Raglak : Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ep 16

That day noon ..
All preparations were done for holi.. but Laksh was continuously ignoring Ragini..

Ragini wanted to apologize to him really badly.. but he kept ignoring her.. And the family was noticing it too.
Ragu was wearing

Ragini was in total confusion.. did he really love her that much that he was soo broken. Did she do a mistake by being rude to him and rejecting him..
But then what if again it is all an infatuation.. She will have to face those heartbeat again.. but what about Laksh’s condition.. wasn’t she thE one responsible for his condition..

Anyways she has to talk to him and sort out their misunderstandings..

Thats is when nikhil can two her..
” hey Ragini.. no one coloured you yet.. acha then let me lucky one “he said and was about to apply colors on Ragini when she stopped him..

” nikhil I am not feeling well.. pls. ” she said.. She looked very sad and nikhil could figure out something had happened between Raglak as he had seen how mood off Laksh was..

Nikhil anyways shrugged and went  not noticing that someone was standing behind him blaring at him..
It was non other than Laksh..
How dare that nikhil think of colouring ragu before her Laksh .. He thought and left..

Ragini was all devastated..
She never thought Laksh would ignore her so much..  She was walking throughout the corridor in order to reach her room lost in the thoughts of their childhood when Laksh would always be the first one to colour Ragini …
Suddenly some one pulled her into one of the adjacent rooms..

She was about to scream when a strong hand cupped her mouth without letting her to scream..

She could easily understand who it
was just  by the touch…

He pinned her to the door closing it  And came close to her..

Their faces were inched apart.. She could feel his hot breath on her skin.. sending shivers down her spine…

His eyes had a different intensity .. the same wantingness in his eyes that she saw the previous day when he kissed her..

” how dare that nikhil try to colour you Ragini.. ” laksh asked her coming dangerously close to her..

” bu.. but he didnt colour me .. ”
She whispered not able to bear the proximity…

” haa.. because you very well know that only lucky has the right to colour his bestie… And now only Laksh has rights to colour his  Ragini ” he said making Ragini shiver..

She was always free around him.. And nervousness was something that she never imagined she could experience around him..
But right now.. everything was happening vise versa..

She was damn nervous.. The woman in her was somewhere liking this closeness at the same time it all felt new to her.. this kind of an attachment with her best friend..

He slightly bent and picked her up in  his arms like a doll nd made her stand in front of the mirror..

She was numb.. now a days she couldn’t predict his  intentions.. especially after his proposal that morning ..

Laksh slowly took some red colour powder from The tray he had kept on the dressing table…with the other hand he pulled Ragini towards himself merging her soft back with His hard chest..

He slowly slid his hand from her cheek to the curve of her neck … She closed he eyes feeling him and slowly let out a moan as his hand went further down colouring her bare waist he puzzles the coloured part if her neck.. kissing there in between…
She was not being able to resist him..  She let out a gasp and was brought into reality when he pressed her waist imprinting his hands on her waist ..

She immediately turned and pushed him and was about to run when he caught hold of her wrist..

” wont you apply gulaal to your lucky.” He asked her innocently..

She was shocked .. was he the same person who was so intense with her few seconds ago.. But then she couldn’t resist his innocence… after all they were besties right..

Sh slowly moved closer to him taking a little bit of gulal and applied it on his cheeks like they used to do in their childhood..

She turned and was about to go when he caught hold of her hands again.. And whispered.

” I really love you ragu .. i can see it in your eyes that even you love me.. i dont know why are you neglecting your feelings..  but Ragini.. listen to this.. whatever may happen… Laksh will have only one woman as his life partner.. And that will be his Ragini…. ” laksh said intensely looking at Ragini..

“Hay mhara kattu shyam ji..” The heard dadi telling just outside the room.. both of them got panicked.. but Lakshs looked determined..

Ragini immediately covered her waist with her dupatta.. And both of them rushed out side to see dadi going to the hall hall shouting for ap dp and shemish.. She looked very happy and excited…

Raglak looked at each other confused.. didn’t dadi listen to them.. they were expecting dadi to make a huge fuss.

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