RashDeep forever (chapter 1- the bitter pain of past) Part 1

The mumbai city is shown.

In a gym a guy is punching the punching bag constantly. His whole body is sweaty. His face is shown and he is randeep.

In lakshmi building, 5th floor flat is shown. A girl is sitting beside the window and is looking outside. The face is revealed and its Rashmi. A tear rolls down her cheeks.

Randeep is shown again. Some peices of flashback are shown. A gun shot, a little boy shouting and randeep shouting NEHAAA.

A house is shown named vasanti griha. Shahana’s voice is heard. ”vo aaj tak guilt m h jai” (he is still in guilt jai) Her and jai’s face is shown.

Jai: Janta hu shahana. Vo baat usse 1 saal se khae jaa rahi h (i know shahana. That incident is eating him since one year.
Shahana: Ek saal do mahine teen din. (one year two months three days)

peices of fb. A body covered with white cloth, randeep saying ”its my mistake”.

In lakshmi building the Bhargav family is sitting talking. Ritika and shantanu are also there. Rashmi, mithoo and suchi are not there.

Rakesh: Aisa kaise kar sakta hai vo? (how could he do this?)
Ritika: Calm down bhaiya. Abhi hum uss nishant ke bare m soch kar time waste nahi kar sakte. (calm down bro. Right now we cannot waste our time thinking about nishant)

guys how was it?… And yeah no comments no continuation.

  1. superb yaar

  2. wow..thnk u so much for strarting of this ff …m a big fan of RASHDEEP..nd i miss them very much..!!

    1. and yeah plzz continue…

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