Raja Beta 16th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant makes Purva smile

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The Episode starts with Purva coming to kitchen and offers help. Manjula says she has done all the work and asks her rest or watch TV, says you are not needed here. Purva takes ladies finger and goes out. Manjula scolds her for cutting it, says Sanju likes sliced ladies finger. Purva gets teary eyes. Dadi asks if she is crying. Purva says she was cutting onions. Pankhudi plans to ruin Vedant’s career. Sanju says Vedant will get trapped by all means. Ramesh says you are a good doctor and clever enemy. Rahul asks if Vedant will do the same mistake again. Pankhudi says he will do. Door bell rings. Pankhudi asks if someone ordered something. Sanju says no. Pankhudi checks from the eye ball and asks everyone to hide in kitchen. Vedant thinks if Pankhudi is in trouble. Pankhudi opens the door and makes an excuse.

Vedant says Purva needs Nani’s boon on knitting. Pankhudi says I will bring it. Gomti meets a saint and asks him to get her marriage done. Pandit ji checks her hand and says you shall get married to frog. Gomti says no and asks for solution. Pandit ji says it is a solution and tells that she will get her husband very soon. He tells 3 packages. Gomti chooses the last. Purva comes and says you are making fun of Bua’s blind faith. Pandit ji gets angry at Purva and tells Gomti that she will remain unmarried. Gomti gets angry at her and takes her to Dadi.

Vedant tells Pankhudi that Purva is worried about her and asks her to talk to her. Pankhudi says she will talk today. Vedant says she don’t know about your sick leave. He sees men shoe there. He asks if someone is here? Pankhudi says she found it in the storeroom and kept it here to give someone. Vedant is about to go. something falls down in the kitchen by Sanju. Vedant asks if someone is here. Pankhudi says nobody, says window is open so something might have fallen. He says I will check once. Ramesh, Sanju and Rahul in the kitchen. Before Vedant can get inside, Sanju comes out. Vedant says you are here? Sanju says I came to meet her. Vedant asks why did you hide here? Sanju says Pankhudi got worried hearing the bell and asked me to hide in kitchen. Vedant says you don’t need to hide from me, you are adults and knows your betterment. He leaves. Ramesh and Rahul take a sigh of relief.

Gomti scolds Purva and asks her not to become Maharani of the house. Manjula asks what happened. Gomti tells everything and says Baba cursed us. Purva says sorry. Sumiti says how you will know how it feels to remain unmarried. Manjula taunts Purva. Dadi comes there. Purva says she thought to go out and feeling suffocated. Dadi says why there are tears in your eyes. She says I know what is the reason and scolds everyone for making Purva cry. She says if Purva gets a tear in her eyes then she will kick them out. She asks Purva to go and rest. Dadi looks at Manjula, Gomti and Sumiti.

Pankhudi scolds Sanju for coming out infront of Vedant. Sanju says I came out to hide the other two. He says if he had seen Rahul then? Pankhudi says he thought me wrong and left. Ramesh says why he will think wrong seeing you with your would be husband. Sanju says do you care for the plan or for Vedant. Narendra tells Sumiti that Amma showed them door today and tells that once his baby is born. Narendra says Vedant takes care of us more than Sanju.

Dadi tells Vedant that Manjula, Sumiti and Gomti made Purva cry today. Vedant says even maa. Dadi asks him to take sweets for her and make her mood light. He thanks her. Purva is sad and upset in her room. Vedant switches off the lights and tells her a story using shadow play and makes Purva smile. He asks what do you learn from the story. Purva says that I shall not feel bad of family members saying. Vedant says they don’t know you. Purva thanks her. He says just a small thank you and shows his cheeks. She goes, comes back and kisses on his cheeks. Vedant smiles and falls on bed happily. Purva smiles.

Precap: Purva sees Rahul on road and tells vedant that he will take away the baby from them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Now the cloak and dagger drama/scene started by Pankhudi, Rahul, Ramesh and Sanju to hurt and scare Purva to make a mistake to spoil her and Vedant marriage and life.
    Vedant better start looking carefully at Pankhudi because that scamp Rahul played his hand. The scorned woman thinks she knows Vedant weakness and want to exploit it to destroy his career. She is clutching at straws in an effort to hurt her sister and Vedant since she cannot have him then destroy him. Wait and watch when the fur flies and we will see the vipers ( Ramesh, Manjula, Gomti, Sanju, and others) coming out of their nest

  2. Leisa s morris

    How can a person say dey love someone yet plan with d enemy to destroy their work,life and home all in d name ofgetting day person? Her love is so selfish day she is willing to ruin d one she said she love just to have him. It doesn’t matter to her how hard he works to achieve everything as days not her concern. Guess she figures once she gets him she will make everything ok just like a normal psychopath.

  3. This crazy stupid girl can’t get a better role, she was after her sis husband in kali. All series have same story…can someone make a better serial where everyone is happy and more realistic.

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