Raja Beta 28th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant exposes Pankhudi’s evil

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The Episode starts with Vedant asking Sanju is he fine. Sanju asks what happened. Vedant says you were locked in the storeroom, try to recall. Sanju says I was partying with my friends and slept, I don’t remember. Maa says I should have doubted you, I should have known that you won’t run away from marriage. Sanju asks why would I run, I love Pankhudi a lot and can do anything to marry her. Pankhudi says when you left, I tried to give my life. Vedant stops his dad. He says we are glad to find Sanju, we will inform you when we get the next mahurat for marriage. The couple/ Shiv and Parvati watch them and say Vedant is here to fix everything. They leave.

Vedant says we will find out how did Sanju land in the trunk, just Pankhudi can know about it, she had fixed the bomb to him. Sanju asks what. Pankhudi asks how can you blame me, why will I do this. Vedant says Pankhudi threatened Purva, she asked Purva to convince me for marriage else she will kill my brother. Pankhudi says this girl tried to frame me many times. Sanju says I don’t remember anything, I was near the death. She asks him to protect her, its his duty. Purva asks what was your duty, you were killing the one who loves you so much. Pankhudi asks her to give some proof. Purva says I have the proof, when you were in that room, you also got recorded in the CCTV footage. She shows the footage. Maa slaps Pankhudi.

Vedant says I thought you will regret after killing Purva’s baby, you didn’t change, you tried to kill Sanju. Pankhudi says this girl has compelled me to do this. Purva thinks stop these games. Pankhudi says we loved Purva, this girl came into your life, I wanted to stop my marriage with Sanju. Sanju says you have fixed bomb on me. Pankhudi says bomb wasn’t real. Vedant says the timer was on. She says it was fake, I was just stopping the marriage, I wasn’t harming anyone. Vedant says stop your nonsense and get out of the house. Pankhudi says I just want to tell you, that this girl is a fraud. Vedant says enough, I don’t care for it, I love my Purva. Purva looks at him.

Pankhudi says this isn’t Purva, I will prove it. Sanju says everyone is regretting to make you bahu, Im regretting the most, get out. She says I m going, but I will come back with the proof, you all will regret. Pankhudi leaves. Laxmi comes to greet Shiv and Parvati. She says Pankhudi left but she didn’t lose. Shiv says evil has to lose, its all destined. Purva cries and regrets. Maa says you got Vedant today, he told that he loves you. Vedant says I can’t bear anyone hurting you, its true that I love you, you didn’t leave me alone today. She says I love you a lot. He says I love you, will you marry me. Vedant’s dad asks her to say yes, she won’t get a better guy than Vedant. Maa says Purva, I know you waited for this moment since long. Purva goes. Vedant comes to her and asks what happened. She says you said you don’t accept me as Purva, then how can you love me as someone else. He says you mean I have to accept you as Purva, I can’t do this. She asks him to decide now, if he chooses sindoor, then she will not prove herself as Purva again, she will become of him with same identity, if he chooses the other hand, she will prove herself as Purva. He chooses sindoor. Tere sang yara…plays… She says its a yes from my side. They smile and hug.

Vedant says we will marry tomorrow. Pankhudi asks what if the marriage gets cancelled, I got something to show you. She says Purva has written everything about her life, this girl got this laptop and came here to take advantage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. this pankhudi won’t give up on her mess. I hope Vedant doesn’t believe her. these writers of zee TV are really murderers.
    they do corruption. Zeetv writers can bribe them all, police, doctors, lawyers, etc.

    1. Leisa s morris

      Didnt vedant give purva,who he dont know is really d real purva,purva’s diary so she can pretend to b purva? Im sure she didnt need it but vedant already doesnt consider her as purva as he brought her into their lifez. So unless zee writers plan to change dis fact its fair to assume pankhudi will just b blowing hot air but dis just might make purva refuse to marry vedant until she can prove who she really is

  2. Pankhudi is a shameless woman who has no morals will do whatever it takes to break up Vedant and Purva marriage. She caused the death of Purva child. She has no qualms and will come after Vedant just to fool him to marry her. She is the resident evil there. Hope that Vedant is thinking and not falling in her trap as had happened earlier.

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