Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 11th December 2020 Written Episode Update

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 11th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kinkshuk tells Ram that I am going to fight you and end you today. Ram acts like Sham and says Patang will fight you first. Patang gets worried and says I will be a referee. Ram gets tensed as Patang announces the round one. Kinkshuk tries to beat Ram but he keeps running away. Dulari stops the round. Dulari tells Ram to not be stupid. Koyal tells Kinkshuk to not hit Ram’s face. The second round starts and Ram dodges him again. The second round ends and they both are tired. Menaka boosts Kinkshuk. The third round starts, Ram is dodging him but Menaka has taken the bell from Dulari so she can’t end the round. Koyal sees it and Ram is getting beaten by him, she laughs. Patang gets hit and cries. Ram starts beating Kinkshuk too. Kinkshuk beats him and Ram falls down. Kinkshuk says Dulari is mine. Ram wakes up and starts beating Kinkshuk, he doesn’t stop till Kinkshuk is on the floor. All are stunned. Dulari asks him if he is fine? He cries in pain. Dulari says I can save you if you tell me who asked you to throw papa ji in front of the car? Kinkshuk doesn’t tell her and gets beaten again from the Sham. Dulari tells him to tell her the truth. She makes a video as Kinkshuk tells her. Ram acts like Sham is gone, he says what happened to Kinkshuk? Patang says who won? Sham ran away as Kinkshuk challenged him. Koyal says this match was a draw. Ram says no Kinkshuk won as Sham ran away so he lost. He wakes Kinkshuk and tells him that Sham ran away so you won. They announce Kinkshuk as the winner so the wedding will be canceled. Dulari says I am getting married to Kinkshuk, he is a real man so I am happy to marry him. Kinkshuk leaves happily. Ram acts like sham again so Koyal says I want to stop this. Patang says I know how to get him fine if you give me money, she says I will give it to you, just make him fine. Patang asks her to hit him on the head and he will become fine. Koyal says I don’t trust you. Patang says you can give him spicy kaada also. Koyal says I will try this idea, she takes the stick and is about to hit Sham. Dulari comes there with Mummy ji but Koyal has hit Ram already on the head. He asks why did you hit me? Koyal says I wanted to shoo Sham away. Dulari says you are living with mummy ji and she never does anything like this papa ji. You are not married to Ram yet and you have hit him? Patang says Dulari is right, how can Koyal hit him? Mummy ji says how can you hit my son? You will not get married to him now. Koyal is stunned.

Menaka comes to mummy ji and says if Koyal doesn’t get married to Ram then my married life will be destroyed, I can’t live here. Mummy ji says I will request your in-laws. I think only Dulari is right for Ram. Menaka says let Koyal marry him so my life will be fine. Koyal comes there and says you were thinking wrong mummy ji, I did hit Ram but I was actually making Sham go away from him as Patang said that it works. Mummy ji says so you listened to him?

Dulari comes to Ram and says now you won’t have to marry Koyal. Ram says what if Menaka changes her mind? Dulari says then you can become Sham to blast her mind. Patang comes there and says you played so well between Ram and Sham. Ram asks him to be silent. Dulari says we have to be careful and nobody should know that Ram is just acting like Sham. They see someone running away after hearing it.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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