Rang Rasiya 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
rudra sees manglasutra and recalls how paro said that she will wear when he gives it, he gets a call from Laila, she says Laila speaking, she says i called to say that your mother called me, she came to me, rudra says so what, Laila says i gave her my number, rudra says you did great by saving her but i don’t care, you would have told us about tej, you would have got the medal, he ends the call.
mangalsutra from dilsher’s hands falls, mala comes to pick it up, she says you still have this, dilsher says this is the memory of our marriage and mistakes, paro was saying you cameback, mala says yes, she says no mother hates her son, i want to tell him that i love him a lot and will always do, if you hate the one you gave birth is hating yourself, i will make him realize that i love him, dilsher says its not going to be easy, the poison you are seeing in him, its all given by you and i also gave him poison on your name. mala says will you help me to remove this poison, will you join a mother and son, dilsher puts mangalsutra there and leaves.

Scene 2
mala is in kitchen with paro, she says i will make gatte ki sabzi for him, he likes it a lot, paro says but he likes alloo sabzi and i have already made it, mala says what, he used to run away from aloo, paro says no he likes it, mala says everything changes with time, favorites and all, Maithili says don’t be sad, made something which he like till now, mala says kheer(sweetdish), he likes it, paro says he doesn’t take sweets, he doesn’t even take sugar in tea but make kheer i have a feeling he will eat it. sumer and mohini sees them in kitchen and sumer imitates paro saying that my kaki created a lot of troubles for me, tried to kill me too but in end her own life got in danger, he laughs, he then imitates like mala, he says i was mala ranawat but now i am mala tejawat but look i am ranawat haveli being tejawat and my jija couldn’t do anything, wanted to throw me out but was getting out herself, he then pretends like Maithili, mohini then acts like sumer and says i am burning my mother’s wounds, she says shut up ans these 3 women are running on my head, sumer says you need rest and my horse will go to Jaipur, he leaves, mohini looks in kitchen.

Scene 3
sunheri is taking mohini in hall, she says paro has made sweetdish for us, lets go. all comes in hall, dilsher says whats this, it looks special, danveer says its khher wow, all takes it to eat, mohini thinks what bitter act they are wrapping in sweets, paro gives a bowl to rudra, he takes it, Maithili is happy too. dilsher eats it and gets to know who made it, rudra takes one spoon and stops, danveer praisews kheer, dilsher too, dilsher says who made it, sh should get gift, Maithili ask rudra did you like the kheer? rudra says a lot, you made kheer exactly like.. mala comes there too, mohini says no Maithili didnt make it, this is made by.. sunheri interrupts and ask paro that we are eating in new bowls then why rudra is eating in old bowl, mohini says this bowl is his old friend, his name is written on it, rudra sees his name on bowl, she says those who want to give gift to khher maker must know that it is not made by DIL of this house, i didnt eat it but by smell i got to know who made it, even most of you dotn know her name because she didnt remain in this house for long, it is made by my jithani(mala) mrs. ranawat, oh i am sorry old mrs. ranawat and now mala, rudra says one minute, he goes to gate, opens it nd comesback, he says whenever there is some drama in this house then one sister leaves and other puts her demands, you have to open this heavy gate so who wants to go can go, hhe puts down his bowl and takes mohni’s bowl, he puts spice in it and says you must not liking to eat, and there is not poison in it as neither you nor your son made it, dilsher smirks, rudra eats kheer, mohini takes her kids and goes away. danveer says to mala that kheer was amazing, he leaves too, only paro and rudra are left, paro is happy and says you ate whole bowl, today how you fought for your mother, i cant believe.. rudra says i didnt do anything for her, don’t look at me like this, i wa not liking mohini’s words, and i am angry on you why you made me eat it when you knew mala made it, paro is about to go, he ask stay here where are you going? paro says i am going away from your anger, when i smile you become angry, when i say something, when i do something, when stand, when i sit.. you feel anger on my everything, is there anything about me on which you don’t get angry, she leaves.

Scene 4
rudra sits in hall and is tensed, he takes out mangalsutra and recalls how he was about to give it to paro in bsd.
at night, paro is going to sleep, rudra says i need to talk to you, come, paro says i will not come, he say come, she says no, he drags her and brings her in hall where floor is decorated with flowers and heart made with rose petals, paro ask whats all this, rudra sits

PRECAP- rudra takes out thread from paro’s neck and put on mangalsutra in her neck by coming so close, paro closes her eyes( mangalum bhagwan Vishnu plays).

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    kuch bhi bolo but this show is going rocking

  2. Paro denies for a honeymoon trip with Rudra in Rangrasiya!

    Tequila Shot Production’s popular show Rangrasiya on Colors is soon coming up with an interesting sequence where Rudra (Ashish Sharma) will plan for a honeymoon and Paro (Sanaya Irani) will deny because she wants him to forget his past and forgive his mother.

    As per the current track the show is revolving around Mala and Rudra as Rudra is not ready to forgive Mala. Whereas Paro is trying hard to unite mother-son again.

    As per our sources, “Mala (Sadiya Siddiqui) and Dilsher Ranawat (Kali Prasad Mukherjee) are together as they have started interacting with each other and there will be a sequence where they both will be talking about their past life by seeing Rudra’s childhood picture. Seeing this Rudra will get annoyed and will insult his mother by telling her that she is a characterless woman. Listening this Dilsher will slap Rudra.”

    The source further adds, “Later Rudra will go to Paro and will show her the tickets and will tell her that they are going on their Honeymoon but Paro will deny as she will ask him to go and apologize to his mother. This will make Rudra more furious and he will vent out his anger on the punching bag. Paro will ask him to go and apologize to his mother and forget his past by accepting her as his mother. Once he apologizes to Mala then only she will go with him on honeymoon. But Rudra will say no that he won’t apologize.”

    Will Rudra apologize to his mother? Will they go on their honeymoon?

  3. extend the show to 6 days Monday to saturday it will be icing on the cake just love the chemistry between these two

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