Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 30)

Chapter 30- Arrival Of A Lover!

Royal Palace, Dilli-

Razia handed over a beautiful and majestic sword to Rehaan “Here, this was what you asked for no? From now on, this shall be the sword with which you will conquer and defend my child.” Razia said, Rehaan got on his knees before Razia “I will never let you down Sultan. I will be your pride, I will become Sher-E-Gujrat.” he vowed, though too young for such vows, his determination and the fire in his heart and eyes said that all, he was capable of doing what he said and at that moment itself, Razia realised that he was much more than an ordinary warrior and he would only make her proud.
Royal Palace, Bhatinda-

Altunia had been quiet busy, yet he was unable to get rid of the disturbing rumors, he had to do something to bring an end to those nasty rumors. He was deep in thoughts, when all of a sudden an idea struck him like a thunderbolt and a smile crept on his handsome face, what if he visits Razia in Dilli? His stay in Dilli will surely put an end to those nasty rumors, with some quick reckoning her was relived that fortunately there was no such matter that required his immediate attention. “I will be there Razia, I am coming to you.” he whispered to himself.
Royal Palace, Ghazni-

The ministers and the royals present in the courtroom stood up in respect as soon as the announcement of the arrival of the Sultana was made. Fatimah graciously walked in and stood near the throne “In the absence of the Sultan, I ,officially being the Sultana of Ghazni would be looking after the state. I expect that everybody would coordinate with me.” she said, eyeing Shoheb and then Zaheera who only scoffed at her statement. The rest of the session went on with Fatimah deftly taking care of the issues and dilemmas being presented to her, while this only fumed Zaheera and Shoheb even more. After the session was over, Fatimah retired to her chamber back in Fatimah Mahal. She was welcomed in by Bela as soon as she reached her chamber, it was actually Nasir and her chamber and her husband’s absence had only left her with loneliness and long, sleepless nights.

Sighing, she glanced at the sight of the small yet beautiful garden just outside the palace, roses of different kinds and other flowers bloomed there while butterflies played there. A soft smile unknowingly crept in Fatimah’s lips, she was missing Nasir already. She was lost in the garden of her thoughts when all of a sudden she felt her stomach churning, there was a sudden urge to throw up, she palmed her mouth when Bela came rushing towards her “Baisa! Are you alright? Baisa..”Bela panicked “Please somebody bring up a container, the Sultana is not feeling well!” she yelled at the guards outside the chamber, one of them immediately called up a maid passing by and asked her to bring a container for the Sultana to puke in. Thankfully enough, the container was brought to her within a couple of minutes, while Fatimah somehow managed to control herself. After she was done puking, she felt giddy and weak, with the help of Bela, she somehow managed to wash herself. “Bela! Summon the royal healer, I think I am not feeling at ease, I am not well.” she whispered to Bela as she sat on her bed “Yes , as you say Baisa.” Bela assured her and turned towards the guards already present in the chamber, they seemed concerned about their Sultana “Someone, please summon the royal healer!” Bela called out aloud. Fatimah felt the world spinning around her and her eyelids turning heavier every passing moment, her tongue felt heavy enough to not able to move and soon, darkness claimed her.

Faint murmurs could be heard but not understood by Fatimah. With her eyes still closed and body still feeling a bit weak, she decided against opening her eyes at once. Yet, she could do it slowly, thus slowly and discreetly, she opened her eyes only to be greeted by a relieved face of Bela and the glow of torches around “For how long was I unconscious?” she asked in a weary voice, trying to sit up “Do not Baisa, you need to rest.”Bela prevented her from sitting up and gently pushed her into the bed again “You were unconscious for almost the whole day, you lost consciousness in the morning and now, it is already dark outside.”Bela informed Fatimah as a gentle smile played on her lips “You must take care of yourself from now on.” she said while caressing Fatimah’s hair “Is there something to fret about?” Fatimah asked curiously “Yes, but it is not you who should fret. Not anymore, let the Sultan do that all you need is care and rest.” she stated, making Fatimah frown “Please tell me clearly what do you mean Bela. “ Fatimah asked Bela “Congratulations Baisa! You are going to become a mother. Your womb is carrying your and the Sultan’s child. “ Bela said with pure excitement and joy.
Royal Palace, Dilli-

Razia laid herself on her queen-sized bed, while letting her hair open and play freely with the gentle breeze that flew in. Not feeling very sleepy, she took to laying idly on her bed and watching the moon playing hide and seek with the clouds that surrounded it. She was enjoying her solitude when a gentle knock at the doors disturbed her “Sultan! The Subedaar of Bhatinda , Malik Ikhtiar-Ud-Din Altunia has arrived in Dilli. He is already waiting at the Deewan-e-Khaas.” the messenger standing just outside her chamber informed her in aloud voice, loud enough for her to hear each and everything clearly.
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