Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 8th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Tao ji leaves

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Scene 1
Dulari says we didn’t think tao ji won’t be scared of Sham. He’s Sham’s father. Ram says we can’t kick Menaka out until Tao ji is here. Dulari says if Menaka doesn’t leave she will somehow get you married to Koyal.

Menaka says I will get you married. Koyal says Sham would have married Dulari if you left. She says go to Singapore with Ram for the honeymoon. Get Padma and me a ticket too. Koyal says before it you might get a ticket for Jhansi. Menaka says Tao ji is the treatment of Sham,

Dulari says treatment? Patang says yes we have to send Tao ji for treatment. Ram says what will we do now? Dulari says I have a plan.

Menaka says no one can ruin my game here. Koyal says we have to use tao ji and get me married to Ram. Dulari says Dulari and Kinkshuk will get married. Tao ji will get you married earlier. I have a plan. She tells her plan.

Scene 2
Koyal sits in Tao ji’s feet and says my wedding is getting ruined every time. I will give my life up. I will keep sitting in your feet until I don’t get married. I will end my life before it’s ruined. Tao ji says no one can ruin your life when I am here. She says people take your word lightly. They say things behind your back. No one listens to you. Sushila says what are you saying? Koyal says if it was so, I would have been married to Ram and Dulari to Kinkshuk. You come, take a decision and you go. Then no one follows it. Tao ji says no one listens to me? No one can say no to what I say. ram and Koyal will get married right now. Right here.

Tao ji calls Ram. He says no one listens to me. Koyal and you will get married right, today. Ram and Dulari are shocked. Ram says but.. He says I said it. Dulari says how can we get married without mahorat? Tao ji says it’s mahorat when you want it. And I can do the mantras for pandit ji. He says Menaka arrange things. Ram says stop. Patang calls Tao ji and says your lands are taken over here in the village. They are ruining your fields to develop a pond here. Tao ji says who are you? Tao ji says I have to go to Jhansi. Dulari says what happened? He says someone took my land. Ram oh God, you should go there right now. Beg them to give your land back. He says I will break their legs. Koyal says your promise will also break with it. He says you’re so selfish. The land is like a mother. I will go and check my mother land first. You only care about your wedding Dulari gives him slipper. He says stay happy. He says I have to go, take care. He leaves. Dulari says don’t worry mummy ji. Sushila says is babu ji comes, he will give the land to them.

Menaka says I brought havan kund. Ram becomes Sham and says burn yourself in it. Go to Jhansi. He says to Sushila get her ready, I will marry Dulari in the next 24 hours. If anyone does drama, I will beat them. Get ready Dulari. Dulari says what happened to Ram? Sushila says Sham.

Scene 2
Menaka says I thought I would get gifts in the wedding. I have to go now. Koyal says no, do something. You have to stop this wedding. She says Sham will marry Dulari, you can marry Ram. Koyal says what are you doing? I don’t want that Sham. What will I do? I can’t handle that Sham. Menaka says if you wanna marry Ram, you have to handle that Sham. How does mummy ji handle Tao ji and babu ji. Sushila says ask me, when I hug my husband, Tao ji comes. I have to cook twice. My life is ruined.

Koyal imagines being close to Ram. He becomes Sham and says don’t touch my buttons. Dance like a baby doll. Koyal says no.. He asks her to cook for her. He tastes and says this is rubbish. Go bring butter and bun. Koyal is scared. She says I can’t do this. I wish I was like you, how can I handle two husbands? How do you do this? Sushila says drink spicy tea. It makes you stronger. Dulari looks at them and smiles. Dulari says things are going as per our plan. koyal is worried how will she handle Sham. Ram says she won’t come near Ram when she sees Sham. Koyal sees Dulari Ram and Patang discussing things.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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