Raja Beta 29th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant decides to marry Purva

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The Episode starts with Parvati and Laxmi discussing about Vedant and Pankhudi. Laxmi says I will make Pankhudi prove Purva’s identity is fake. She goes. Shiv says you have brought the changes, its the consequences. Pankhudi says who can send Purva here, she isn’t Purva, how can she come, is her friend helping. She checks some diary. Vedant gets Purva to everyone. He says Purva agreed for the marriage. Maa hugs them and blesses. Ramesh says everyone will remember your marriage, it will be grand. Laxmi comes to help Pankhudi. She makes Pankhudi see the laptop. Pankhudi reads the story and says its her secret.

Purva comes to Vedant. She says I have come early, Vedant can’t be late. She recalls their moments. She wakes him up and apologizes. He asks her not to say sorry. She says you didn’t give me that right yet. He says its matter of some time, we will marry in temple today evening. Her dupatta gets stuck there. She says I m someone else for you, we should stop until the marriage. He smiles. She says sorry, I thought you held my dupatta, have tea. She goes.

She gives tea to everyone. She says it was tough day for Sanju, he will be hurt. Everyone nods. Vedant comes. Sanju says we will keep Vedant’s grand marriage. Maa says pandit will give us shubh mahurat for it. She gets pandit’s call. She says pandit is saying there is no mahurat today, it will be good if they marry tomorrow. He says its fine, don’t be upset, I will take Purva for shopping today and we will marry tomorrow. Pankhudi comes and asks what if this marriage gets cancelled. He asks why did you come here. She says I got something to show you, this is the truth of this fraud, Purva’s laptop, she has written everything about her life, this girl got the laptop and she has come here to take advantage. He doesn’t check anything.

He says I just know, she isn’t fraud. She asks you think I m lying. He says I love this girl, I m going to marry her. She says you are doing wrong, she isn’t Purva. He says don’t say anything now, get out. Pankhudi goes. Vedant and Purva see each other. They go for shopping. Purva says you have bought many things. Pankhudi follows them. A guy goes to Purva and says we need you again, its good you are here, are you doing this for money, find out dad’s locker combination. She asks what are you saying. Vedant asks why are you troubling her. The guy says she isn’t recognizing me. Vedant says she doesn’t know you. They leave. The guy calls someone and says I just saw her. Pankhudi asks do you know that girl, what help do you want.

Vedant asks why are you upset. Purva says we should have heard that man, maybe he knew about this face, the real story. Vedant says I don’t want to believe anyone, I love you, I m going to marry you. She asks what about this face’s identity. He says I won’t ask and won’t try to know. She says we should get answers. The guy says I will answer you, make me meet that girl. Pankhudi says fine, tell me about her. He says her name is Niyati, she came here for work, my wife was happy with her work, she got our pic framed. He shows the pic. She says but what work does she do, how did she help you. He says she makes people talk to dead people’s soul. FB shows Purva helping the couple talking to the soul. The guy asks his dad about the account number. He notes down the number. He says we wanted her to come again and help us. Pankhudi says she has hidden her past and is becoming someone else.

The man says this girl is Niyati Pradhan. He shows the evidence. Vedant says its real papers. Pankhudi says you know her truth now. Vedant says its true, Niyati. Purva gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Pankhudi wants to prove her sister is a fraud to get Vedant. Now its time for Vedant to start looking into the truth and exclude all the lies. Pankhudi can make deal with the devil to hurt her sister. Its time Ramesh steps in and prove that Pankhudi is evil. Hell hath no fury as a woman ( Pankhudi) scorned.

  2. yes it is now time for vedant and ramesh to say who the real fraud is. pankhudi is really not a human being. i hope the famili don’t believe her.

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