RashDeep forever (chapter 1- the bitter pain of past) Part 4

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this is the last part of or next to last part of this chap so What should i show next
– terror plot+ RashDeep meeting
– entry of their ex’s
– RashDeep meeting, frndship and lv
plz tell me guys….i’ll show as u lyk it
fb continues

somehow shahana stops randeep and neha (dimple jhangiani) and manages to take them to the breakfast table where nani and jai are already sitting. While eating they talk about the names of jai and shahana’s baby (shahana is pregnent). Randeep and neha start a new fight over ‘who will give name to the baby’ and the 3 others sigh. Jai asks neha to give name if its a girl and randeep if its a boy. Neha declares that if its a girl the name would be AISHA.

Half an hour later
all leave to their works and neha to college.

at 9:00 pm randeep was returning home. Two streets befOre his home what he saw was
He sees two goons trying to kidnap a little boy and neha trying to stop them. Randeep takes out his gun and shouts HANDS UP. Goons get alert and one goon (G1) holds the boy and keeps him at gunpoint and the other goon (G2) does the same with neha. Goons ask randeep to keep the gun down if he wants to save their life. Neha asks randeEp to save thE boy. Randeep shoots G1, G2 shoots neha and then randeep shoots G2 and shouts NEHAAA….neha dies

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