Raglak FF-Blind Of Love (Part 28) By Anaz

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Blind of love ???

Part -28

Laksh asked all to go out . ???? in angrily

His every words make her happy ???

Laksh turns and released his both hand freely in air for ragu ???

Ragu cant control her hapiness likewise tears too…..

She runs near to him and hugged him tightly ❤❤❤ he too hug back her ❤❤ he can felt her gribness more tightly bcz of emotional ????

He support her in better way thats make her normal ☺☺☺ then he broke hug

And look her face emotionally ? ragu plz forgive me , i am really very very sry raginii ???

When she saw her loved one in teary face ??? she stop crying …

She cups his face ?? and asked y did u apologised to me laksh …

Laksh its all happend by me na thats y .. his eyes pleaded her to forgive him ??

She cant see him in pain ?? laksh its not ur mistake laksh ….

Lak : u r right ragini … there is many difference between that people

U told me na u hesitate to face them but i am such an idiot…..

Ragu puts her hands on his lips and nodded no …….

He removed her hands and said hereafter i never did like this …

Rag : actually i wanna ask sry laksh

Lak : confused ?????

Rag : i slapped ur frd thats make u hurts na , party spoiled by me ???

Lak : ragu he never deserve my friendship hereafter dont tell him as my friend … ???

Rag: thank u …. ???

Lak : for what ?

Rag : first i thought u suspected me ??? but

When u beat him suddenly i understood u also trusted me ???

Lak : cup her face ??? and said ragini what r u saying raginii

How can i suspected myself raginiii ??? ❤❤❤

Rag : she looked him confused

Lak : u r my life .. we r lived in two bodies but our soul is one ??? so its never cheat me na …. ❤❤❤

Rag : ❤❤❤❤ nodded yes ….

Did u know laksh in my life what i expected from my husband ….

I need a husband said she is my life ❤❤ insted of my life partner ❤???

These words make him melted ??

He hugged her pasdionately ???

Then kissed her cheek ???? then he moves to her lips before that she pushed him … ????

He enjoyed her crazyness … ….

Few days later :

Raglak marriage date came very close ….

Relations start to came one by one ….

That full house decorated with beautiful flowers and lights …. ?????

Raglak r very excited includng rcky and shreya also …. one side

Another side kavya planned to destroy ragini to stop this mrg but her plans continuously failed in last few days …..

Dp arranged many rituals in same day bcz there is no time …

Mehandi day celebration :

Ragini gets ready for that mehandi function ,, ?? she was looking amazing as usual but this time she well makeuped to seduce laksh ????

Another side laksh also ready but he is still speaking with rcky … and shreya …

Someone pick ragini from her room and comes to down for putting mehandi ….

Dp : ramu go and inform to laksh ( function started )

All r dancing …. kavya joins in it …. she smiles evily …. and look ragini while dancing …… ????

Ramu : laksh betta function already started ur pappa asked u to come down quick….

Lak ☺☺☺ yah comng …..

Laksh , rocky , and shreya comes down they almost goes near to raginiiii

Laksh staring ragini beauty ??while walking … but ragini busy with talking with relations ???

Rcky consoled him dont worry she is urs no one gonna take her from u ….

Shreya also joined with him ……

Suddenly her hands hits one lady … thats make her lost her balance both fell down …

That lady puts down mehandi and turmeric while dashed ……

Laksh and rocky helped them to gets up

Shreya asked sry to her … she replied its k…

Lsksh , rcky and shreya tried to move on… but something make shreya to look down

She shocked to see that ????

She shivered and pulls rocky …

Both lsksh and rcky asked her … what happend ….

She signald to look down …..

Both eyes r bigged and shocked ????

What is this ????

That mehandi and turmuric turn to acidic
Its burned the mat …. ( this was felled down when shreya clashed her )

Lady also shocked ????

Laksh : what is this ….

Shreya : my god did u take this for raginiii

Laksh : shocked ?? then turn his face to angrily ????

He tightly gribs her shoulder and ask y did u do like this …..

Lady : no laksh i am not responsible for this i just saw this just now …. infact dp asked me to take this from that room

Rcky , laksh asked shreya to bring another mehandi and turmuric to ragini rituals but shreya careful nothing should happend wrongly. …

Laksh eyee turn to teary ??? while said this and look ragini face ….

Then laksh and rcky runs to thats room to find some hints …..

In hall :

Shreya came with mehandi ….. they start to put it in her hand she was very happy and search laksh everywhere ….

She asked to shreya … ?? where is laksh ….

She said he will come … ☺☺☺

Kavya looking raginii confused… and said in her mindvoice .. how did she normal ??

Flashback :

Ramu prepared mehandi and turmeric for rituals and placed in one room

One lady called him to do something so he went without noticed

Kavya entered when he went out and mixed some acidic liquid in that … then she throw that bottle …. and left ….

Flashback end :

How did she escaped from that…..

In room :

Laksh & rocky searched everywhere nothing found
They gets out but laksh legs hited something he pick that in his hand and shocked ???

Rcky : its acid bottle …

Lsksh i thought someone tried to stop this marriage …. otherwise tried to destroy raginiii ….

Lak : but who rocky ?? What they get for doing this

I dont know ???

Rcky : cool down laksh …. ragini need our presrnce lets move and check whats happend ….

They reached …. ragini happy to see laksh… ????? she smiled ☺☺☺

Laksh cant smile but he gives a fake smile to her ragu bcz he dont wanna hurt her

Lsk : mind voice ……

Dont worry ragini i am with u ??? nothing can touch u …. ❤❤❤ ur laksh is always there for u ….

Ragini keeps smiling ❤❤❤

Guyz how was the episode read and leave ur comments …..

Precap : laksh found someone who dislikes his marriage …..

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