Raglak FF-Blind Of Love (Part 17) By Anaz

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Part – 17 ( BLind of love )

Laksh and ragu reached home ☺☺☺ ragus felt lonely when she enter home ???

Laksh makes her sit on the sofa suddenly his phone rings he go to pick that call
Dp comb her head lightly and said dont worry dr , everything will be alright ☺☺☺ , then he leaves

Rcky sat opposite to her and chat with friends , ragus eyes start to see everywhere , she close her eyes

Flash back :

Ragu plz stop dr , sumi tries to feed her when she was studying in school but she keeps run without eating that and hide behind shekhar ☺☺☺☺☺☺

Sumi : see shekhar ji she didnt eat anything scold me na

Shekhar : ragini y did u behave like this plz dr eat something

Grandy : dont force her to eat this tasteless food bcz sumi never add salt and masala for me so this is punishment to u ????

Sumi : maa what is this today she have examz if she didnt ate properly she cant concentrate in her exams

Ragu dr plz ate anything ( ragu ate it naughtly ) then she start to run to pick bus

Sumi : raginiii run slow dr , she fell down ( sumi shout raginiiiiiiii)

Raginiiiiiiiii…….. ( its laksh voice)

Flashback end :

Raginiiii ….. r u k

Ragini opens her eyes , and look laksh then said maaaa…… laksh maa

Laksh : understood her pain and wipes her tears ?????

Two minutes before :

Laksh was in his phone call , rcky was in chat , suddenly rocky saw ragini lying in sofa her eyes r overflowed with tears and keep murmuring maa….

Rcky goes near to laksh and touch his shoulder and said ragu was not well laksh cuts the call and that phone given to rcky then goes near to ragu and calls raaginiiii…. then he shakes her .


laksh : hold her hand and said ragu ☺☺ smile na , plz comes out of it first

Ragu : laksh i want to take rest plz..

Laksh : felt very bad for her ????

Then he called servant to take care

Rcky : laksh u go and take rest , see ur face is look so tired

He tries to move on suddenly kavya call to laksh actually that phone was in rcky hand , he puts in silent mode , then said its just a conpany call laksh ?????

Few hours later :

Laksh freshup and comes down to see raginii , he saw she is still sleep ????
He goes near to her and sits beside her and keep staring her beauty while sleeping ???? then he hold her hand and placed his cheeks ❤❤❤

Ragini slowly opens her eyes slowly ? she saw laksh was hold her hand ,she gently remove her hand from his hand

Laksh felt strange ????

Ragu : laksh when will u return to mumbai

Laksh : ragu what happened to u y did u asking like this ???

Ragu : no laksh u spend moredays for me na so u plz go and carry on ur work

Lsksh : ragini y did u behave like strange

Ragini : no i am saying the truth ,???? i dont wanna be ur burden ???

Lsksh :?? what u burden to me , r u mad . Did u talking in ur sence raginiii

Ragu : yah laksh i am

Laksh : shut up raginii ?? i never think u like that its my responsibility to take care of u

Ragini : laksh try to understand plz ??

Laksh : ragini do u know ” i cant live without u raginiii ,

I am deeply and madly in ❤❤❤❤love with u ❤❤❤

I know i didnt express my feelings to u but i really love ❤ u raginiiii
I dont wanna miss u hereafter

Ragini eyes overflowed with tears ???? she wipes her tears and said
Laksh u know i wished to hear these words from u long , but its too late laksh ??

Laksh : late means what ?

Rag : laksh i already lost my family now i am alone hereafter i dont need anyone in my life , if i moved close to someone god wish to take them from me so

Laksh : so

Ragu : i dont want to lose u laksh ? i dont wanna hurt again in my life so i want to accept this loneliness forever ??

Laksh : ragini its fate its was an sudden accident u r not responsible for this even god too , its blo*dy lorry driver mistake

Plz ragu dont compare this to our love ❤
I promise u raginiiiiiiii i never let u leave , i wll support u till my end … so plz dont compare again

Ragu : but .. laksh …. i dont wanna hurt again , if u leave me again i cant imagine laksh ????

Laksh: i told u na ragini i am always with u in every single step , only death can separate me from u ….

Ragini puts her fingers in his mouth and said laksh plz dont said like this again tears comes from her eyes ???? laksh remove her fingers from his mouth
And puts kneel down

Then ask to raginiii ” WIll U BE MY BETTER HALF” ❤ Raaginiii ( mera bacha) ❤❤❤

Ragu smiles ☺☺☺☺ and nodes … yes ❤❤❤❤❤

( both faces start to blush ) a pure love blossomed in their hearts ❤❤

Both hug eachother passionately ??? he kissed her forehead ?? then cups her face and said i luv u ❤ ragini

Ragu : i luv u too ❤❤ laksh again hugs each other

( these were watched by rcky near door and felt happy for them , then he close that door without making noise )

Few minutes later :

Servant came with food for raginii

Ragu : i am not feeling hungry plz take it and go

Laksh : give that to me then go

If u love me u must eat it now

Rag: plz i dont want this

Laksh raise his hand forward to feed her ??? she cant avoide it bcz she can see that love and care in his eyes ?????

She start to eat it ( suddenly his mbl rangs ) he picks that call . Oneside he put mbl in his earside another side he keeps feed ragu lovingly ❤❤❤❤

Cop : laksh we got some hints who hits the gadodia car ?

Lsksh : i will be their in few minutes , his eyes turn to anger ?????
( ragu ask y did u tensed )

Mindvoice of laksh : i promise u ragini i never forgive them in my life i will smash him soon

No ragini nothing just a rcky call , he call me to go out

Ragu : hmmm k laksh carryon

Laksh : before that u must finish this k

Ragu nodes yes like kiddishly ????

Laksh happy to see her again in kiddish
Awww mera bhachaww ??????

He left with rcky

Now dp and ragini only in her home :

Ragini was in her room and talking with her family picture she puts laksh picture in another hand and she placed it close to her heart and start to cry

I hope laksh will replace all urs places
( suddenly she heared some strange sound ) she puts down her family pics
Its was brocken , she tried to pick that pics in hand before that sound disturb her badly

She comes down , dp speaks someones they r the friends of shekhar business circle , two r friends and his son also their with huge goons

Ragu : whats happend uncle

Dp : ragini they said they r business partners of ur dad bcz of ur father dead they losted so many crores

Ragu : sry sir i dont know about this

Buss 1: dont know means what ?? U must paid for it otherwise we will spoiled ur fathers name

Othetwise u put a sign in it

Ragu : got irritated she rush to room and back with some property pappers and throw it in their faces in angrily ??

Buss 2: put a sign in it ( she put sign in it without reading )
Ragu : i put sign in it now u all get lost from my house

Buss son : u did a very big mistake dr ( he is womaniser ) this papper said mr shekhars all property belongs to us including u darling ????

Ragu : what rubbish stop talking like this

Dp : how dare u to talk like this to her

Son : signald to goons to lock him

Then he tried to go close to her and smell her ???

Ragu pushed him ?? and shout stay away from me how dare u come close to me ????

See baby i totally flatted when i see ur adorable beauty face so i cant leave u ( do u know how many times i tried to get u but always ur father smash me now this is my turn )

He grabbed her hand and pulls along to wall and tried to kiss her neck she tried to push him but he gribs her hand tightly

Before thay someone pulls him from back and puch continuously his face and pushed him down ???

Ragu : laksh

Laksh hold her hand tightly and ask dont worry raginii ???

Laksh ask to them what the hell going on here how rudely behave to a woman did u have sence

Then he asked to leave his father

Buss : all shekhars property belongs to us now , including her daughter

Laksh : what rubbish i will kill u , how dare u to talk like this he hold his collar in angrily ??? rcky help him to release him

How is that posdible show me the agreement ( they jerks)

That agreement says that but she didnt read and put sign in it ( that says in het knowledge she accept that agreement )

Laksh eyes start to flowing tears ????

He didnt bother anything he grabs ragus hand and pulls along with him and stand infront of “matha rani ”

He tooks mangalsutra from matha rani and tied with her neck ❤❤❤like took khumkhum ????and puts her forehead ????

So guys hw was the episodes , whats hsppend next ?? Hw will goons , kavya , dp react

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