Rang Rasiya 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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scene 1
Maayra says lets go. She says to matheli I got the same dress you are wearing from market in 30k. Matheli says you could get it in 5k from here. Matheli says this house of ours is one of the oldest in rajhistan. Maayra is making video. She asks how many rooms are there ? Matheli says 10. Maayra says wow this is like a castle.
Mayra says I came here for my wdding. My mom dad wants me to wed in big city but after coming here and meeting you all I feel like I was right.
Matheli says you shoukd have seen our old house you would have liked it so much.
Samrat comes and asks matheli for something. Maayra says indian men will never change. My dad can’t do anything without my mom. She says you look good together let me take a photo. she takes a photo. Shatbdi calls her.
Samrat Says same face same smile I don’t get this matheli. Matheli says thast the fate.

Mohini says to danveer she is the soul of paro. Look matheli is just roaming around her. danveer says I know this must be difficult for rudra and dhruv. Mohini says yeah she came exactly at paro’s house. He says you look tired. Mohini says I should get ready for interview. Koyel told me that press wants to take my interview. She calls shtabdi.

Shatbdi gives sweets to maayra. Maayra says you look so young I was shocked when I figured that you have a daughter. Sumer says I take care of her. She says I wanna take a photo with you. Maayra asks how do you address relatives in rajhistan. Stabdi tells her that dead is call bapu saa and maa sa. Maayra says yeah saa with everything. She takes a photo with them. Maayra asks who was that old woman ?
Shatbdi says she was our servant then she got mad but we didn’t feel like throwing her out so we kept her. Where can she go in this age. Maayra says that’s so sweet. Shatbdi says in her madness she calls me bendini. Mihini comes there and says I am coming to you bindini. Shatbdi runs. Matheli comes maayra says that crazy woman came again, Matheli says don’t say like that. Would you like some tea ? She says yes I would like spice tea.

Maayra looks at a photo of mala and dilsher. She says interesting looks like they were king and queen of this palace once. She is roaming through corridors.rudra is busy talking on phone while maayra is roaming around ranawat villa and seeing their house, she sees frame inside room and is about to see picture in frame, the picture is of paro with garland on it, rudra sees her going there and gets tensed. Rudra stops her, she says sorry. Matheli gives her the tea. Maayra says thank you jeja. Matheli and rudra are shocked. Matheli asks how you know that ? She says shatbdi told me. Maayra starts coughing. Rudra gets worried for her. She says relax its just a tea. Where is the washroom? Matheli tells her. Maayra goes to the washroom. rudra says to matheli send her soon from here. She says her face must remind you of parvati I know its difficult. Maayra comes with a pink duppata. She says I found it in washroom so planned on trying it. how is it ? rudra leaves. Matheli says its good. Maayra says I just love it, this dupptaa, this castle the people here.

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Scene 2
Mohini is knocking the door of shtabdi’s room and says open the door I won’t leave you. Shtabdi sis quite and asks sumer to be quite. Danveeer says let it go. She says all right. Shatbdi opens the door. Mohini is there she says I won’t leave you. Mohini is running after her. She says I had to take revenge. Maayra sas hi I wanna say something. I came here to stay. The hotel I am staying in is fake rajhistani. I like this palace and the people here and servants here are so funny. Basically I am trying to say can I stay here ? mohini shouts that you smoky lady no. 2, do you think this is orphanage, maayra says I know you all live here, I wanna ask you can you, can I live here, in this palace, I will give you 15000 rs per day, all looks at her, she ok I will give 25000 rs per day, sumer says I will take your luggage in, mohini says which room will we give her, we don’t have any free room, rudra comes and says that you cant live here, this is my place and I set rules here and all follow it, he ask why were you seeing pics, maayra says I am sorry for seeing your parent’s pic, you know I have toured many places, I live in foreign but I am really inspired by your house, its a house but seem like ancient fort, I wanna feel this place, I wanna live here just for some days, rudra says enough and get out from here, he drags her from hand and throws her out and shuts the door, maayra cant believe this that she is being thrown out, she says that rudra is very rude, his ego is big than this palace, how can he throw maayra mehra out, there is even no bee here, you wait and watch rudra I will show you, she brings one big stone and says what you think rudra that we foreign doesn’t have feelings or we doesn’t respect Indians, she throws stone but it hurts her foot only, she screams in pain.

PRECAP- maayra’s uncle calls rudra and says that I gave you responsibility of my niece and you threw her out of house, rudra says my house is not hotel that she can check in at anytime, uncle says your house is bsd’s property and you haven’t paid for this villa so maayra will stay there only, now choice is yours if wanna see happily maayra going after marriage from your house or see her going to her in laws house when your house is snatched.

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