Raja Beta 10th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadi supports Vedant in his revenge

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The Episode starts with Vedant telling that he couldn’t get family’s love, became Tripathi from body and soul, but was still Gudadi lal for them. He walks on the road lost. Purva follows him. Vedant thinks of Manjula’s words that he will be orphan always. A speedy car comes and is about to hit Vedant. Purva shouts his name. Ramesh stops Narendra from sitting and scolds him for taking Vedant’s side. Sanju tells that he is not getting married. Ramesh says you will soon marry. He gets a call and gets shocked. They go to hospital and sees Dadi in coma state. Dr. Asthana says Mata ji is resting now. Ramesh asks what happened to her? Dr. Asthana says she met with a big accident and came out of coma just now. If you give her stress then she will go in coma again. Ramesh asks who has admitted her? Dr. Rashmi

says Vedant got her admitted and asked us to inform Dadi’s real family. Dr. Asthana says she came out of coma because of vedant’s trust. Dadi takes Vedant’s name. Dr. Asthana asks them to call Vedant back. Ramesh thinks I don’t need that garbage for my Amma, whom I kicked with much difficulty.

Dadi tells that she will leave her breath where her husband died, Sanjeevani sadan. Narendra and Gomti cry and say you will be fine. Rashmi checks her and says her body is still in shock. Sanju asks when did the accident happen? Dr. Rashmi says Dr. Vedant will tell you. Vedant is standing outside and recalls the car about to hit him. Dr. Rashmi says she will see the reports. Ramesh asks if Amma will be saved or not. Rashmi asks him to trust them. Ramesh smiles and says I will take Amma to hospital. Pankhudi comes there and asks what happened to Dadi. Sanju asks her to pack her bags and says he is her would be husband and also the owner of the house. Vedant hears them and goes out. Purva asks do you think our plan will work. Vedant says Dadi will manage everything. A fb is shown, Vedant tells Dadi that he has lost. Dadi comes out of coma and touches him. She asks him not to accept defeat. Vedant says I have given them much pain to unite them, but I failed. Dadi tells that when he is walking, he will be hit by many stones, but he shall walk on and says I am with you. Vedant hugs her and says I was yearning to hear you. He says I will fight, but how? After whatever happen yesterday. He says he has lost home and hospital. Dadi asks him to listen and whispers something in his ears. He smiles. They hold Dadi’s hand. Fb ends. Purva says we don’t need to do tension. We will do as Dadi said.

Vedant comes to meet Dadi and tells her that they will see the planning later and asks her not to take stress. Dadi says I am fine and asks him to do what he thought. Ramesh opens the door. Vedant hides under the bed. Ramesh tells Dadi that Vedant has shown his true colors and tried to kill him, and says Manjula was troubled and thrown him out the house. He asks her to name everyone on his name. Dadi tells about her will in the box. Gomti hears them and thinks where is the will. Ramesh calls pankhudi and asks her to check Dadi. Pankhudi checks Dadi. Ramesh goes to check the suitcases and climbs on the table. He then shouts calling Sanju being afraid of height. Gomti asks what is the matter? Ramesh says if you all do as I say then you will get money. They all search for the ‘will’ in the kitchen without telling about it. Sumiti makes the flour box fall on her. Gomti and Sanju laugh. Gomti asks what we are searching. They come to Vedant’s room and get his marks sheet. Sanju says 100/100 in all subjects. Ramesh says we shall get something to throw Vedant out. Gomti thinks he is disloyal to me. Ramesh says he wants such paper using which I will get all property. Gomti asks him to ask Vedant. Ramesh thinks I will not ask him. Gomti asks if his ego is more than the wealth.

Precap: Ramesh asks Sanju to call Vedant. Sanju calls Vedant. Vedant messages him that if Ramesh wants him to return then he has to rub his nose on the floor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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