Raja Beta 30th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Pankhudi brings Niyati’s business partner

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The Episode starts with Vedant asking Purva to forget about her past and think of their future. Pankhudi asks the guy, how he came to know about Niyati. They tell that they had seen her poster in Mumbai and that’s why called her here. Pankhudi asks for her Mumbai address. Vedant asks Purva not to cry. She says what about my past. Vedant says we will think about our future. Purva asks him to believe that she is Purva. She says miracles happened in your field too. Vedant says miracles can happen, but nobody returns from death. He goes out of car. Mahadev tells parvati that her bhakt doesn’t believe her miracle and asks her to tell how and when she did this miracle. Parvati says my bhakt Vedant was accused of Purva’s murder and I wanted to help my innocent bhakt. She says I kept chitragupt and he had kept Purva’s soul safely. She says I said if he can put her soul in someone’s body, Chitragupt had told that some other girl is going to die today, who is a fraud. A fb is shown, Niyati is a fraud and is walking on the road taking to someone on phone, when some goons come and snatches money bag and push her to the wall. She dies. Fb ends. Parvati tells that when Chitragupt put Purva’s soul in her. She thought herself as Purva and ran home. she then went to court to save Vedant. Mahadev says you did what you think right, now Vedant don’t want to know her past as he has seen her true heart and accepted her love. Alakshmi hears them and thinks she will see if Vedant’s love is strong when Niyati’s truth comes out.

Vedant and Purva show the dresses bought by them. Manjula likes Purva’s choice while Dadi likes Vedant’s choice. Purva says you love him more? Dadi says I love you more as you are chosen by him. Purva hugs Dadi and tells that she is feeling bad for Pankhudi and has gone far from her.

Pankhudi comes to Niyati’s office and insists to meet her partner. Receptionist says she went out since 2 months. Pankhudi says I know where is she? Receptionist takes her to Teja. Teja asks where is she? Pankhudi says she is in Prayagraj and shows her pics. Teja is shocked and says this Niyati worked for me, used to fool humans pretending to talk to souls. Pankhudi says you are a clever thief. Teja asks her to take him there.

Manjula tells Ramesh that they are going to simple wedding. Ramesh tells that Vedant might have thought before choosing for a simple wedding. Manjula says she was yearning to hear Vedant’s name from his mouth loving. Ramesh says Vedant is his Raja beta and says he will make everything fine. He tries to set her saree. Vedant and Sanju whistle. Sanju teases Ramesh to romance with maa so lately. Manjula says he loved me always and pulls his ears. Sanju asks Manjula to make bhabhi understand and asks her not to make bhaiyya wait. Manjula says Purva is ready and sitting with Amma. Just then Tejas come there and asks Purva what does he think that he will not know about her whereabouts. He asks why did she leave their business and says I would have given you a big house than this. He shows ID cards and tells that she used to work with me in the office. She says she used to make alive people talk to dead. Dadi asks about the IDs. Vedant says it is true. Pankhudi comes and says she is a fraud and used to just act to make alive person talk to dead. Purva tells that this passport and ID’s are not mine. He calls her Niyati. Purva says she is Purva. Teja asks her to stop it and use her acting in business. He offers her more money and tries to drag her out. Purva tells that she is Purva and this is her real identity. Pankhudi thinks she haven’t stopped acting more.

Precap: Dadi and Manjula stop Purva. Ramesh tells Teja that Purva is matured enough to take her own decision, Vedant tells Purva that he will marry her today itself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pankhudi is not giving up on her obsession for Vedant and is hell bent on proving that Purva is a fraud. Am happy that Vedant still decided to marry Purva despite the mounting evidence that proves otherwise. Its time that Vedant gets the woman he has feelings for and Purva gets back her husband Vedant.

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