Raglak…What is name of our relation…part 2

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After six years,

Lakshya was giving speech in a conference. He was talking dynamically. He was in US.

Ragini was watering plants. A boy about six years comes and hugs her shouting, mommy…!!

Lakshya busily signs many files. Ragini is making little children play. He comes home in car. Ragini goes home on foot. Her son walking beside her playing with a car toy.

Lakshya is invited by Annapurna and durga prasad to home. Ragini was just invited by the photo frame of Shekar and Sharmishta. She gets teary looking at photo.

She stands in front of photo.

Mom,dad…why did you left me alone…?? Actually, not alone with my Bittoo,my son. But I could never forget betrayal done by Lakshya and his parents… Ragini breaks in tears.

Lakshya…we want to see a nice match for you…..you are already 25 now.so…. says Annapurna.

He silent.

You can’t delay your marriage like this. You are getting many rich girl’s matches. Can’t you forget that cheat girl Ragini..????? Shouts durga prasad.

Lakshya gets up from chair furiously.

I forgot her. And never remind that lady’s name. Yes, see a match. I’m ready to get marry. Lakshya leaves.

Annu and Dpm smirk at each other.

Bittoo hugs Ragini. She bend to him.

Mommy…who are they….

They are your grand parents…my parents….

Then where is my dad??

Ragini takes deep breath…your dad comes when you become a collector..or engineer…or doctor…ok….

Bittoo nods his head.

Ragini remember past…..

Lakshya leaves to us for studies. Ragini becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby boy after 9 months.

Annu and Dp cuts contacts between raglak. Lakshya never talked with Ragini when he went away.

Ragini and her parents insists annu dp to make them talk with Lakshya. But, they rejects. Then Annapurna and durga prasad show their real faces.

Dp and annu has revenge on Shekar family. So, Dp says lies Ragini has some disease and so that Lakshya could intimate with her and hence she would give the heir who will be his grand son…so the property shifts to Lakshya.

Shekar and Sharmishta are un aware of this. As soon as boy is born to Ragini, Dp makes shekar to sign properties on name of Bittoo. Shekar innocently believes him. Later Dp thinks to kill bittoo and Ragini…then as law, if son is dead property goes to father or his son. So, Lakshya will get the property. This was his plan.

However, sharmi shekar knows his plan. Dp tries to kill them all…they both in process of saving Ragini and bittoo..they dies. Ragini escapes with her son bittoo to save him atleast….

Dp and annu were searching for them, but they didn’t find them.

Ragini reminds all that….

She cries… they cheated me..! They killed my parents…!! And Laksh…he just escaped.. why this happened to me…???? Ragini keeps crying.

Bittoo is sleeping peacefully. Ragini covers him in bedsheets. She goes into washroom. She reminds the moments spent with Lakshya.

She gets ready to take shower. She imagines Lakshya is romancing with her. And she involves in that dream. Suddenly she comes into senses and in upset she shouts loudly…Laksh….!!!

Lakshya who was traveling in airplane opens his eyes.

Kya huva beta…annu asks.

Kuch nahi maa…he answer.

He look out of window. He imagines Ragini sitting in his lap and kissing him.

Why I can’t forget her….how could i forget her cheating..!!!! He thinks.

He remembers past…

Annu and Dp says to Lakshya that Ragini has killed their newly born son, as she wanted to be free. Lakshya believes them, and from then he hates her. He don’t know annu and Dp are real culprits.

They land in India.they come to see a match for Lakshya.

Ragini takes bittoo to school.in same school she is kindergarten teacher. Lakshya is director of those schools.

He visits suddenly.bittoo was running in corridor and suddenly collides with Lakshya. Lakshya gets unknown emotional feeling when he see Bittoo.

Who are you….Lakshya asks.

Who are you..?? Bittoo asks childish.

Lakshya laughs….why are you out during class time..are you L.KG?

Bittooo….. who are you to ask me…! I will do whatever you want…

Lakshya opens his eyes wide…and laughs in himself.

Bittooo….Ragini shouts just then.

Omg…! Teacher is coming…!!! Bittoo panics.

Lakshya laughs and turns back…!!!

Raglak both shock…

They have seen each other after six years….after a painful parting…. both have tears in eyes….but hatred in mind….but still love in heart…..
They go back into their sweet memories……
Their both eye lock has many feelings…many questions….and also abundant love…..

Precap: Lakshya and Bittoo funny times… Raglak romantic times…..

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