Raja Beta 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant saves Rahul and gets critical

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Raja Beta 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vedant asking Rahul not to wear these clothes and says it has poisonous nails in it. Rahul asks them not to waste his time and asks them to let him go. He shows the clothes to him and they don’t see any nails in it. Rahul says I will go and tell everyone that you both are here. He searches Ramesh to tell him. Vedant says we have to find out about babu ji’s plan. Purva asks him to go to his room and says she will go behind them. Rahul goes to Ramesh and tells that they told him not to wear Mahisasur’s dress else I will die. Ramesh says I understood that she was fake ghost when her pallu caught fire and she ran. Rahul says now I understand, when their plan failed then he came to manipulate me against you. Ramesh says I make them get this fake news so that they come infront

of you. Rahul asks him to call Police. Gomti comes and says Jhanki is about to start. Ramesh asks Rahul to get ready and come to stage. Devi Parvati comes there to see Jhanki. Dadi greets her and takes her inside.

Pankhudi starts dancing in Goddess avatar holding the trishul in her hand. Purva comes to Sanju’s room and thinks she has wasted time in Babu ji’s room. She thinks something must be here and asks Mata rani to give any clue. She finds the trishul there and thinks one trishul is with Pankhu. Rahul comes there and laughs as Mahisasur. Pankhudi holds Trishul against him. Ramesh thinks this is the real enjoyment. Vedant thinks how babu ji is silent. Purva comes to Vedant and says I searched in babu ji’s room and everything is fine.

Devi Parvati looks at Pankhudi and Rahul. Vedant turns to Devi Parvati and sees her with mangalsutra and sindoor. She says a married woman gets ready during the festival so that her husband gets blessed. Vedant tells her that he came here indisguise to make stop something wrong from happening. Devi Parvati says what wrong, and tells that Maa Durga is about to kill Mahisasur. Vedant says I want to save him. Devi Parvati tells that Mahisasur was fighting, but didn’t realize that his is about to die with the trishul, she asks them to look carefully at the jhanki. Vedant says her words always help me and says trishul. Purva says she saw one more trishul in Sanju’s room. Pankhudi and Rahul are fighting with fake sword and trishul. Ramesh recalls keeping poison on the trishul and thinks to push Pankhudi on Rahul so that he gets stabbed, and Pankhudi gets rotten in jail. He says I will become Raja. Everyone gets up and says sangaar karo maa…Ramesh takes the drum and beats it. Pankhudi recalls Purva’s death and her moments with her. She keeps her foot on his chest, when Ramesh pushes her to make the trishul stabs Rahul, but Vedant comes and keeps his hand on Rahul’s chest and bears the trishul in his hand. He gets injury on his hand, faints and falls down. Purva shouts calling him. Everyone runs to him. Ramesh gets shocked and thinks he has to do something urgently.

Pankhudi checks Vedant and tells that poison is spreading in his body. Usha ji says she will call ambulance. Pankhudi says we don’t have the time. She says we have to know about the poison to give antidote. Soham says I will bring that trishul to know about the poison. Ramesh brings the trishul from the room and changes it. Devi parvati pats on Rahul’s shoulder and makes him see Ramesh doings. Rahul understands Ramesh’s game plan. Soham comes and takes the trishul. Pankhudi tells that his pulse is slow. Purva cries and says nothing will happen to him, says she has returned for him, not to get separated from him. Pankhudi says I will trying to give some antidote to control his health. She gives him antidote and says if Maa Durga wishes then he will be fine. Devi Parvati comes there and looks at Vedant. Pankhudi checks his pulse.

Precap: Purva threatens Rahul to confess that he had killed Purva and takes Devi’s avatar and keeps trishul on him. Devi Parvati is standing there. Rahul confesses to have killed Purva shocking everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Ramesh needs to go to jail. It’s d only way his family is gonna b safe. Pankhudi needs to also confess bout betraying purva and killing her baby by using vedant.

  2. Leisa s morris

    Ramesh calls vedant as gutter but d only one with gutter tendacies is Ramesh. Although vedant came from a poor background he is a much better person Dan Ramesh. But then again most rich ppl believes dey r entitled because dey r better than others so dey can do as dey pls, wether it’s to kill or manipulate ppl. Ramesh doesn’t even care bout his siblings he want all d wealth for himself.

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