Raja Beta 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Pankhudi tricks Vedant to buy suhagan stuff for her

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The Episode starts with Vedant thinking the girl lied to me before also. He thinks she made him doubt Pankhudi. Pankhudi comes to ask about a patient’s file and takes the file. Vedant asks her to show her mehendi. She asks why? Vedant says he likes it. Pankhudi says surely and walks towards him. She cleverly makes glass falls down and hits her hand with the glass piece to injure her palm where V is written. Purva comes there and sees Vedant bandaging her palm. Pankhudi says my patients are waiting and goes. Vedant tells Purva that he knows that she knows that Pankhudi tried to harm Purva and him and asks her not to take advantage of that. He says when I asked her to show her hand to me, she agreed immediately. Purva says Pankhudi is good at lying. Vedant says she wouldn’t have been confident if she was lying. Purva tells that Pankhudi is confident liar. Vedant asks her not to make their relation dirty.

Mahadev tells Parvati that he is going to earth. Parvati asks him if he will help her. Mahadev says I can’t help you. Parvati says don’t know what Alakshmi will do. Mahadev says whatever happens will be as per destiny.

Purva cries. Pankhudi comes to her and acts to cry. She says V is hidden under the bandage. Purva says it is good that my face changed, now I have seen your true face and will save Vedant. Pankhudi says you have become over confident and tells that he will break her fast and she (Purva) will not get a chance to see his face also. Purva says if you don’t let him come home, then I will come to hospital. Pankhudi says we are going to Delhi. She says when the moon appear, I will see it and then Vedant. Then I will ask him to give water, but when he tries to give me water, then I will have injured hand and stuff in other hand, so he will be forced to make me drink water. Purva says you are so cheap. Pankhudi says Vedant is just mine.

Alakshmi comes to Parvati and says it is a wonder that you sent your husband on the earth and you are sitting here with eyes closed. Parvati says she has kept fast and asks her to keep fast for Kaali. Alakshmi says Kaali is born when the vish fell in the water and says they are immortal. Parvati says Mahadev went to the earth and will help their bhakts. Pankhudi calls Sanju and asks him to go for HR recruit meeting. He says he has to go to market to buy suhaag stuff for her. Pankhudi asks him to ask dr. Vedant to bring it, says she wants her nose to be high always. Sanju gets happy and goes. Vedant dictates the letter while Purva writes it. Sanju comes and asks him to get suhaag stuff for Pankhudi. Purva says only husband buys it. Vedant scolds her for interfering between brothers and tells Sanju that he will bring. Sanju goes. Pankhudi comes there and asks Vedant if she can come along with him to Delhi. He says he didn’t ask her as today she is fasting. She says she will manage and has booked their tickets already. Purva is shocked and comes out. Pankhudi gives her handkerchief and asks her to cry. Purva says he is going for important conference and not because, he wants to go away from me. Pankhudi says she made the conference important for Vedant and also sent Sanju to him to buy the stuff. Purva asks God to do something and help her.

Mahadev comes to the same shop as Vedant is shopping for Pankhudi. He tells shop keeper that he wants to buy the shringaar stuff and asks the shop keeper to give him some work first as he has no money. Shopkeeper asks him to go and says he is not a fool. Vedant finds his face familiar and asks the shop keeper to give him the stuff and says he will pay. Mahadev says seems like you love your wife so much. Alakshmi asks Parvati what is going to happen? Parvati says you tried to harm one sister by the other. Alakshmi asks if she is Purva. Parvati asks her to wait and watch. Mahadev comes to Parvati and says I tried, but couldn’t earn the money. He asks her to accept the suhaag stuff bought by her bhakt. She says we’re ardhnageshwar and asks him to make it reach her bhakt. Purva thinks she has hidden the flight tickets and apologizes to God. Pankhudi thanks Vedant for buying suhaag stuff and leaves with him. Purva gets sad. A guy comes there and tells Purva that Dr. Vedant had bought this stuff, but forgot in the shop. Purva thinks to get ready in the same clothes when he returns.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Leisa s morris

    Has vedant really gotten dis dumb after losing purva dat he can’t see pankhudi’s games? He of all ppl know d lenghts she can go to hell because of her his purva died yet he continues to show blind Faith in her. She already showed dat she can use Sanju for her own means yet vedant isn’t seeing. Open ur eyes before it’s too late. D only person who pankhudi should break her fast with is Sanju. If I was purva I would let Sanju video chat with her when it’s time to drink water and let vedant take d plate from her hands do she can feed her damn self. Or better yet let Sanju pay a surprise visit and give her water himself. Blasted hate ppl who try to ruin others.

    1. Yes you’re right

  2. Verma4

    Vedant wont be able to see a conspiracy even if it bit him in the ass. He is walking around with a dikhead cap.

  3. I have not really been following this series but recently I have started reading it as I said on another forum why are the writers doing these nonsense what are they gaining?? Two sisters one is married and the other wants her sister’s husband do these things really happen in your country?? Because that is what you are portraying. You the writers should portray good things about your country not disrespect women. Because that is what you are doing almost all the series are one storyline its either two sisters wants the same man or siblings fighting for property. Go in another direction for Christ sake jeez budday.

    1. Leisa s morris

      Jayashree dis same actress played d exact same role in kala teka where she wanted her sister’s husband till she killed them all. Guess dis is wat really happens there if it’s portrayed over and over again.

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