Rang Rasiya 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Maayra says to dhruv as you can my room is all messy. Normally I keep my room fien but I just shifted so its messed. So your task is that you will help me in arranging all this stuff. Lets start from folding the clothes and you will get your money. He starts folding and says I can’ do that. Tha mean I won’t get money. Maayra says you can do that look you are doing that fien. She says you continue while I bring you juice.
Maayra asks mohini for orange juice. Mohini says in heart I have to please her. She says yes. mohini says come to me whenever you want anything. Maayra says whom else would I go ? Maayra says the room given to you is not that good. I have another one that is bigger and the view from the room is nice as well. Don’t worry I will shift your stuff there you just hav to give me 5 thousand and don’t tell them that I told you all this. Maayra says so you want me to go and tell them that I like the other room so you get the money. You should be ashamed. you are their servant and you are doing this to them. They kept you here even after your sick mental condition and you cheat on them. Mohini says what servant ? Maayra says take this 500 for the juice and I will keep giving you bucks if you keep working but never cheat on them. they are really nice people. Shatabdi is over hearing their conversation. When mohini comes out shtabdi says think of other ways to get 5 thousand. She is rich you can earn a lot from her. Mohini says shut up you made me the servant. Shtabdi runs.

Matheli is make koyel eat. She says whats wrong with my daughter tody. Maayra comes there recording a video on her cam and says its really special day here. Its raksha bandhan today and koyel is going to get a lot of gifts. Rudra comes there. Matheli gives him rakhi and says sunehri sent it for all you three. she asks where is dhruv ? Rudra says I thought he was with you. They both start looking for her. Maayra says he must be anywhere its such a big house. They hear dhruv screaming. They all go to maayra’s room. There is a large bag over him and he is crying. Rudra asks how did you get this bruise. Maayra brings the bandage. Rudra says stay away from my son. koyel tells that he was standing on chair to put the bag up and he fell. Rudra says who asked you to do this ? he looks at maayra and says now you will ask my son to work for you. Maayra sasy listen to me please. He sasy shut up and leaves.
Rudra takes dhruv to his room and says keep quite. Dhruv says listen to me. Rudra says who asked you to work ? Maayra comes with the first aid box ? He says I don’t need it. Dhruv says papa please let her stay. rudra pulls her to the lounge and says stay away from my son. Tell me what was my son doing in your room and folding your clothes. Maayra says I just asked him to fold I don’t know what was he doing in the closet. he says why was he folding your clothes? Maayra says I was about to pay him. he sasy what ? you wanna buy my son? Maayra says you are wrong. He says you came here on basis of your money and source but that doesn’t mean that you can buy my son. Stop talking to my son. Maayra says no. he says what ? Maayra says yes I won’t stop talking to your son. because I am not wrong but you wont get because you decided that I am wrong. You should be the one shouldn’t talk. Not to me, not to your son not to anyone in the world because you don’t deserve it.

Rudra settles on the couch. Dhruv comes and sasy its wasn’t maayra’s mistake. Rudra says stop taking her side. He says I asked her to give me money. Rudra says what are you saying ? He sasy nothing and runs. Matheli comes and says you hurried in comprehending the things. He says okay even if dhruv asked for the money she had the brain. he leaves.

maayra in her room says it wasn’t my mistake I swear, in front of the camera. I just wanted to help him so he could gift the money to koyel so she can buy a doll. He thought I was using child labour. I can’t ever do that. I should have asked if it was right to give money to dhruv for nothing? I know dhruv is hurt but I never wanted it. He said that his son can’t be bought why would I do that to dhruv. Se swipes her tear and says am I crying ? No maayra can’t cry and at least for that idiot. Koyle over hears her self talks.

Scene 2
Rudra dresses dhruv up. Matheli comes and sasy extend your hand dhruv koyel will tie you the rakhi. You exercises the ritual. Matheli says give her the gift. Dhruv takes out the money and gives it to koyel. He leaves. Matheli asks his to stop rudra says leave him he should know that he has made a mistake. koyel leaves as well. She brings maayra’s camera and says I wanna show you something then everything will be all right. Rudra sees the video maayra made. Koyel says dhruv promised me that’s why he didn’t tell you. Matheli says there is no mistake of maayra in this. I think you should.. he says I have to go.
Matheli asks koyel to put the camera back from where she brought it.

Scene 3
Maayra is in her room. Dhruv and koyel come there. Dhruv says we are here to apologize. Maayra says what for ? Dhruv says because of me papa got angry on you. Koyel says no its all my mistake I asked dhruv to bring me a doll. Maayra says its okay. Koyel says you are still sad we wanna bring smile on your face. Maayra says have you seen your faces ? Your smile has vanished as well, how will you bring smile on my face with this sad face of yours. Sit on the bed. She starts playing with puppets for them.
She says its about two kids whose faces are sad. Papa got angry because kids got mischievous. If you want something ask papa but what if he denies ? They both laugh. Maayra says look smile on kids’ face. Koyel says how will we bring smile on maayra’s face ? Maayra says simple, with music. She turns on the music and all three of the dance joyfully. They go in the lounge. Everyone enjoys their dance. Maayra collides with rudra. Matheli is enjoying with the kids. Maayra says actually I.. oh wait why am I giving you explanation ? I hate you. She hears some bells and says again where does this noise come from ? He says what ? She leaves.

precap-Rudra covers maayra with sheet as she is asleep. Dhruv says I know papa she isn’t mummy but I think mummy has sent her. Rudra says why you think so ? Dhruv says you would never have given him mummy’s shawl otherwise.

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