RashDeep forever (Intro)

Hy guys
dia here

with a new ff on one of my fav serial 2612/2613 which aired on life ok….i was a damn fan of it nd i even got dreams about this serial….i loved the couple RashDeep a lot. Characters are mostly same but shahana nd her husband are changed nd rashmi’s dad, bro nd shantanu are alive.

a cute and naive girl who loves her family a lot. She was most pampered by her family as she was youngest of the siblings and never got her mom’s love. She lost her mom when she was young. She is a nursery teacher.

A handsome guy who is a respected policeman. He is punctual and sincere about his duties. He can do anything for his nation despite risking his own life. He lost both of his parents when he was 13.

Other characters
Raju Bhargav: Rashmi’s father
Rakesh Bhargav: Rashmi’s brother
Ritika Sardesai: Rashmi’s sister
Malti Bhargav: Rakesh’s wife
Shantanu Sardesai: Ritika’s husband
Mudit Bhargav (mithoo): Rakesh and Malti’s son, 7y
Suchi Sardesai: Ritika nd shantanu’s daughter, 6y
Nishant Singh: Rashmi’s ex bf

Shahana Malik
: Randeep’s sister (she was terrorist in original series but not in this)

Jai Malik
: Shahana’s husband (same like shahana)

Aisha Malik: Shahana nd Jai’s daughter, 6m

: Shahana nd randeep’s nani
Bidisha Basu:
Randeep’s ex gf

Anand swami/jadda: Terrorist

Guys please tell me how u like. I want at least 3 comments then only i’ll continu

  1. interesting

  2. Plsss…continue..big of this serial

  3. hey dia actually i watched this serial from mid way so didn’t understood the story and left it soon but i am a big fan of tejaswi and nowdays there’s always an ff about her being ragini so it will be something uniwque pleaseeeeeeeee continue woull surely love to read it

  4. Well thanq guys….i’ll post first part soon

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