Raja Beta 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pankhudi confesses her love to Vedant shocking Purva

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The Episode starts with Pankhudi seeing Vedant having dinner late in the night and says you are here, alone and having food in darkness. Vedant says I didn’t care. He says I am an orphan and spending time alone and staying in darkness don’t affect me. Pankhudi asks why are you saying this? Vedant asks her not to try to make everything fine and says for few people, loneliness is better and I am one among them. He says I am standing alone even now. Pankhudi asks him to change his habits and says I am with you, in every step. Vedant says I am staying in darkness that I can’t take the step. Pankhudi says I will help you and do Di’s abortion. She says you had said that you want to help Di forgetting Dada ji’s ethics and says which you couldn’t do then I can do. Vedant asks why you want to do this? Pankhudi says she can never see him in pain and she keeps him on high place and that’s why I want to help you. Vedant asks why will you leave your ethics to leave me. She gets emotional and says I get tears whenever I see your tears. She says I want to turn your sadness into happiness and says I am ready to leave everything for you, ethics is small thing. She says I am ready to leave everyone and says I love you so much that…She stops. Vedant is shocked. Pankhudi says I love you so much, I love you. Vedant says I am your teacher, your sister’s husband. Pankhudi says you was not my teacher and my sister’s husband when I fell in love. She goes to kitchen and thinks she said. Vedant is still in shock. Purva wakes up and looks at the clock. She thinks where did he go at this time.

Vedant gets up from his seat and comes to seat. He tells Pankhudi that he had no…Pankhudi says you had no idea about my love, but I identify all the feelings. Vedant says sorry, I never felt it. Pankhudi says I think of you as my Guru before I met you, then I met Nani Mausi and came to know that you are her grand son and came to know how good you are. Purva hears them shockingly. She says what I would have done, I fell in love with you and started seeing dreams about you. She says then you got married to Di. She says Di’s love betrayed her that night and I lost my love. She says that marriage changed everyone’s destiny. Vedant says whatever happened was not in anyone’s hands. Pankhudi says if it was in my hand then I would have stopped you and couldn’t see you in pain. She says I want to make everything fine and can take you out of this mess. Vedant says I can’t understand anything now and goes. Purva cries. Pankhudi gets happy and thinks she said I love you to Vedant.

Purva comes to her room and cries. She thinks Pankhudi loves Vedant before our marriage. She thinks everyone has become complicated. She hears someone coming and wipes her tears and pretend to sleep. Vedant comes to room and sleeps on bed. Purva is crying and asks from where is he coming? He says he had food. She says you didn’t ask me to serve food. He says I served myself. She asks if you are alone there. He says yes. She asks did you want to say something. He says no. Purva turns her face and cries. Vedant thinks what to tell you, I couldn’t understand myself.

Sanju comes to Dadi and says Pankhudi is not helping me in studies and don’t treat me well. He says she comes with her wish and when I ask her to come for icecream, she refused. Dadi hopes that her doubt is not wrong. She asks him to win her heart with love. Sanju says I will try. Pankhudi is in her room and is happy after confessing love to Vedant. She thinks I thought so many ways to confess you love, and dances in her room looking at Vedant’s pic. Song plays….She imagines Dadi kicking Purva out of house and imagines herself as Vedant’s wife with sindoor and mangalsutra. In the morning, Purva asks did you think anything about me. Vedant says nothing. Purva says I am suffocating day and night infront of you and you don’t care about me. She asks if you are taking revenge from me. Vedant says if I had taken revenge then I would have taken you to meet Rahul and counts all his doings. He says I did this as I love you and says he supported her always. Purva asks why are you not doing my abortion and not letting our relation breathe. Vedant says I can’t do that. Purva says I will tell everyone that I am pregnant and that the baby’s father is someone else. She says she became bahu by mistake and it is better if she goes. Vedant asks what are you saying? Purva says I am staying far from you and feeling guilty of ruining his life. Vedant asks her to calm down and give him some time to think.

Precap: Vedant calls Pankhudi and tells that Purva threatened to tell everything to everyone and is ready to bear the consequences. Pankhudi says if Di heard our conversation last night.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. DannyComments

    Damn! I don’t know who to root for…on one hand, there is Vedant, the selfless guy, who gave up everything, who is always trying to win everybody’s love, I mean, take for instance, he had to do extra to win his wife’s love too! I now get why he was disappointed that after everything, it’s still looking like he lost (having another man’s child..ouch)…

    And then there is Pankundi..I never liked her one bit..but honestly i understand a little bit on why she is now crazy..she was inlove with him first..then he marries her sister who clearly didn’t love him back..and now that same sister is pregnant with another man’s baby(sounds like a story in a telenovela)..Ofcourse she would think this is destiny..so yeah..she’s getting crazier!! But is she right tho? To try and come between vedant and purva??? No. Not at all. Sometimes, you gotta let love find you on it’s own..

    And then Purva..four months purva, and you didn’t notice that you were pregnant? I wouldn’t blame you cause you had alot going on..loosing your fiance and all that drama..but what nags me is this..it took purva four months to fall out of love with her suppose first love?? And be madly inlove with verdant now? Well…its a fictional show so I guess anything is possible…so yeah..I don’t know who to root for!!

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