Raglak Os – Compromises by kitkat….

Hey friends kitkat back with a new raglak OS….

To be loyal this story is not mine…..

Its a marathi story I have read recently and I m in love with it…..

So, here we go….


Raglak had been married for almost 2 years now…..

In this generation of Love Marriages they prefered Arranged Marriage ……

During starting days all was well good n sugery sweet but as the time passed the clashes between them incresed……

Ragini was working in a bank where as Laksh in a multinational company…..

They had all the luxurious they wanted….

But the only thing missing was time n the understanding towards eachother……

The topics for fights were mostly wet towel left on bed or forgetting to switch off the kitchen fan……. a single reason was now a days enough to ignite the clashes……

Even today the reason for fight was the yesterday’s tea cup which he forgot in window n that created cyclone…….

Both fought with eachother with their whole n sole n went to their workplace without eating anything……

Ragini knew thatt today was starting of new month so there will b ton of work in office and she won’t even get time to have lunch but still in rage she left without eating anything….

Today’s date was 4, so obviously like every month Patil grandpa n grandma are gonna visit bank for their monthly pension

They both were point of attraction for whole bank always..

They always use to visit bank in pair..

Well ironed shirt for grandpa n ironed cotton sari for grandma.

They were almost in their mid 70s.. but use to support eachother always

They always had a side bag along with them with waterbottle, umbrella, a pack of biscuits n medical file of them both without forgetting

Looking at them both he ragini always use to wander that why cant she get this happiness like them with Laksh

Like always, Patil grandpa filled his form n submitted it on counter n turned towards grandma to fetch hers n like always gandma was standing idol with her empty form.

Mr.P:- Oh god. Cant u even fill a simple form???? For how many more years am I gonna fill ur form???
This is the last time I m doing this for u. next time I want u urself to do it..

Mrs.P:- Let it be. Why should I b tense when u are beside me???

She replied with a sweet smile..

This was the communication more or less every month between them..

Today Ragini was the counter in charge

Grandpa muttered Mad woman while handling the form to Ragini n grandma blushed a bit..

Mr.P:- You wait here I will just b back after meeting the manager, dont go anywhere, u r most of the times absent minded so might get lost

Saying this he went towards cabin

R:- Grandma if grandpa is insisting so much y dont u learn to fill the form??? Its not that difficult..

Ragini just spilled this words for initiating a chat to pass her time

Mrs.P:- I know how to fill the form my child but I love the lovely irritation of him becoz he thinks I dont do know how to fill it

A sweet n genuine smile..

She continued.

Mrs.P:- I can do this all alone but I like it when he does it for me with responsibility. The feeling of Even in this age someone is dependent on me flourishes his ego n he takes more care of himself for me n I want that… In married life both husband n wife need eachother, If one wheel stops working then another one should give more efforts from his/her part

She said with genuine smile

Gandpa came out from cabin n grandma followed him to exit..

As they reached the door he stopped n said while gesturing grandma to sit on a stool there..

Mr.P:- U wait her I will bring the cab.. n he started to leave just to be stopped again by grandma n she gave him an umbrella

N Ragini was watching this all spellbound n with a sweet smile

Wow.. How much grandma loves grandpa. Chirped Avni, Raginis colleague who was sitting on parallel desk to Ragini

R:- Not only grandma but both of them. Grandma gets strokes due to heat so grandpa always make her seat here n go to the stand by himself. He always carry a juice bottle with him in case to avid dehydration. They cares a lot for eachother

Just then Ragini stopped while remembering the morning incident of their fight over tea cup

Laksh came early yesterday so made tea for them both n whenever he was early he use to prepare something or the other he can for her.

Now she was a bit guity on her reactin n decided to speak to him today once back home.

She went aside n called Laksh instantly

R:- Did u ate anything???

L:- No dear had a very important meeting today so busy with the preparations.. did u had anything???

R:- No Let it be work can wait but first u go n eat something. Dont work with empty stomach or u get frustrated due to hunger. I m too taking a breaking

L:- Surely sweetheart I will. Ur order my responsibility yourhighness.. Just a min I will do it now.

Saying so he asked his PA to grab something for him from canteen n Ragini smiled at his drama..

R:- Can we do our dinner somewhere out today???? So that we can talk n spend some time with eachother..???

L:- Surely we can baby. N why somewhere??? We can go to ur favorite restaurant ok??? Happy now???

R:- K more than happy. Bye love u, all the best for meeting n take care.

L:- Love u too, thank you n u too take care.

Slowly n gradually they both started communicating with each other rather than fighting

They use to have clashes but they might not last long as they both were nit steaching them. N so the atmosphere at home was now turning joyful n pleasant..

Like this 3-4 months had passed.

N once again today after months of harmony they had a clash.

N the reason was Lakshs wet towel which he left on bed which ignited Ragini

Laksh picked it up, asked her sorry n pleaded to forgive him but till then Raginis anger was beyond limits

R:- I m not urservant to serve u each n every single thing since morning to night. I cant adjust always. This much laziness is not good..

N asusual she left for office angrily without eating anything..

the breakfast which she was preparing since morning 5 for him as he asked for Moong bhajiye was left untouched on table..

Scene shifts to Raginis office.

She was sitting on her counter n just then she saw Patil grandpa entering inside n for a change he was alone today .

Today was not even the day of pention wondered Ragini..

But then went back to her work thinking it might b something different..

Just than the peon came there n said,

P:- Sir called u inside ..

Ragini followed him n saw Patil grandpa sitting in cabin..

M:- Ragini Mr. Patil is a very old coustomer of our bank.. n he need some personal help today. I m going to another branch so plz can you sit here and help him with all the formalities????”

Ragini nodded in yes and manager left.

She dragged a spare chair n sad beside Grandpa..

R:- So grandpa plz tell me what help do u want???

Mr.P:- I want to close Sawitris account. She passed away last week at home itself with a heart attack while she was seated on chair itself..

Ragini felt numb hearing this n she froozed.

R:- I m sorry

They were the only words escaped her mouth hardly..

Mr.P:- She use to take a lot of care of mine. All the chaos were time to time. I was imperfect since the start.. but she always use to protect me, stand beside me firmly n guide me. She he might have sense that its time for her to leave many a times I insisted her to keep a maid for cooking but she rejected but 15 days before she hired amaid n taught her food exactly the way I liked. I even teased her the now she gonna sit at a place n give orders like a queen.

He tried to hide his tears behind his hanky n Ragini too was not able to stop herself from crying.

After completing all the formalities grandpa left n Raginis eyes got hooked on Laksh msg which popped up on phone as she was not accepting his calls.

Lakshs message.

Sorry Ragini today I again did the same mistake. I will try not to do it again, but plz u dont punish urself and our baby by not eating anything.. ( yes Ragini was pregnant), I feel guilty, please don’t do that again. I have been pampered, spoiled brat till date and I m trying to change that, please give me time to change myself, I promise I will change, I never have said this before but I always want you in my life, No one can understand my mood the way you do, Please”

For sometime Raginis gaze froze on phone. N she remembered the lines of Patil grandma.

“The feeling of Even in this age someone is dependent on me flourishes his ego”

In married life both husband n wife need eachother, If one wheel stops working then another one should give more efforts from his/her part

Ragini replied, “sorry, I too loose my control every now and then, I will also try to work on it, you too please give me time for that, I too always want you to be their in my life, you are my entire support system and we both will work towards under standing each other. Mumma n baby love papa n missing him.”

Back home Laksh was first to reach n as usual ready to welcome Ragini with juice n something to eat.

But once she saw him she burst into a cry n hugged him while telling the whole scenario of Mr n Mrs Patil..

Laksh calmed her down n they both got lost in planning future for them n their baby.

After 7 months ragini gave birth to a baby girl n they named her SHAMITA which means one who belives in forgiveness…………….

Tan tana.

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this whole os is dedicated to my sweethearts Shrilatha n Riya as their birthday gift….

wish u a very happy birthday my babies….??????


  1. Shrilatha

    Awesome Di truly love is actually tested by such fights but at the end of the day we have to see each other no matter what ur the end mate .I loved it .thank u so.much??????

    1. Kitkat

      aww…. my pleasure baby…. n i m glad u liked it…..

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  23. I know I’m again late for comment, I’m really sorry dear. Outstanding os dear ??? Loved Raglak scenes and also loved the way you conveying true message to us ????? keep writing more more Raglak stories dear and make them alive by your hands. Love you dear and take care ????????????

    1. Kitkat

      aww…. always thank you baby for such a sweet n big comment n I m glad u loved it……?????

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    At first thanks a lot for giving this story to me as my birthday gift on my birthday di. I loved this a lot. It’s an amazing story. I think every married couples should read this os. And by the way sorry for commenting this late. But you know the reason. Keep writing. Stay blessed and keep smiling di. Love you ???

    1. Kitkat

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  25. It was a meaningful OS. In the end, all that matters is your loved one. Well done❤

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