Raglak…What is name of our relation…part 4

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Ragini ran to home and keep crying.
Lakshya was still in confusion.

Ragini was crying and forgot about Bittoo.
It was 4 in evening. She open her eyes and look time.

Omg..i forgot about Bittoo. She runs to busstop. Someone informs the school bus already left.
She calls to bus driver about Bittoo.

Mam,he got down in that stop only…

Land breaks under her legs. She cries…where did you go Bittoo..!!!

Lakshya reaches his home. He open car door and Bittoo gets down from car. He is crying.

I want to go home..mommyy….bittoo is crying.

Don’t cry dude..i will drop you in home after knowing address….says Lakshya.

Bittoo looks big mansion and opens his mouth wide. He runs into mansion. Dp and annu looks him.
Bittoo runs into sofa and keeps jumping. Lakshya laughs looking at him.

Who is he Lakshya…ap asks.

Mom..he is one of student in our school. I found him on road, he forgot the route to his house. So I brought him here.

Oh..then inform princi soon. She will inform his parents…dp tells.

Yes papa…

Lakshya tries to call princi but phone won’t connect.

Oldman…your house is beautiful…i like to stay here…. bittoo excites.

Lakshya bends to him…then stay here forever,…i will send you to school everyday….

No…I won’t leave my mom….Bittoo says and cries again…mom…

Lakshya feel sad and hug him. Lakshya feels emotional and gets unknown feeling when he hugged him. He feels he has much relation with the boy…

Don’t cry bittoo…i will call your parents…don’t cry….Lakshya tells…

Ap brings noodles for Bittoo. Bittoo twists those noodles to his finger then eats. He uses his finger as fork..

Ap laughs….Lakshya, he is doing same as you. You used to eat in same way….

Lakshya laughs looking at him. Dp looks him with doubt…

Son..we have to go to their house….

Whose house??

We have seen you a match,we should go and see the girl…

Lakshya silent…

What..?? Oldman is not married…???
All laugh…not Dp…

Ap goes to kitchen and dp go near her.

That boy is doing just as Lakshya….ap says smiling..

He is his son right…why don’t he….dp tells.

What…..????? Ap suprise.

Look his shakal. He is same as our Lakshya and there are Ragini’s shakal too in him. Ap looks.

So..he is raglak’s son??

Yes….!!! I will kill him…..dp tells. Ap keeps looking.

Lakshya calls to princi and let her know that Bittoo is with him. Princi tells Ragini’s address.

Ragini crying. Just then princi calls her. She tells Bittoo is coming back with school director sir.

Ragini tenses. She thinks Lakshya might kill her son if he knows. She keeps running to save Bittoo.

Dp takes Bittoo out saying that he will drop Bittoo in his house.

He plans to kill bittoo first then going home killing Ragini.

Dp brings Bittoo out, and asks him to stand. Bittoo stands…

Ragini fortunately come there, shouting Bittoo…run….!!!

Bittoo smiles looking at Ragini and runs to her calling mommy….

Dp sees her, and starts bringing car with all force at them. Ragini hugs Bittoo. Dp car about to hit them. Ragini shouts…

Suddenly other car comes and hits dp car…. rag and bitt are safe.

Dp head beats to steering and he become unconscious.

Ragini open her eyes and look at the person in car….unbelievable….she gets flood of tears..,,in happiness….that person gestures her to sit in car…. ragini runs with Bittoo into the car…. the person take away them…..

Ragini keep looking at him in tears….

Precap: Ragini revenge game starts,…,,,


Hallooooo my dearies…. are you liking story??if u don’t like do tell me…… im not replying bcz….im busy……but u all plzz plzzz comment….. ur comments are my strength…………….

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    And bittoo so cute he calls laksh as old man lol

    Want to read more

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    Till then
    Take care
    Keep smiling ?

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  13. A.xx

    fab loved it and can’t wait for her to take her revenge (feel bad for raglak as they have misunderstandings which keeps them apart.) wonder who saved them and once again loved it so post soon.xx

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    Hey its nyc…………I liked it……….can u give me the links to the prev chapters???????

  16. I think sanky helped ragini and nice part dear

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    obviously it amazing and interesting.give us more raglak scenes and a father and son scenes.it will more interesting.where is our swasan?think next part wil nice.waiting for that.

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