RagLak ff-A Simple Love Story- Chapter 1

Raglak-Simple love story

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“just shut up Ragini..!!”
She stands numb with his words.

“who are you to say so..??look u just entered in my life few years back and u have no rights to talk against them..better stay in ur limits..got it..!!”
Those words hurted her the most and it pierced her heart into pieces.
The man whom she admired for his honesty,whom she inspired by his benevolent nature,whom she loves the most is asking her who is she to question him..??
“Are u the same laksh who loved me unconditionally..!”
“oh shit..!!”he slams his forehead after realizing the way he spoke to her..
She left the place when tears makes it way towards her cheeks and locked herself inside their room..!!

She stood down holding her knees and let the tears to escape.
Few seconds later..
Her hand travelled towards a photoframe which is their wedding picture in which raglak were lost in eo’s eyes.

The days rolled to the flashback,it’s the day before their wedding night
Ragini was tired completely due to the pre-marriage rituals,she landed on the bed without removing her ornaments.
She closed her eyes..her cheeks turned into tomato colour..!!
“Laksh..!!”she whispers and hides her blush with her pillow
Her phone rings,she turned around and grabbed it.
Blush went away few seconds ago crept across her cheeks again,she immediately swiped and placed it near her ear..!

“Mmm..!!”she said.
“is this Ragini..!!”he asked in mere confusion.
“haa..bolo..!!”her words stucked in her throat.
“Wo actually..i wanted to say something.can u please come to the terrace..!!”he said
Her eyes widened in shock.

“areyy what he is doing in terrace..if anyone found him there then we are finished.oh my god and apart from that he is asking me to come there.how can I..??no I won’t go..i will say that I can’t come.what if he gets saddened..??what if he comes to my room itself if I didn’t meet him there??no no he won’t do so..!!he is a good guy..what..??good guy??areyy come on Ragini,how can u say that he is a good guy..??we just had a formal talks during our engagement and he dialled my number for the very first time.how do I judged him as a good guy..??”she is making debate between her heart and brain…!!

“hello..!!u there..??”the opposite side broken her trance..
“it’s important..please do come soon.am waiting for you there at terrace..!”he hanged up the call without waited for her reply.

“What should I do now..??”she whispers and gathered her courage to meet him.
She slowly peeps out covering herself with a shawl and reached the terrace.
He is pacing to and fro with frustration filled up face.
Ragini kept staring him from the entrance and forgot about the world,time stops there for her.
Laksh who turns casually found Ragini got lost in him.
He cleared his throat to bring her back to this world,she jerks and moves towards him.
Silence prevails.
Laksh was twisting his hands and his brain went off in search of words while Ragini kept stealing his glances.

Breaking the interlude of silence,Ragini spoke “Why did u call me here laksh ji..??”
L(deep sigh):Ragini let’s cancel this..
R(confused):to cancel what..??

L(closed his eyes):cancel our marriage..!!let’s call it off..!
Ragini’s dream got broken in the mere second after hearing the word”CALL IT OFF”.Tears traced it’s way but she put all her efforts to control her emotions.
R(controlling her tears):Why..? Matlab don’t you like me..?or..
L(interrupted):no it’s not like what you are thinking..it’s about my issues(paused)actually Ragini my parents lies that I am taking care of one of our maheshwari’s branch in Mumbai but that wasn’t true,I am a simple electrical engineer and I want to live as an independent man and wanna stand on my own leg but am really an unlucky.yes opportunities knocks my door but everytime it will went away from my hand at the last moment.I don’t want to marry but my family convinced me somehow to agree for our marriage.Few minutes back only I got to know about my family’s lies to your dad that’s why I came here to call it off..!!
He was about to leave
R(shrug):unlucky is just a word Mr.Laksh.don’t you have faith on your ability and skills..?
L:ofcourse I have..

R:then what’s your problem..??
L:you can’t understand the reality Ragini.you are one and only heir of gadodia group and I can’t fulfil your expectations.
R(interrupted):I love you.(paused)I love your honesty.do whatever you can but I won’t call off our marriage.

L:it will be nice now but your decision will make you suffer in future.think about it.
R:Laksh money won’t give u happiness,it may come today and will vanish tomorrow but the real happiness to be in a relationship is”TRUST” and u possess it.Frankly speaking I have fallen for you long back the time we are engaged and I expects only ur love in return not your money and intangible assets..!!
Saying so she was about to leave but felt a hand around her wrist,she turns back
L(assuring smile):I will try my best to make u happy.
R:my happiness lies in your smile laksh.
L(in mind):am so lucky to get u in my life Ragini..!!

***present day
She immediately hugged the frame and the tears gushes out..
“Ragu..please open the door..!!am really sorry sweetheart,u know na those words aren’t from my heart I just blurted it out in frustration..please Ragu..am so sorry..!!punish me Ragu but please open the door..”he says knocking the door continuously..
“Who am I to punish you laksh..??”

“you have all rights on me Ragu..i mean it..!!”he says
She cries silently not able to tackle with her mixed emotions she is going through right now.

To be continued •••

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