Raja Beta 1st November 2019 Written *LAST* Episode Update: Tripathi family unite, Vedant and Purva get remarried

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The Episode starts with Vedant telling Purva that don’t know what had happened to him and tells that God has sent you to me so that I can be happy and give happiness to you. you are my love and happiness. Purva asks about Niyati? Vedant says I have lost you once and will not lose you again, forget everything, we will marry right now. Dadi asks now? Vedant says yes and tells that he will call Pandit ji. Manjula says she will get Purva ready. Sanju says he will get garlands. Ramesh says he will get the things needed for the marriage. Pankhudi looks at them. Dadi prays to God and says they shall get married without any hurdles. Pankhudi thinks once Niyati gets married, she will be far away from here. She thinks and a fb is shown, makes a chemical which when one touches then dies. She says I love you Dr. Vedant, if you are not mine, then you are of nobody.

Purva calls Vedant and asks can I ask you something? Vedant says yes. Purva asks if you will repent after marrying me. Vedant says from where you get such thoughts. Purva asks him to assure her, make her fear go by assuring her of togetherness. Vedant says nobody can separate us and we will stay together till our last breath. Sumiti sees veiled pankhudi and thinks she is maid, asks her to wash the clothes. Pankhudi turns and sees her going. She hides her face and goes.

Manjula tells Purva that she loved Vedant when babuji brought him here, but differentiated between Sanju and him. Purva asks what about now? Manjula says more dearest. Purva tells about nani’s words that she will get mixed with sasural people that when she calls Maa, nobody could do whom she is calling, when she calls Maa. Pankhudi comes and says Sumiti sent her to get chadar. She mixes poison in the sindoor and thinks time is going to end for you. Vedant talks to Purva’s pic and says he wants to believe on Dadi’s words that Purva has returned with a new face and tells that she is just like her. Sumiti asks pankhudi to do the work.

Vedant and Purva sit in the marriage. Shiv ji and Parvati ji comes there. Dadi says today is Purva and Vedant’s marriage. They tell that they will attend the function. Pandit ji asks them to call Purva’s parents. Parvati ji tells that she will do her kanyadaan. Manjula says our Purva is lucky. Kanyadaan happens. Vedant and Purva exchange garlands happily. Pandit ji asks Vedant to fill Purva’s maang. Parvati ji stops him and asks him to fill her maang with the sindoor which she has. Vedant takes the pinch of sindoor to apply in Purva’s maang, when Pankhudi lifts the veil and says enough, not anymore. She tells that if you don’t become mine then you will be of nobody. She says she had mixed poison in sindoor to kill both. She throws trishul on them to Parvati ji and Shivji stop the trishul in air and come in their God and Goddess Avatar. Everyone is surprised and happy. Dadi takes their blessings and says you are real Gods. Manjula says now I understood how you always saved Vedant. Parvati ji says we will not let Pankhudi harm Vedant and Purva. Dadi says it is Vedant’s puja result. Parvati ji says this is the result of his good deeds.

Vedant says I got my love back after Purva left. Parvati ji says that the girl is indeed Purva, we have given her Niyati’s body after her death. She says this girl was actually Purva. They disappear. Pankhudi cries and regrets her actions. She says I tried to kill my sister and says now I have no right to live. Purva stops her and tells that she needs her. She says you realize your mistake and it is a big thing for me. She hugs her. Pankhudi says sorry. Dadi also forgives her. Pankhudi apologizes to everyone. Sanju forgives and hugs him. Pankhudi says sorry Sanju. She ties Vedant and Purva’s knot. They take the rounds and get married again. Dadi talks to dada ji’s pic and tells that his dream is fulfilled. They will live happily.

The show ended on a happy note with Purva and Vedant’s marriage and the family members unite.

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  1. Very sad this show ended…it was a very intresting serial with good story…

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