Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 3rd December 2020 Written Episode Update: Dulari and Kinkshuk to get married the same day

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Scene 1
Tao ji says I am so ashamed our DIL with another man. Menaka says Padam will divorce me. Tao ji says I will break his head. Menaka says he is already injured. It’s Dulari’s mistake. What will people say about me? Sushila says I trust her. she’s pure. Tao ji says this is about our family’s respect. It will be stained if anyone finds out. Menaka says I have a plan. She tells them a plan.

Ram brings tea outside Dulari’s room. Dulari is about to open. He leaves it outside. Dulari says I won’t open until you knock yourself. ram is about to knock but he stops. Ram is about to knock, Tao ji comes there. Tao ji says her mistake her ruined our family’s name. She was with another man all night. Ram says nothing happened between them, it isn’t confirmed. Tao ji says but they slept on the same bed. People will say things about us. ram says no one will know if we don’t talk about it. Tao ji says these like these go out life wildfire. What if Menaka’s family finds out? They can divorce her. I have a solution. Kinkshuk and Dulari have to get married tonight. Dulari and Ram are shocked. Ram says first you’re forcing this marriage on us and now you are not even giving time to save it. Tao says we are saving the respect of this house. Ram says this isn’t a solution. He says Dulari will be married to Kinkshuk tonight or I will be dead tonight. Dulari says don’t say that Tao ji. No one is going against you. If you can give up your life for family’s name, I can compromise as well. If you want me to get married, I will. Everything will be as per your will. Tao ji says people can die for the family’s respect. He leaves. Ram looks at Dulari.

Scene 2
Patang says why are you crying now? Why did you take such a big decision? Tao ji was angry but you should have been cool. What kind of family is that? Talk to Tao ji, he won’t’ hurt you. Dulari says Ram has hurt me. Since he saw me with Kinkshuk I don’t know what is going on in his mind. He’s hurting me a lot.

Ram says to Irfan Dulari is hurting me a lot. What have I done? I am trying to handle everything. She is coming under their pressure. Irfan says your problem is getting bigger every day. Now Dulari is standing with them not me. Dulari says I don’t know what is going on in his mind? We were always happy, smiling and now we haven’t smiled in days. Patang says everything will be fine. You will be happy. You two should talk and solve things between you two first. Ram says to Irfan, Dulari should tell me what is going on in her mind? Shouldn’t she talk to me? Dulari says Ram always understood what was going on in my mind, if he doesn’t know there’s no point in talking to him. Ram says I don’t want to talk to her at all.

Scene 3
Kinkshuk gets dressed in a sherwani and says that moment is here. I will be a groom. I will be a husband, father, kids. Koyal says and then dead. Kinkshuk says why aren’t you happy for me? She says this all game was for me to get married to Ram. Menaka says I want that. Koyal says if you want you I can get married today as well. Menaka says I would but you’re my best friend. There would be so many preps. Koyal says I have prepared all your dresses and everything. Menaka says sure, then I can get you married today as well. But for that I will have to mix the same tablet in Ram’s tea that I did in Dulari’s drink. Kinkshuk says what are you going to mix? Menaka says I never share my plan with anyone. Radha hears all this. She is shocked.

Radha comes to Irfan and Patang. she says I heard them talking. Menaka said she mixed something in Dulari’s drink. Radha says then Menaka said let it be secret. Patang says what happened with Kinkshul will happen with Menaka now. He takes out a bottle. He says to Radha do your magic. Irfan says she will do it.

Kinkshuk comes to market. Ram is there. He says no bro.. Ram walks towards him. Kinkshuk tries to run. Ram holds him. Ram hugs him and says bro.. Why are you scared? You’re going to be my wife’s husband. Let’s be friends now. Kinkshuk says yes friends. Ram says let’s go to parlour to get ready. Kinkshuk recalls the slaps. ram says don’t worry. He brings Kinkshuk to the salon. Dulari is there. Kinkshuk says I am so lucky Dulari, I got you and Ram because of you. He will get me ready, he will do my grooming for free. Ram says sure. I lost what was mine, so what’s the point. Dulari says in heart at least try to stop it once. You’re doing his makeup instead. Ram says in heart at least say what I am doing is wrong. Ram takes Kinkshuk inside.

Episode ends.
Precap-Dulari brings Padam home. Dulari says I brought him here so he can tell everyone the truth. Tell them Padam ji.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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