Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 31)

Royal Palace, Dilli-
“Sultan, the governor of Bhatinda, Ikhtiar-Ud-Din Malik Altunia is here.” the messenger informed her from the other side of the closed doors of her chamber, hearing this, Razia got up immediately, hurriedly, wrapping a scarf around herself, covering her head and torso, she dashed out of her chamber. Her pace quickened as she neared the Deewan-e-Khaas. She did not even wait for the announcement of her arrival and dashed into Deewan-e-Khaas. As soon as she stepped into the hall, Altunia turned around, raising from his seat, he reached for Razia’s hands and took them into his as soon as she neared him with a nervous mile and kissed them, it was a formal gesture of warm greetings. A s soon as his emerald green eyes , that had a splash of grey in them met her dark brown ones, a light brush crept on her face under his intense gaze. “The palace of Dilli and the city welcomes you here.” she welcomed him, her voice formal yet gentle, but her eyes spoke a complete different story “I am thankful to you Sultan.” he said with a low bow, his tone slightly mischievous and his eyes, completely.

“I missed you so badly and kept fretting about you all these while.” Altunia said, revealing his true emotions as soon as the guards and maids left him and Razia alone in the guest chamber given to him. He wrapped his arms around her, engulfing her into a loving embrace “I missed you too Mirza.” Razia confessed snuggling her head more into his arms. “But what made you fret so much, there was not any battle recently.” she asked out of curiosity “Ah, leave that. What matters the most now is that we are together, I am here till the next moon, so brace yourself for romantic weathers and evenings.” he said as Razia broke the embrace and stepped back, chuckling Razia looked away “I wish Mirza, I so desperately wish that we could remain like this, through out our life.” she said while her eyes remained fixed unconsciously at the floor on her left, she was taken by surprise as Altunia’s thumb and index finger gently gripped her chin and lifted it, making her teary eyes meet his intense ones, all she could find at that moment in them were passion and love, lots of love with unfathomable depths, she parted her lips to say something when all of a sudden, deftly and beautifully he sealed her lips with his, kissing her with raw passion and love. She did not even realise when her scarf slid down her body exposing her head and neck to him, his lips moved from her lips to her cheeks and then down her jaws, never stopping the intense wet kisses, her hands clutched his attire tightly as his lips reached and kissed the nape of her neck. Finally he stopped there, kissing her there for one last time, he raised his head, only to find both of them panting heavily, such intense or passionate display of love by him was something Razia was not used to, the pleasurable sensation made her feel a bit dizzy “I ought to stop here Razia…..please go away now if you do not want us to commit any sin.” he said, joining his forehead with hers “Love is not a sin Mirza, this is just not the right moment to display it with raw passion, it is not a sin, nor a mistake.” she assured him in a hushed voice, finally pulling away, she picked up her scarf and wrapped it around herself, covering her torso and head “May you sleep well.” she said in a low voice before leaving the chamber, leaving behind a panting.

A few days later
Royal Palace, Gazni-
Fatimah was busy feeding the pigeons that came flying in the huge main balcony of Fatimah Mahal, the feeling of being a soon-to-be mother overwhelmed her, her happiness knew no bounds, she grew restless every passing day, she was eager to reveal this heartwarming news to her husband. She was lost in the wonderland of her own thoughts and fantasies when she heard a faint calling, as if Nasir had callled her by her name, hearing this, she turned towards Bela who was sitting a few feet away from her “Bela! Did you hear that?I heard Nasir’s voice calling for me.” she said a bit restlessly, looking around, desperate for a glimpse of her “No Baisa, I did not hear anything, Baisa, you might have misheard something, you should not keep thinking about Sultan all day, this might stress you and your child. And even if Sultan had arrived, he will be meeting his aunt and brother first no?” she stated, making Fatimah sigh in disappointment, she was right, why would Nasir come here first.

Looking away, she diverted her mind and eyes back to the beautiful birds, she had just thrown a few more seeds when she heard his voice again, this time louder and deeper, she turned towards Bela only to find her looking back at her, her eyes twinkling with joy and surprise, she hastily raised from her place and ran looked down from the balcony only to find a smiling Nasir standing outside the palace. “Nasir!” she exclaimed in pure ecstatic state.

She turned around and excitingly dashed out of the place, making her way down the stairs, with a worried Bela jogging behind her, she dashed out of the main doors of the palace and ran towards her husband who pulled her into a loving embrace as soon as she was near enough. He broke the embrace only to kiss her temple and then her lips. Finally pulling away from the short yet gentle kiss, he took his time observing her and looking intently into her eyes “I wonder what might be the reason behind this extraordinary and brilliant glow of your beautiful face .” he sated lovingly, making Fatimah look down shyly “The glow of a joyous heart of mine.” she stated shyly “No, I do not think so, there must be some other reason.” he said shaking his head slightly, he lifted her chin with his thumb and index finger, making her look into his eyes and as if effortlessly guessing the reason, he stated “Now we must decide the name of the child too!” Fatimah smiled hearing this, she felt blessed to have him in her life, all she could do at the moment was to wrap her arms around him and pull him to an embrace.

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