Raja Beta 14th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Purva accuses Vedant for attempt to murder Dadi

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The Episode starts with Vedant coming inside Sanjeevani Sadan on his bike surprising everyone. Ramesh asks this is not basti or bazaar, this is my house. Vedant says if I am wanted in this house, then my things will also come with me. He says this is my house, I went from here for my Maa, and asks Ramesh to show their list. Ramesh shows the list. Vedant asks Narendra to sit and says I can give this much charity for Dada ji. He writes cheque and throws on Sanju asking him to get some cash. Sanju is standing angrily. Vedant asks him to go and asks if he wants extra money for his ear treatment. He says car went for service and asks him to go to taxi. Sanju gets angry. Vedant asks him not to do drama else he will return on his bike. He asks Ramesh to start and comes to Manjula. He says I am doing this for your

future happiness, and asks Ramesh to apologize to him, says you are not that important. He asks Sanju to make tea for him. Sanju goes. Vedant asks Ramesh to apologize first, bend down and then rub nose on the floor. Sanju brings tea and gives to Vedant. Vedant sips tea and says your called me with fake info, your Papa is not in a mood to apologize. He sits on the bike. Ramesh calls him Gudadi lal and asks him to stop. Vedant asks him to call by his name and says he is the owner of the house. He counts till 10 and asks him to apologize. Ramesh shouts forgiveness….and then says forgive me..Vedant says poor boy and says that’s why you couldn’t become a doctor. He asks him to apologize as he said with folded hands. Ramesh folds his hands and says forgive me for all my misbehavior, return home. Vedant asks him to rub his nose and apologize, not to him but with Maa. He says I am not mannerless like you and asks him to apologize for his every wrong doings. Manjula says you will not do this. Vedant holds his hand and takes him to Manjula. He tells Manjula that she shall obey to his sayings for now. He throws keys and asks Ramesh to pick the keys and apologize to Manjula. Ramesh apologizes. Manjula says you will not do anything. Vedant asks him to hurry up. Ramesh apologizes and bends down infront of Manjula and is about to rub his nose on the floor, but Manjula stops him and asks Vedant to stop him calling him mannerless. She runs to room. Vedant says I will agree for my Dadi, and says entertainment was good, and it is over for now. Ramesh gets up. Sanju and gomti come to Ramesh.

Pankhudi comes to Dadi and says she brought something for her to make her fine. Dadi is about to eat, senses someone coming there and says I will not eat anything. Vedant comes there and asks if she wants to be unwell. Others also come there. Vedant asks her to eat food and bring smile on everyone faces. Gomti thinks Ramesh lost his respect for his motive. Purva comes and calls Vedant. Vedant and others come out. He asks why are you shouting. Purva says so that my voice is heard to your dirty soul. She accuses him for getting Dadi’s accident and asks how did you do this? She says you risked Dadi’s life in danger and sent me to my Nani’s house. Vedant asks her not to make fake stories. Purva says I have the proof. She plays CCTV footage in which Vedant gets down from the car and the truck hits the car in which dadi is seated. Purva asks everyone to see her cheap husband’s cheap work and says his face is of God and work is of evil. She says you have smartly left Dadi in the car and made the truck hit Dadi. She says what a planning? She asks Vedant to say and asks why are you silent? Manjula says I can’t believe this..and says Amma would have brought you home, and says you did this with Amma. Ramesh laughs and says you tried to kill Amma who loved you so much and says you did a cheap act. Vedant says I took Dadi to hospital after the accident. Purva says truck guy hit your car after you get down from the car. Vedant says think whatever you want and asks everyone to leave with their rotten faces. Manjula says it is good that Ramesh kept her away from him and says you have smashed my love. She goes. Purva tells Vedant that she hates him now. She says I hate you. Everyone is shocked. Ramesh smirks. Pankhudi smiles and thinks what I could do, happened itself. Narendra says you have become criminal bearing wrong. Gomti says you shall be hanged.

Precap: Purva asks Ramesh to help her and tells that she needs divorce from Vedant.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hope this an act to catch Ramesh who is the real criminal. Hope that Purva and Vedant remain together. There is shameless sister Pankhudi waiting to get Vedant. Hope that is Dadi and Vedant plan carried out by Purva. Hope Dadi and Vedant catch the culprits in their foolishness

    1. DannyComments

      I hope so too Susan..I really do..

      1. We will see the outcome as the serial progress. Waiting anxiously

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