Rang Rasiya 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
tej says to mala which trust you are talking about, for many years i kept you in my heart, i gave you respect, i made you thakurian and what you gave me in ruturn, you said in minutes that your son is more important to you then me. mala says this happened after your reality, i saw your real cruel face, loving you was my biggest mistake, he says mistake i did by not killing your son, mala gets up and says dotn touch my son, she is tied with chains, laila says why i am seeing all this torture, tej says see this thakurian clearly, he says laila is special friend of your son thakurian, laila says who son? he says if i take name then you will be stunned, she says then stun me, he says his name is rudra pratap ranawat, laila say she is his mother.
paro ask rudra why is he in pain, rudra says my mother use to sing, remember you came to bsd, i was in drunk state and said something, fb shows how rudra said that he is bleeding inside, rudra says that night i saw my maasa again, paro says if its paining you then dont say, rudra says i am ready to say, i was ready before too but laila came inbetween. rudra says I want to tell you because you know my maasa, the song which you sung now, you learnt it from my mother. paro says but I learnt it from thakurain, rudra says yes your thakurain maasa is my mother, paro is shocked to core.

SCene 2
tej says to laila your rudra s son of my thakurian, laila says she is the how ran away leaving rudra, he says yes she ran away for me as she loved me, laila says what my need in this family matter, its better i should tell rudra in which state is his mother then he will come here, will beat you and take away his mother, tej says okay lets assume, rudra come here, beat me and takes away his mother then he will return to chandangarh with his mother and his wife, what will you get? he says listen go to rudra tell him that his mother is in my prison, ask him to remove proofs against me and take his mother. then i will see paro and will remove her too. so deal?
paro says my thakurain is your mother, she recalls her time with thakurian and says your eyes is same like hers, she was like my mother after bapu died, she took care of me, she asked to say her mother not thakurian, she was like mother to me, rudra says enough, she left his son then she didnt know about motherly love, i also wished for her love, i also wanted to place my head in her lap, paro says what happened that she left you, she is very nice then why did she left you, rudra says she ran away with tejawat, she is bad, i saw her photo with tej in his haveli, i will kill her, paro says you will kill your mother, rudra says dont call her mother, she ran away with that betrayer. paro says when she loved thakur she didnt know his real face, rudra says she is the only person that i hate this word love, these 3 words of her destroyed two lives(dilsher and rudra). i hate her i hate her and i will hate her my whole life. he leaves while paro is tensed.

SCene 4
tej ask what did you decide, laila takes drink glass from him, tej says why did you do this mistake, laila says i also wanted to drink, dont be angry, i just want to tell you that i accept your deal, he takes glass from her and says dont forget your limits, you are just a cheap dancer, laila says then why dont you kill this cheap dancer as i am very important for you, tej ask his servant to take and put her in prison and keep an eye on her, she dances alot, she says dancers work is to dance and about keeping eye then laila is something that nobody can take eyes off her.
paro comes in room and sees rudra lying on bed, she says i am sorry, i didnt mean to hurt, i said it uncosciously, i just wanna tell you that mother’s love only mother can understand, maybe she was craving for you and that craveness became motherly love for me. rudra turns otherside, paro have oil with her, she turns him and start massaging his hand, he says no need, she says your hand is shaking alot, rudra says like me there is no treatment of this hand, paro says you are wong, there is nothing which doesnt have treatment, only we have to wait, there is no wound which cant be healed.
she massages his hand, he keep looking at herm they have an eyelock (rangrasiya plays). paro sleeps on floor.

Scene 5
in morning, in dilsher house, aafter aarti, paro gievs parsad to all, rudra comes there, paro goes to him and makes him eat parsad with her hands, rudra says yesterday night i shouted on you forgive me, danveer says i have to say something, he says dilsher talked with big doctor, he is very good, we told him about your hand, you have to show him your hand tomoroow only, your hand will be fine. paro and rudra are happy. dilsher says if this is case then they should go now, danveer says doctor is in mumbai and paro will go with rudra, i have booked ticket, maithili says rudra will fine absolutely. all leaves.
paro comes in mandir and thanks lord, rudra comes there. rudra thanks paro for being there with him yesterday night, he leaves. paro recalls how she promised god that she will leave rudra when he will get fully fine. rudra looks back at paro and feels some tension.

PRECAP- maithili says what you did paro, people go to lord to get their love and you. paro says i promised lord i cant cheat him, i have to leave rudra. she cries.

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