Rants ITV – Anupama , Ghkkpm

This rant I wrote when Anuj was just introduced in the show..if you want part two let me know..

Do check out my rant on GHKKPM..


Now with the rant…

 This is written not with an intention to create hate but just to express my opinion so take it lightly 🙂

First giving the due appreciation where it’s due…

This show has many good highlights..

It shows how a lady with three grown up kids…(yea paaki is also a grown up I don’t why they show her as a child?) faces a broken marriage and her path to glory…first of all this topic itself is laudable…

They showed Anupama getting her own dance classes she learning car driving… her character got more stronger as the story progressed..

Anupama bringing vanraj to the altar of his marriage to kavya is also beautiful though she is hurt she stands up for kavya…. supposedly the other woman..

One more highlight is bapuji always supporting Anupama even he is her FIL..is most beautifully written…

Another part which I felt very beautiful is when samar says to Anupama I know beta ke sath yeh sab bath karna ajeeb lagega..par beta nahi karega toh koun karega maa…when she finds out Anuj loves her..

Now with the rant…and if you feel it right  you can read it out to your mom also…

First to the most annoying and most delusional character of the series…

It’s not kavya…

It’s Baa..

Man….I hate her… don’t know what they intended when writing this character…

At one moment she is the best mother…the next she turns…so selfish and devil even her husband hates…arey decide karlo pehle…kya ho.. I think the writers also couldn’t decide…

This character gets nasty in her anger like really nasty and acts like a psycho…and never blames her son for some reason.. always…mind you ALWAYS blames Anupama for one thing or the other..and also has the audacity to ask Anupama to forgive vanraj for the sake of family…just one question baa..if Anupama had cheated in the marriage…will you ask vanraj the same question???

She remains silent when her son treats Anupama badly and remains silent when he questions her character when she stays a night with Anuj on a trip…and tears her academy up…like a psycho on the run..and….after all this mess…how do you think she gets away…in the dumbest way…she says…mujhe maaf karde… mujhe gussa aata hai na mein kudh ko kaaboo mein nahi rak paathi hoon…and she praises Anupama..like what the hell?!?

Anupama too forgives her every f**king time…mein samj sakthi hoon baa…aap…like what even…the relationship of baa and Anupama is toxic AF.

I am waiting for a serial where the main lead stand against so called mukhiyas of the ghar and make them feel for their deeds…

Talking about repurcusions…I think nobody knows about such things..because you can do whatever crap you want like cheat in marriage…badmouth your own mother..and what not…and they all get together and they insert in a dialogue like parivar hai toh jagada hoga hi…iska matlab todi na hum bhikar jayenge..🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Another irritating character is pakki …she is a grown child…who has no respect towards Anupama…and has no pinch of regret of what her father has done to her mother…fir bhi papa ki princess karti rahti yeh…which is annoying…dude he just cheated your mother…she also goes to the extent of supporting kavya and moving in with her…and when she comes back knowing that Anupama was a better maid…you know what she says….mummy apki choclate milkshake ki bahut yaad aati thi… Isse zyaada toh…I have feelings and respect for my house help… Anupama again forgives or rather forgets all the insults kyunki….kyunki…

parivar hai toh jagada hoga hi…iska matlab todi na hum bhikar jayenge..🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

And also I think she may support Anupama in later episodes but this is not evident..whether she has got her mental health back or still a psychotic child…it may be revealed when Anuj and Anupama decide to marry I guess.
meri mummy papa alag ho jayenge…if she cries one more time.. somebody has to hit something in her head hard and make her understand…that they have already seperated…and IT WAS BECAUSE OF HER FATHER…AND SHE URGENTLY NEEDS A BRAIN TRANSPLANT…

Next up in the list is paritosh
This man is a perfect example of a spineless creature…when his father cheats and marries an another woman..this character is like not even existing…but when his mum finds his solace in a friend …he loosses his shit and starts behaving like baa…he also for some reason is attached to MIL for some reasons…she is also rich…..🤔🤔 Kuch gadbad nahi hai…🤔🤔 …sorry let’s not go there..

Anupama slaps him …
again when he says sorry…again everything will be alright…like back to normal..kyunki….kyunki….

Yea you guessed it right…

parivar hai toh jagada hoga hi…iska matlab todi na hum bhikar jayenge..🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Director: In the name of family…how many toxic relationship can you write?
Writer: yes..

Next up in the list is …..vanraj Shah
The fact that the other roles are more irritating than the main negative role is so frustrating…

Yea…you fell for another girl you are married…atleast vo toh…fully hotha….when married to Anupama he was cheating with kavya..now that he is married to kavya…he goes to thinking like…mujhe Anuj aur Anupama se itna fark kyu padta hai…like what the hell bro..?!?

And what are you projecting in front of the audience…

A man can treat his wife shitty subject her to domestic violence and still considered be a great and loving son and father…kyunki yeh sab toh…vo uske wife ke sath hia na…hume kya?!?like what even??

And the worst of all dialogues of this character is…I let you go…Anupama…go live your life…🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️what the hell…you turned her life hell…you destroyed her…and you are letting her live ?!?what the actual hell??she will move on when she wants to…what hypocrisy….

And the question which was actually raised by kavya in the show is why didn’t Anupama actually file complaint against vanraj over domestic violence…vo pyaar se haath daba raha tha kya??

Now I understand…it’s because..

parivar hai toh jagada hoga hi…iska matlab todi na hum bhikar jayenge..🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Next comes kavya..

She sometimes make more sense than anyone of the characters…so much so sometimes she represents us..in the show….like itna drama oh ..god….kutton ki tarah ladte hai….phir ek ho jaate hain… Shows the level of our frustration…she is irritating when she tries to put anupma down…like what even…she is self obssessed and she knows she is better than Anupama then why the drama?? When will they stop showing a woman putting down another woman just to be good in her man’s eyes???

And not to forget my favourite character Rakhi Dave….

Man….I miss her…from unearthing this nasty deed to..creating problems she was the vamp I loved..and big thanks to Rakhi Dave that all the family saw what their son was doing…because given baa’s character Anupama would never be able to bring the truth of vanraj two timing her…

**************************************That’s all with rant guys..Tell me how you liked it…and drop in your thoughts…You want me to write on any other serial or on the current track let me know..

  1. Silent Observer

    Man…. that was amazing😂…… Can you please rant Yrkkh’s present generation track????🤔 Waiting for it🤗

    1. Thanks a lot …and yea will post the rant soon

    2. :-), Nice.

  2. I laughed a lot😂.

    Toshu’s and Pakhi’s sorry would really be true only If don’t create tension when Anupama will gonna marry Anuj.
    Baa is Stereotypic. She is happy until the stereotypes are maintained.

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