Raja Beta 25th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant and Purva rescue Sanju

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The Episode starts with Purva coming to the hospital and asks CCTV operator to show the CCTV footage. He shows the footage and for one of the cam, they see access denied. Purva asks him to find out. He says camera is kept somewhere. Dadi asks Vedant to refuse for marriage. Vedant says I have decided and thinks he can’t tell Dadi about Pankhudi. He thinks Pankhudi is dangerous and can harm Sanju. Pankhudi checks Sanju on the CCTV footage and goes to give him another dose. Sumiti and Manjula come there. Sumiti says Pankhudi might have eloped. Manjula says she must be in the house. Pankhudi comes to the storeroom and says I am getting the fruit of bearing you all these months and gives him another dose. Pandit ji tells Vedant that the mahurat is of 9 pm. Vedant asks him to do marriage at 10 pm and says he is not in a hurry. Purva returns home and signs no to Vedant. Manjula and Sumiti come to Dadi and says pankhudi is missing. Dadi sees her walking in the corridor. Manjula and Sumiti go to call her. Dadi prays to God for Vedant and Purva’s togetherness and asks to stop the marriage. Devi Parvati and Mahadev come there. Devi Parvati asks Purva about Vedant’s marriage with Pankhudi. Purva says he is doing this for his family’s respect and says I have failed. Devi Parvati says will you let your love go easily? Purva says you said right. Manjula brings Pankhudi there. Pankhudi sits on the mandap. Purva sees phone in her hand and thinks she must be keeping eye on Sanju through her mobile. Purva comes to Sumiti and tells that Pankhudi is busy in phone when all the guests came to attend her marriage.

Sumiti goes there and takes phone from Pankhudi. She then comes back to Purva and says she took phone. Purva takes phone from her hand and types Pankhudi’s birthdate as the password and it opens. Purva checks the CCTV footage and looks at hospital and of a dark place. She thinks what is it? Mahadev comes to Parvati and asks can I help Purva? Mahadev says you can help her. Devi Parvati makes the light of storeroom blinks. Purva sees light blinking in CCTV too and says storeroom.

Vedant looks for Purva from the Sehra. Pandit ji says puja is completed and asks them to stand for rounds. Pankhudi gets up smilingly. Vedant also gets up. Purva comes there and tell Vedant that Sanju is in the storeroom. He breaks the door and comes inside, asks where are you Sanju? Purva asks him to check in the box and they see Sanju unconscious there. She tells Dadi that Sanju is here. Everyone come inside the storeroom. Purva asks Vedant to see the bomb tied to Sanju. Vedant says it is activated and asks them to take Sanju out. Ramesh asks Vedant to save Sanju and asks them to go outside. He sits holding the bomb in his hand. Purva takes them out and comes to Vedant. Pankhudi goes sitting Vedant holding the bomb. Purva sits holding his hand and hugs him. Parvati and Mahadev tell that Vedant will realize her love for him. Vedant asks her to go. Purva says I will not go and tells that your family needs you, you are Raja beta. She asks him to go and says I returned once and will return again. Vedant says he will not go. Purva says ok, if we can’t live together than can die together. Vedant says I can’t lose you again. She says may be there is something here and gets a cutter. She hugs him again. Vedant cuts the wire and opens his eyes. Purva also opens her eyes and cries happily. Vedant hugs her and cries.

They come out of storeroom. Ramesh is standing there. Vedant calls him. Ramesh comes to him and says I called you Gudadi lal, insect of the drain etc, but you are more close than my own son. He says you are my elder son, my Raja Beta. Vedant hugs him.

Precap: Vedant tells everyone that Sanju was partying last time with his friends and asks how he reached the trunk. He says Pankhudi kept him in trunk and put bomb on him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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