Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 14 – Losing Hope )

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Chapter 14- Losing Hope !
Royal Palace , Ajabgarh

The day went in a blur for Fatimah , she was dead tired, she relaxed herself on her bed , half laying , half sitting , she closed her eyes to give them much needed relief , when suddenly she sensed someone’s presence , she immediately opened her eyes and adjusted herself into a sitting position , though the person was standing on the other side of the layers that restricted her view of the person , she could easily figure out by his physic who it could be . “I hope I am not disturbing you Shezaadi Rajshree .” Nasir asked politely , acting all innocent , though he knew very well that he was the last person she wanted to see now. “Of course not Janab Subedaar , in fact , I was coming to meet you in your chamber.” she said sarcastically rolling her eyes only to feel Nasir’s deep chuckle. “Oh ! I am so glad.” he said playfully , demolishing the layers “So many layers you know.” he said while approaching her with slow steps . Fatimah got up and frowned “Look , Nasir ..I am not having any energy left for an useless argument.” Fatimah snapped at him . Nasir paused , a few inches away from Fatimah “ Back to your feisty self huh?” he asked , while removing a strand of her hair from her face and tugging it behind her ear , Fatimah immediately moved back. “Anything worth discussing?’ she asked sternly “Yes , about ‘us’ , it’s worth discussing .” Nasir replied , his smirk replaced by a frown now , his jaws tightened , clearly showing the depth of his feelings . “Us?” Fatimah asked mockingly “Yes ….’us’” Nasir replied , this time , coming closer , but Fatimah did not step back as expected by Nasir , he was testing her patience now . “So you are not going to leave?” she said crossing her arms over her chest “Not until you listen to me this time.” Nasir replied in a determined tone “Fine then.” with those words , Fatimah stepped away to leave but Nasir grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him , making sure that she bangs on his chest “Not.until.we.discuss .about.us.” he repeated , putting pressure on each of his words “Like this?” Fatimah asked , struggling to free herself from his grip “As if you left me with any other option.” Nasir replied , pulling her closer he continued “I thought that since you have left me with no other option Shezaadi Rajshree , let’s do it in my way.” “ Listen to me Fatimah! Things can get back to their places , I can make thing right. All I need is one more chance…for us.” Nasir said softly , by now , Nasir and Fatimah’s foreheads joined and tears staining the two broken souls’ respective faces. After a few moments Fatimah realised their positions and pulled back. “Please leave , now , please.” she said with a pleading voice. A fresh tear spilled from Nasir’s eye , he forwarded his hand to touch her but she stepped away. “I am sorry , I am sorry for everything .” he whispered before leaving.

Royal Palace , Dilli-

Razia stared at the moon shining brightly in the Autumn sky , winter was nearing… again , it reminded her of her struggle five and a half years back. “Soon … winter will arrive , and hen… spring , I just can’t wait for the season , you promised me that you’ll come to Dilli Mirza to ask my hand for marriage from Naanijaan . I hope she agrees , I can’t take any more hurdles in our marriage.” she said , gazing at the moon. “ Of course , Altunia will manage to convince Naanijaan too.” came a voice from behind which snapped her from her daze , she turned back to find Yakut standing behind with a grin on his handsome face.

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  1. Awesome..seems like fatimah will agree this time..tysm for the episode

    1. Your welcome ?. .Actually, I had submitted my article but due to some reason it did not get published , it happened twice, but I succeeded the 3rd time.

  2. its really awsome waiting for alzia movements.

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