Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 7th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Sham says he will marry Dulari

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Scene 1
Ram comes out. He comes close to Dulari. Ram hugs her. Dulari says it can never happen that I ask God for something and you won’t come. I love you Ram. Irfan says they’re made for each other. Menaka and Koyal come out. He says move. I am Sham. Dulari is shocked. He says what are you saying? He says aunty tell him who’s my father. She says Jeth ji. Dulari says what are you saying. Sham says you are number 1. Don’t cut your hand. He ties a cloth on her hand. Sham says I really like you. Dulari says he went to Padma’s room. What is this? Sushila says your FIL’s disease. Sham says why are you doing? Don’t talk about Ram. I fell in love at first sight. Dulari is shocked. Koyal says what? Irfan says what is this man? Sham says shut up you kid. Ram says why are you crying like a tank? Dulari moves back. He says cleaning the tears. He says aunty, I will do marriage with her. Patang says well done. Sham is better than this bald. Kinkshuk says she’s my wife to be. Sham says get out. I will marry her. Sham slaps Kinkshuk.

Scene 2
Menaka comes to Padma. She says you have spoken so much without a voice. You have done all this. Koyal says shut up Menaka. Your plans always fail. Menaka says I am getting you married to Ram. Koyal says but he’s Sham. I don’t know when will I get married to Ram. I don’t wanna marry that Sham.

Sham takes Dulari to the room. He says don’t do this drama. Dulari says Ram? He says I am doing this drama. Dulari says thank God. I thought my life would be like mummy ji. Dulari hugs him. Ram says I am sorry. I should have stood with you. Dulari says I am sorry too. I should have spoken to you. Ram says Menaak accused you and I stayed silent. Dulari says you were silent to not ruin the matter. It was you, if it were another man he would have questioned me. Ram hugs her and says a husband must know that his wife was drunk and fell into a conspiracy. I am sorry, I should understand you in all situations. Dulari says the wife should also understand. You have to choose between your wife and family. It’s a lot more difficult for you. Dulari hugs him. The song mein hun saath tere plays.

Scene 3
Koyal says to Babu ji because of you Ram is like you as well. He says so what? My wife stayed with me all my life, you can also live. Sushila says these girls can’t manage anything. Menaka says we have to think about Ram’s treatment. Babbu ji says if I wasn’t treated how could he be treated? Sham comes and says shut up. I don’t need any treatment. Go now. Only I will marry Dulari. Koyal says how can you do that? You came in my Ram’s body and now want to marry Dulari? How can you even think about that. Ram will also go with Dulari. Sham says I will marry Dulari directly. And anyone who tries to stop it won’t live.

Dulari says what? You want to marry me? I am going to be married to Kinkshuk. We went on date as well, we got a photoshoot done as well, we were defamed together as well, now we will get married. Kinkshuk says yes. Dulari says say something Kinkshuk. Kinkshuk says yes go from here bro. Dulari and I will be married. Come to our wedding and enjoy the food. Sham slaps Kinkshuk. Dulari says how did you do this? You slapped Kinkshuk. What if Menaka’s in-laws get to know about this slap. She will be divorced. Menaka says exactly.

If Sham keeps doing this I will be divorced. Sham says I can do anything. Patang says how can we know you can do anything? If you’re that courageous, kick menaka out of here as well. Sham says I can totally do that. No one can stop me. Pack your stuff and get out. Call your husband. Sushila says what are you doing? He has Covid. Sham says I am not an idiot. If he had covid he won’t have come here. This is their game, matchstick, and snake. Koyal says we have done nothing. Padma has covid, he’s home quarantined. Sham says I don’t eat shit like you people. I will clean the mess you guys created. He says come out Padma.

Padma come out. Sham says pick your bag and husband and leave. Menaka says I won’t go. My in-laws torture me. They will keep doing that until Dulari is married to Kinkshuk and Sham is married to Koyal. He says your in-law are torturing you? He says Padma if you make her upset, I will hit you. Padma says got it. Everyone is shocked that his voice is back. He says I promise you all, my parents and I have always loved and respected Menaka and will always do that. Sham says go now. He says let’s go Menaka. Menaka says I won’t go anywhere until Koyal is married to Ram. Babbu ji says how will she go? She can’t go directly. Give her some time till evening. Sham says okay, you have time till evening. Leave then. Babbu ji sneezes. Tao ji comes. Tao ji says how dare you kick Menaka out. Sham touches his feet. Tao ji says Menaka won’t leave this house. Menaka smiles. Menaka says you came on such right time. Sham hasn’t seen your anger. He’s deciding things. Tao ji says no one can do anything in front of Rudra Parsad. He leaves.

Episode ends.

Precap-Koyal sits in Tao ji’s feet. She says I won’t move from here until I am married to Ram. Tao ji says Ram you will marry Koyal today and right now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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