Raja Beta 30th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Rahul confesses to his crime

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Raja Beta 30th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purva telling that she will ask God to return Vedant’s life or will snatch his life. She comes to the Devimaa’s idol and asks her to stop thinking God as the toys. She says we have united with much difficulty, but you have changed my face and voice. She says now when I am fighting to prove my identity then you made my Vedant critical and tell that she won’t stay without him. Ramesh tells Sanju to hide the poisonous trishul. Sanju says this is the one which Pankhudi was holding. Ramesh asks how can you think that I will let your would be wife go to jail and asks him to throw it. Rahul comes and holds the trishul, stopping them. Devi Parvati comes to Purva and asks why Vedant saved Rahul and took trishul’s attack on his hand. Purva says so that Rahul’s crime comes infront

of everyone. Devi Parvati asks her to go and bring Rahul’s crime exposed infront of all, says may be your efforts will make Vedant fine. Purva says how I will do this again. Devi Parvati says nobody is alone and he/she has the courage always with them to win.

Rahul tells Ramesh, you called me to take my life, says I won’t leave you both. He pushes Ramesh on the floor. Ramesh and Sanju try to snatch trishul from Rahul’s hand, but it falls down from the balcony. Purva and others see the trishul. Ramesh comes downstairs and try to get the trishul. Narendra sees it and calls Soham. Sumiti stops Ramesh from touching the trishul and says we have two trishuls at home. Rahul tells everyone that Ramesh called him here so that he can get him killed. Ramesh says why will I do this? Purva says as you was pressurize to catch Purva’s murderer.

Ramesh asks her to be quiet, calls her mad and fraud. Purva says he wanted to make you quiet just as he made Purva quiet. Rahul says Vedant had killed Purva and she used to love me. Purva says she used to hate you. Rahul says we both love each other a lot. Purva asks then why did you get arrested for molesting Purva. Rahul gets tensed and says she is lying. Purva picks the trishul and says the day when Purva died, you entered her house forcibly and tried to molest her, but when she refused your touch, you strangulated her with saree pallu and killed her. Rahul asks how do you know this. The fb is shown of Purva’s death. Purva walks towards him and keeps her foot on his chest and asks if he wants to go to jail by saying truth or want to die with her hand. She is about to stab trishul in him, but he stops her and confesses to have killed Purva. He says I strangulated her with her saree pallu so that when Vedant sees her and tries to get her down then people doubt him. Everyone cries hearing this. Soham arrests Rahul. The new Purva cries badly.

Dr. Asthana comes to Pankhudi and says Dr. Vedant’s is breathing heavily. They all run to the room. Pankhudi rubs his feet. Purva asks her to treat him and says she will rub his feet. Pankhudi asks her not to do acting and says Purva di is dead.

Manjula asks Purva to let Pankhudi do the work. The Inspector asks Ramesh to come with him, but Ramesh acts innocent and tells that he wants to be with his son as he is critical. Soham asks Inspector to take Rahul with him. He then asks Ramesh to meet Vedant. Devi Parvati looks at Vedant and he becomes fine. Pankhudi says thank god, you got fine. Dadi thanks Pankhudi. Purva says Rahul has confessed to his crime. Soham asks Ramesh to come with them. Ramesh acts and asks Dadi to take care of his Vedant. Manjula says all the accusations were cleared from you and this happened because of this girl. Dadi says she got him confessed his crimes holding the arrow. Purva says we shall thank her (devimaa) for giving me courage. Devi Parvati says I showed you the way. Dadi asks her to stay for haldi kumkum. Manjula does the ritual, followed by Sumiti. Devi Parvati blesses them. She asks Purva to do her haldi kumkum. Sumiti says she is not Vedant’s wife and tells that she is dead. Dadi says Vedant has accepted her as his wife. Sumiti argues. Devi Parvati tells that the truth color is far beyond everything else and tells that she will pray that they see the truth soon. Purva touches her feet and tells that I couldn’t do your haldi kumkum, but wants your blessings. Devi Parvati blesses her. Pankhudi tells Vedant that she has treated him and gave an antidote without knowing about the poison. She tells that she has learnt from her Guru. Vedant tells that they shall find out about this girl. Pankhudi says yes. Purva comes there with soup. Pankhudi says she already made him drink soup. Purva says she will ask Dadi to drink soup and asks him to rest. Vedant thinks who is this girl who knows everything about me.

Precap: Pankhudi tells herself that she shall not marry Sanju. Later she asks the girl/new Purva to leave Sanjeevani Sadan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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