Raglak ff Tenu Kitna Main Pyar Kara -by kitkat Part 2

Hey guys kitkat here with next part of my ff…..

I know i have not been active like for months but I already stated the reason…..

I m not back yet but posted this as i got some time……

So, here we go…..

N guys i m making a change here…. Ragini works in Swara’s shop but as a manager not a worker….

Mak is played by

Tenu Kitna Main Pyar Kara

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Part 2

After having the ragini went for a nap n just then her phone started ringing while displaying Shona calling…….

Ragini sigh tiredly n received it……

R:- Hey babes…..

S(a bit angrily):- Hey urself…. Its been a week i m here but my bestie don’t have time for me at all…. N I don’t think she even remembers me…..

R:- Swara( protection on. Only tomatos plz) Sorry na baba…. u know my problem na???? PLz forgive me…..

S:- I m forgiving u last time ok??? But I want u at FIZO club by 8 PM….

R:- What??? club??? But Swara….

S:- I had already talk to aunty and convinced her as u were in ur beauty sleep and I had already called u least a dozen times….. Now move ur lazy ass down the bed n get ready its 6 PM now n I m gonna pick u up by 7:30…

R( while hesitating):- No need to pick me up…. I have my car now… n u too don’t take ur car I will pick u up from ur place… n u too stay here at my place with me… we will have a sleep-over…

S(angrily):- You got a new car n didn’t even bothered to show it to me???

N then froze suddenly like she recalled something….

S(without any expressions on face):- He gave it to u right…???

Ragini closed her eyes with pain n a small tear escaped from her eyes….

R:- yes… but now leave that topic….. we gonna meet right??? K need to get ready. bye n love u…..

Ragini wiped her tears n went to get ready…..

A while later she got ready n left for club For club….

Here @ a club….

Laksh was already at club with Sanky n a girl….

S:- Avni why r u looking sad???

A:- I fought with Neil again… But now i understood that it was my mistake n now he is not responding to my calls now…..

Laksh who was sitting beside them started laughing humorously…..

S:- She is crying here n u r laughing???

Suddenly Laksh stood up n started singing….

L:- Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

Naujawano baat maano Kabhi kisise na pyaar karna
Naujawano baat maano Kabhi kisise na pyaar karna

But is cut off by an angelic voice whose owner is none other than our sweet Ragini….

Hey que sera sera sera jo bhi ho so ho……
Hame pyaar ka ho aasra phir chahe jo ho
Hey que sera sera sera jo bhi ho so ho…..
Hame pyaar ka ho aasra phir chahe jo ho

She says standing opposite to Laksh with swara behind her which raised his anger n Swalak were passing daggers to each other….

Laksh was shocked to see SwaRagini together but got out of trance when Sanky nugged him….

Pyaar zindagi, pyaar har khushi, Pyaar jisne paaya hai, Vohi dil phul jaisa khila….

Ragini starts with dreamy expressins n simple classical steps….

Pyaar galti hai, pyaar dhoka hai, Pyaar dhalti chaya hai, Dekho phir na karna gila…..

Laksh says anger visible on his n angrily eyeing Swara n his hands in his pockets….

Pyaar hi dhadkano ki kahani hai, Pyaar hai haseen dastan…..

Ragini continued with her hand on her heart n dreamy expressions….

Pyaar ashko ki behta nishani hai Pyaar me hai chain kaha

Laksh continues with a crooky smile recalling his time with Swara….

Pyaar ki baat jisne na maani hai Uski na to zameen hai na hai aasman

Ragini said coming near laksh n moved a finger on his face n moved away again leaving him in his dreamland……

Naujawano baat maano Kabhi kisise na pyaar karna
Naujawano baat maano Kabhi kisise na pyaar karna

Laksh says stairing ground a bit lost…..

Hey que sera sera sera jo bhi ho so ho Hame pyaar ka ho aasara phir chahe jo ho
Hey que sera sera sera jo bhi ho so ho Hame pyaar ka ho aasara phir chahe jo ho

Ragini says back hugging swara with a heartily smile which is returned by swara with a fake one….

Oh pyaar jaise hai purab paschim Pyaar hai uttar dakshin….
Yaha hai pyaar hi har disha

She continues while rotating around herself with hands spread wide….

Pyaar rog hai pyaar dard hai Pyaar tode dil ek din…..
Yahi hai pyaar ka silsila….

Laksh says while throwing draggers @ swara….

Pyaar se hi to rangeen jivan hai Pyaar se hi dil hai jawan

Ragini sings dreamily while hugging herself….

Pyaar kaato ka jaise koi bann hai Pyaar se hi gham ka sama

Laksh says while a single tear escapes his eyes….

Pyaar se jaane kyu tumko uljhan hai Pyaar to sari duniya pe hai maherban

Ragini sings asking it to Laksh….

Naujawano…. Naujawano….. Naujawano….

Laksh turns away as he was about to breakdown n continues with chocking voice….

Hey que sera sera sera jo bhi ho so ho Hame pyaar ka ho aasara phir chahe jo ho
Hey que sera sera sera jo bhi ho so ho Hame pyaar ka ho aasara phir chahe jo ho
Ragini continues looking at laksh a bitconfused….

Na na na na naujawano na na na na na na na na Na na na na na na na na Naujawano Na na na na na
Laksh continues with a plastered smile as now sanky too join him….

Hey que sera sera sera jo bhi ho so ho Hame pyaar ka ho aasara phir chahe jo ho
Hey que sera sera sera sera jo bhi ho so ho Hame pyaar ka ho aasara phir chahe jo ho
All the youngsters present there sing in chorus…..

Ragini looks at Laksh now with an arched eyebrow n smirk on her victory….

Na na na na na

Pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar – 2

All the youngsters cheer with joy….

Now a smile appers on lakshs face n he raise both his hands in surrender….

Okay okay okay

Hame pyaar ka ho aasara phir chahe jo ho

Hey que sera sera sera sera jo bhi ho so ho Hame pyaar ka ho aasara phir chahe jo ho Phir chahe jo ho…..
Phir chahe jo ho….
Phir chahe jo ho….

All sing the final lines together….

& the music stops…..

Laksh was about to go towards Ragini but suddenly Sanky went towards her n hugged her tightly….

Sn:- Wow babes in full form???

R:- Yup but today someone else then you was in mode….

Sanky got a call so he excused himself n went to a corner to receive it….

Ragini comes towards Laksh n forwards her hands towards Laksh for a handshake….

R:- Hi!!! I m Ragini Joshi….

L( greeting her back with a handshake n a soft smile):- Hii!! I m Laksh… Laksh Maheshwari….

N now like suddenly reality striked her Ragini searched for swara who went missing n so Ragini got tense……..

R:- Sorry but I need to go… Hope to see u soon Laksh….

L:- Hope so….

And quickly Ragini rushed out but in haste dropped her cellphone there itself….

Laksh noticed it as it started to ring while flashing MAK calling n received it…..

L:- Hello….

M:- Who is it n why do u have Ragini’s phone???

L:- Excuse me…. First of all i m Laksh Maheshwari n second I got to know that this is Ragini’s phone at this instant….. as we were in club together n she forgot her phone here…. So i m now gonna give it to her n u can talk to herself only….

He ended the call n along with Sanky went behind Ragini who was talking with a crying Swara….

Swara wiped her tears as sanlak appeared before them…

L:- Ragini ur cellphone…

R:- Oh thank god… I didn’t noticed when it fell down… But how do u know it’s my phone???

L:- Not mention… n u had a call from ur boyfriend Mak he told me its ur phone….

Ragini frozed hearing this n Swara wrapped a hand around her shoulder to support her….

Sn:- Ragini r u still in touch with that b**t**d?? N he is calling himself as ur BF???

Ragini went silent n suddenly started crying silently……

Suddenly a open jeep came n stood a bit away from the place they were standing at…

A man in his mid 30’s stood in front of Ragini n a shiver went through her spine….

He came forward n tried to touch Ragini but Sanky held his hand n pushed him away…

Sn:- Dare u touch her n I will kill u….

Mak( acting like a maniac):- Wow bro see u scared me… Hahaha… But now shut up n let me talk to her….

Sn:- I m not gonna let u talk to her at any condition…. u got it??? N isn’t the drama ur boss already created in her life n torched her enough for u all???

Mak( hissing angrily):- No it’s not enough… n ya just remember one thing that she belongs to him… Anybody who touches her will have to pay the penalty… got it??

Sn(lost his temper n held collar of Mak’s shirt) :- N what about the thing u force her to do for sake of her mom??? U literally forced her to be a pr*stitute u a*sh*le… Ur so called boss raped her… N in shock of all this she was in coma for a year…. Still u don’t regret for ur doings???

Suddenly police siren was heard n Sanky left Mak’s collar….

S:- who called police??

L:- I called them when Sanky was busy dealing with him…

Police arrested Mak who was giving daggers to all…

Suddenly Ragini fainted but Sanky held her in time…

P:- We need someone from u for legal proceedings…

So Sanlak made Ragini lay on back seat of her car n went to police station….

While Swara drived them to Ragini’s place n decided to be with her only as it was late….

@Ragini’s place…

Shrilata was shocked to see Ragini in such condition n was continuously crying since Swara brought her back….

Ragini even got fever so Swara even called a doctor who informed that fever is due to shock…

Next morning….

@Sanlaks place….

@breakfast table….

Laksh was sitting on his breakfast table while just playing with the food…

Ragini’s scared n horrified face was flashing in front of him n her thoughts were making him restless…

He completely forgot about his encounter with swara…

His trance was broken when Sanky called him who came just now……

Sn:- Hey luckey I said good morning… but u seem to be lost somewhere… R u ok??

L:- Yup I m fine… Sanky can we go n see Ragini before going to hotel??? I mean she is friend of mine too now so it’s our duty to enquire about her…

Sn:- Surely we can lucky….. n even I too was thinking to visit her….

L:- So we will go exactly after breakfast as its 9 AM now n we have meeting during lunch hour… so we have plenty of time now….

Sanky nodded n after breakfast Sanlak left to visit Ragini…


Sanlak came to orphanage n sanky introduced him to lata n all childrens….

Laksh felt refreshed among them….

They went to the floor with Lata n they were having talk as Ragini was still asleep…

But just then Ragini’s scream startled them….

Here in Ragini’s room,

Ragini woke up with a small amount of body n head ache…

She woke up partially n leaned her back to bed….

Suddenly all the incidents of yesterday night passed through her mind n her eyes again pooled up with tears….

Some better memories from her past of someone forcing her flashed her mind and she screamed with all the strength she had….

Swara, Shrilata entered the room in rush along with sanlak….

Ragini was so scared that she hugged Lata tightly n burst into cry…..

La:- Calm down baby, aai is there with u….

R(while crying bitterly):- Aai he had returned…. He will tourture me again aai….

The scene freezes with concerned faces of lata, swasan n confused face of Laksh….

Precap:- Ragini’s bitter past to be reveled…. who is he??? n how is Mak connected to all this???

Tantana here I finished 2nd chapter of this ff….

Waiting for ur comments n likes….

Hope to see u soon….



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