Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 27 )

Chapter 27- Fatimah Mahal!

Royal Palace, Gazni-

The Darbaar was set up a bit earlier than usual by the Sultan’s orders, making the ministers even more curious. Shoheb and Zaheera reached the court , a bit tensed , they knew what exactly was coming, “Where is Shamshaad Begum Ammi?” Shoheb asked all of a sudden, realising that Shamshaad was absent “Shoheb , she left early this morning. For Dilli.” Zaheera replied with a sigh exhibiting her disappointment. “This woman! You see , on her arrival itself , Shamshaad Begum left …I” before Shoheb could continue, the guards announced the arrival of the Sultan, as soon as Nasir entered the courtroom, the ministers and the women behind the curtains stood up to show their respect to the Sultan. But what caught everybody’s sight was that the Sultan was not alone , with him walked in a beautiful woman who seemed to belong to the Rajputana Community. Nasir , stood before his throne , gesturing everybody to sit , he extended his hand towards Fatimah, pulling her at his level, before the throne “As everybody know, I and my wife had separated years ago and I was still searching for her. Today , I am delighted to announce that my wife has finally returned , I would like to introduce my wife Fatimah , daughter of Rana Bhanu Uday Singh of Ajabgarh!” Everybody , except Zaheera and Shoheb cheered , welcoming their Sultana in the court. Fatimah smiled , looking at Nasir , who gestured her to sit beside him , a special seat for the sultana surrounded by beautiful translucent curtains.
As Fatimah took her place , after being crowned as the Sultana , she finally felt a sense of relief washing over her , finally she was with the man, the man she loved the most.
After the court session was over , instead of heading to his chamber , Nasir took Fatimah to the other end of the massive royal palace of his. “Where are we..” Fatimah was left dumbfounded as soon as her eyes laid on an exceptionally beautiful building , Fatimah gasped at the sight in front of her, the mini-palace was mostly made of glasses and had mirrors fitted around the arches , it was a sight to behold “Fatimah Mahal! The construction of this palace was finally completed the last moon.” Nasir said in a low voice, breaking the silence “Come, I will show you around, we will be staying here together from now on.” he said , taking her hand into his and leading her inside the palace.

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