colleague)
Jst then Ragu enters..
“Kya baat hai doston (wats the matter frnds”..said ragu..
“Ragu please help na…u knw na..i have my marriage after 2 weeks..and i have not dine any shopping..will u help me..and u can only help me bcoz i are the only one married here”said neha
“Hehe..what did u jst say neha..i and marriend..i think u are mistaken i am not married..i am single..”
“Oh..i am sorry..”said neha..
“But why did u think that i am married?”asked a confuse ragini
“Arrey woh actually i noticed that engagement ring on your finger”
“Wat engagement ring?”asked a bewildered Ragini
She looked at her ring finger..and was shocked to hell..

She was confused….

“Hmm maybe u must have gifted it urself..and bhool gayi hogi..koi nahi..”comforted neha..

“Ya maybe”told an unsure ragini..
“But wat does this RL means?”neha asked..
“”Rl?”confused ragu asked
“Arrey see ur ring carefully it has RL encarved on it”
“I dont knw..yaar”…
“Chill maar..i am actually leaving as i am running short of time ..sorry”
“Arrey no worries bye ”

Neha went..

And ragini was lost in her thoughts..
Her thoughts..
“How this possible. I dnt knw..this ring..And RL..i have no clue”asked the most confused person on earth now..

Ragini was thinking when..she felt smthng strange in stomach..and not less than a sec she felt vomiting..she the washroom..

After 10 mins when she cameback she was shocked..she thought tat she is not well hemce decided to visit the doctor before going home..

At the doctor
“Dr..i dont know i felt like vomiting and ya from last few days i am not keeping stomach pains..i feel nauseous..”
“Come let me check you”the dr said..

After checking her..
“Congratulations..Ragini..u are pregnant..”
“Arrey ragini dont be afraid..i know like responsibilities change after motherhood but u will enjoy the phase too..go give this news to your husband”

Ragini left without a word more.
She is pregnant but how?…she was not married..she had never loved someone in her life then how..?..she was utterly confused..bewildered on the situation..she started feeling guilty..wat will her parents twll her..she knew they were understanding but she herself didn’t know who was the father of her child which was in her a lifeless body she was walking..when her phone rang..

“Hello”she said…
“Ragini i wantto meet you”

Said laksh
“Tomorrow”said ragini..
“No immediately pls its urgent”..
“Where are u know?”he asked
“NearXYZ park”
“Okay wait in the park i am cmg”

At the park.

Laksh entered and saw ragini on the bench..he wnet closer and closed her eyes..
“See ragini..i cannot keep anythng in my heart for a longer time..isliye i want to tell you that that…I LOVE YOU..i love u a lot..more than my life..i love you for eternity..

Laksh opened her eyes..and saw ragini standing in frnt of her..
Laksh took a deep breathe..

‘”Do you?”asked an excited laksh..
“No”answered ragini..
Laksh was shocked..becasue somewhere in his heart he knew that ragini loved her too..but why was she not  accepting his proposal..
“Ragini is smthng you are hiding?”
“No laksh..its jst that i dont ”
“Are you sure?”asked a broken laksh
Ragini turned to leave when..
Laksh asked”do you love some1?”
“Yeah”ragini answeres and left with tearing dropping frm her eyes…

She directly went to her house..
While..laksh was broken..he to went home crying…
At Ragini’s house…

Ragu entered..

Shekhar and Janki saw her crying and went near her..
“What happened beta.?”
“Why are you crying ?”
And she hugged them..
“Ma i went to the dr..and she said that i am that i am…pregnant..”..
And she burst out crying…

At MM..
Laksh entered somewhat crying..depressed..
Anu(ap) came near him..and laksh hugged her tightly..
Anu-beta..wat happened…

Anu took him to her room..and made him sit..
“Laksh now tell what happened”
“Ma..she refused”..
“Who..and wat i didnt get u”..
“Ma i loved her..i love her but”…
He couldnt conplete his sentence..because before that..
“U are not suppose to love any1 else!do u get that laksh”anu shouted!..

Laksh was appalled…
“What do u mean any1 else?ma”

“Ma..papa..why are u both smiling..i am telling u the worst thing of my u both even get that..i am pregnant..and she bursts out crying”..

Shekhar and Janki see eachother and goes to hug her..
“Beta we are happy because every1 wanted this only..”said janki..
“Every1?..they want me to pregnant “said a confused ragini
“Yaaa”chuckled shekhar..
“Shekhar lets tell them..they will also be very happy”
“Who”again asked confused bechari si ragini
“Ur inlaws”
“Whaaaaaat”said a shocked ragini
“When did i even get marry?”

Shekhar-janki its time to tell her!
“ that means it time to tell u everything”
“Wat do u have to tell me”
“Ur past!ur trye self..”
Janki and annu together in diff scenes-“u are already married!”…

Janki and anu-yes..3 months ago..

U and ur husband/wife..met with an accident..and u both forgot ur present…u were not able to recognise eachother..u both loved eachother…and will always love eachother only..dr suggested not to inform u both abt can affect ur condition..we took u both to ur houses.. she/u started living with her/ur parents as a normal unmarried girl..and u/he as and unmarried boy..ur nightmares..were not actually dreams..they were flashes of the life which u have forgotten…it was about ur spouses..

Both raglak were extremely shocked about their past.

Both went to their rooms..
Thinking..confused..shocked..surprised about their life..

Laksh’s POV…
“I am married..i dont know abt that..and icing on the cake..i am in love with other woman..Ragini… life has become a maze.. i love her..but we can’t i cant…wat will she think about me..i knw she loves me..but she refused its good tat she refused wat would i say if she accepted the proposal..wat will she think i was married and still i proposed her…”

Ragini’s POV
“I am married..and i dnt know abt that..and icing on the cake is i love laksh…how foolish of me..i am married..pregnant too..and still i love some1 else…its so had to refuse him..and it was good..wat would i tell him..if i accepted the proposal..that laksh i love u but i am married..not only that..laksh i am pregnant only..why god?”

Tring tring..

“Yes annupurna speaking”
“Janki tum..i was waiting for ur call for such a long time”
“Wat is she..i am so happy janki..i am gonna be a gramdma soon”
“Ya u also told..i also told laksh..”..
“We have to get them married soon”..
“But first we have to make them meet..Tomorrow xyz cafe”….

After 5 years…

“Ragya!…Bacha…sunn ki baat sunn”…
“Ragya u have to drink milk..bacha plsss”..
Said ragini running after a 4 year old lil girl..
“No ma..”said ragya in her childish tone..
“Wait..i ll call papa!”..
“Call he is on my side”ragya showed her tongur to ragini..
“Ufff this father and daughter…
“What happened jaan why are u shouting on my princess..”.
“Tell your princess to quietly drink milk..i ll go and see chotu..”..
“Arrey jaan he is sleeping..u tell me why were u shouting on my princess for this much small reason”..
“Huh..small reason..u toh have spoiled my daughter”…
“Oh i have not u!”
“Ma papa chupp! much do u fight..”..
“Haina gudiya ur parents are like this only..frm start to end…they only fight”said annu..who just entered..
“Ma..”said ragini..
“Wat ma why are u both fighting ha”said annu..
“Ma tell ur bahu not to fight with me!”..
“Why shd ma say this?”asked a angry ragu..
“Ma this ragini na..jagdalu”laksh said.
“Wat me jhagdalu?”asked ragu..
“Pata nahi kyon i got my memory back..otherwise i would i have stayed single forever ” taunted laksh
“ heard wat he said he regrets getting his u knw wat i also regret getting my memory back..this buddha!atleast i would have been happy”..
“Acha u both regret getting ur memory back..for ur kind info..i u both remember wat u both did wen u got…ur memory back..huh”chuckled annu..

Flashback to the day wen they were going to cafe…
Ragini and laksh were travelling in different cars..but their families had planned something else for them…

They had planned an accident set order to make them remember their past..their accident..they had exactly done wat happened that day..and they were successful..seeing a truck speeding towards their car they fainted…and woke up in the hospital…calling eachothers name..”…

After few days..their families told them wat all happened wen they didnt remember anythng..and they both decided to marry eachother as soon as possible..pyaar jo karte the ek dusre se..”..

Flashback over..

Soon they both remember their memory loss phase amd realised that without knowing abtb eachother also they fell in love with eachother only..

This is true love haina?…

Laksh amd ragini remembered how they were excited to remarry and started blushing..
Wen annu interupted..
“Haww see how u both are blushing..arrey bapre..i came to call u both and i only started talking..come down..swara and sanskaar has come..janki ji and shekhar ji are also there..come down fast i am taking my gudiya with me..”..
“Ji maa”answered raglak..

Annu went..
“Waise mrs Maheshwari i love you and will always love you..” Laksh smiled..and kissed ragini’s forehead..
“I love u too mr maheshwari humesha❤”…smiled ragini…

Some love stories are indeed complicated but each and every lovestory gives a love..without being truely ❤..and forever!…

I hope u all liked the story…and if u like it pls pls do comment i have been noticing a fall in comments in most of my ffs..and if u like pls do tell me..ur comments are the source of my write.

So with this..i meethi is signing off..

Loads of love..
Take care..
And happy holidays..

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