Rangrezz (RagSan ff) Pt 4

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Let’s begin….

Sanskar: Humse

Shekhar: Ragini Riyan Ruhi.. Let’s go from here!
Ragini tries to free her wrist from him… He was tightening his grip..

Ragini stands….

Sushaan felt really bad for Ragini:bhai..bhai…

Shekhar: Ragini chalo

Dp:shekar ji…aap tho badi jaldi mein hai..arey ab tho hame ek dusre ko samdhi bulana chahiye…kyun samdhi ji

Sushaan:bhai…unka haath chod dijiye

Sanskar looks at sushaan…. Sushaan gets scared

Sanskar leaves her hand…

Servants bring the shagun plates…

Dp takes it and forwards to shekar..

Shekar angrily pushes it… And it falls…

Shekhar goes to Ragini and drags her with him….

Sanskar: after 10 days it’s the wedding… And it’s can’t be changed….

Shekhar goes….

While night Ragini couldn’t sleep being scared
Shekhar was tensed these 2 days made him knew that all the people in this place are under the Maheshwari’s.

It was midnight…

Shekhar sea sometime outside…

He goes out and sees sushaan

Shekar:i don’t want any of you here…. Leave

Sushaan:uncle listen to me…

Shekar held him and was about to put him out of the gate

Sushaan:i am here to help you…
Shekhar stops

Sushaan:please listen to me once!!!

Shekar nods
Sushaan: can we go inside and talk it’s risky…if we..

They goes in…

Sushaan:uncle no government or any person could help you out here…. It’s Maheshwari’s area..i guess now you would have find out those…

Shekhar didn’t say anything because whatever he told it was right

Sushaan:u leave this place as soon as possible uncle…jahan tak mein jaanta hoon…sanskar bhai can go any extent to marry Ragini…you may feel why i am asking you to leave this place but try to understand uncle i don’t know what sanskar bhai would do and durga uncle will do as sanskar said because his own son was against him and he….
But uncle I can’t even say that what tomorrow will happen? Even…even they can change the decision and marry ur daughter forcefully….

Shekhar: why are you telling me this?

Sushaan:i may have told you but i came here because of Akshay Maheshwari DURGAPRASAD MAHESHWARI’S ONLY SON

shekar was shocked


3 days passed….

Shekhar tried many ways but he couldn’t do anything…
He thought to resign his job still he couldn’t because Maheshwari’s..
They send dress jewllery for Ragini for the wedding

Ragini was scared but still she made up a mind to talk with Sanskar..

She got ready for the college…. And went to the college.. She didn’t went the college for last 3 day’s

When Ragini entered the college

Everyone are getting like “hello bhabhi ji” “namasthe bhabhi ji” etc…

Ragini moves towards the class…

Everyone was giving way for her… And everyone spoke with a respect with her.. The respect which Ragini hated

In class she was shown to a special seat was arranged….

She went from there.. Finding the library empty…

Agree goes to a corner seat.. And cries…where this day brought her….

Someone forwards a kerchief to her…

Ragini looks at the person… And it’s obviously Sanskar…


Ragini: why are you…ddoing this?humne aapka kya bigaada hai?

Sanskar smiles.. He himself wipes her tears….

Sanskar: because i love you…

Ragini looks at him and then bends her head: but i don’t love you

Sanskar: i know that

Ragini: then …..

Sanskar: i don’t want to loose you.. And i won’t spare those person who would try to separate you from me! Whoever it may be!!

Ragini: please i don’t want…..

Sanskar: shhh…now don’t cry and from tommorrow and till our wedding no college… Did you get that…

Ragini: bit i don’t want to get married to you

Sanskar smiles: but i want to get married to you… Go to class now

He gets up… Seeing her still crying… He felt hurt somewhere but still he held her hand and drags her from there to class…

Everyone in the class gets scared and he makes her sit….

He then goes from there….


Everyone goes from the class

Ragini was crying sitting in the class

Sushaan who was passing by sees Ragini.. He really felt bad… For him Sanskar matters more then anyone but the situation is different here.. everytime he is behind Sanskar to support him but this time.. Is a matter of someone’s life….!!! She isn’t any doll that by confessing your love she should accept you… She also have some likes and dislikes she also would have dreamt for some prince charming

His thoughts disturbs when Ragini sees him

He gives her a small smile…

And Ragini goes from there…

Ragini was shocked seeing her home which decorated.. And many people were working here and there….

Shekhar comes and takes her from there…

Shekhar:we are going back.. Don’t worry Ragini nothing wrong will happen to you until your father is alive…

Here..a mansion is shown….

A guy: sanskar has planned for his marriage

A middle age man: and you know right what you have to do…ajith

Ajith:that girl’s father has decided to leaves the place… Now we have to play the master stroke dad…

(Balwan chathurvedhi: brother-in-law of dp and Ajith is his son and a staunch enemies of durgaprasad’s family)

Here Shekar goes with his family


Shekhar looks back many car’s were following them….

Shekar drives the car fast….ruhi was scared…

Shekhar: Ragini… Now you have to find your way alone…
He stops the car in bus stop

Ragini: but papa you…

Shekhar: her down and go fast.. Delhi ka bys hai…

Ragini gets down…

Shekhar drives the car…

Ragini gets into the bus….

Shekhar distracts the men’s of dp..

He just keeps on driving

Ragini covers her face and sits in the bus..

Bus starts it’s journey….

To be continued…..

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