Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 10th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Ram beats Kinkshuk

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 10th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kinkshuk stands on one foot. Koyal says what are you doing? Patang says this is the first challenge. Dulari says Kinkshuk will win for sure. Menaka says why is Sham not doing it? Sham says you go to Jhansi. I will do it after him. Dulari says take the bat. Kinkshuk says I can face anything for you. Dulari says all the best. I know you will win for sure. Sham hits him with a bat. Patang says 20 minutes 30 seconds. Now Sham’s turn. Sham stands up. Kinkshuk is about to hit him, Sham stands up. He says I lost. Kisnkshuk says you lost. Sham says give me second chance. Kinkshuk says no I won. Menaka says they fooled you and beat you. Sham says get lost to Jhansi. Koyal says Ram asked her to stay. You goon. Sham says get out you too. they leave. Dulari, Patang and Ram laugh.

Patang says brings auto, Sham says Menaka come out. Your auto is here. Go now. Koyal comes. Sham says where is she? Menaka comes out in a PPE and shield. Everyone is shocked. Koyal says what is this? Sham says are you going to hospital? Menaka says I have corona. Sham says don’t do this drama. There’s no symptom. Go from here. Where is your slave? Menaka says who? He says Padma. She says I sent him to Jhansi to keep him safe. Here’s the report. Ram says let me send you to isolation center. Let me call ambulance. Sushila says she’s my daughter. If she goes I will go as well. I can’t send her away in this condition. Sham says aunty let her go.

Kinkshuk says wedding will happen today after the three challenges. I will win the second round. Ram says go eat your medicine.

Scene 2
Patang says to Irfan there’s so much drama going on. When will this end? Irfan says if they had kids this won’t have happened. Patang says kids are bigger problem.

Sushila says to Menaka eat healthy and take medicine on time. Menaka says Koyal come in. She says I am okay here. I have to marry Ram, can’t risk my life. Menaka says I am wearing PPE. Dulari says nothing will happen to anyone. I made this tea for you drink. Menaka says this is so bitter. I can’t drink it. Dulari says I got you straw as well. Sushila says come on. Drink it, my DIL is so nice. Sushila says Koyal, you are Menaka’s friend but you’re not coming inside and Dulari made her tea. Everyone needs a DIL like Dulari.

Scene 2
Kinkshuk says this is the second challenge. He is wearing boxing suit. Sham says I will beat you down. Dulari says Koyal Sham is threatening Kinkshuk. koyal says Kinkshuk is boxing champ. He has won gold thrice. Dulari is scared. Kinkshuk says come in Shan. He breaks things with his thigh. Ram is scared. Menaka says he might break your legs like this. You lost round 1 already. Sham says I am hero, I will win. He’s scared. Kinkshuk says come. I am champion.

Episode ends.

Precap- Kinkshuk beats Ram in the boxing match. Patang tries to stop him. Kinkshuk faints.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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