(RagLak) Dreams came to End (episode 1)

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Guys, did you remember the teaser I gave with the title, unnamed story. So, I have decided the title as, ‘Dreams came to End’
If you missed the teaser, check here,
Click here
note: here laksh’s character will be completely different from all my ffs.

Episode 1

She was walking helplessly. Her dreams are shattered. But, still she has some hope in her heart. It is only for that innocent life in her womb.
Ragini reaches home. She is surprised to see Sanskar there.

Sanskar: hai Ragini, did you meet Laksh?
Ragini: oh, it’s you who made us meet?
San: yes, is everything fine..?

Ragini looking hollow, ‘nothing is fine Sanskar.. this world is very cruel. It has even made me cruel enough. But, this world is laughing at me to see my cruelty. It has forgot that it belongs to itself first..!’

Sanskar doesn’t understand what she is saying.
‘what happened Ragini..?’

Ragini: I have killed your brother Sanskar..!
Sanskar shocks.
Ragini raises her hands up till her chest.. “I pushed him like this.. into river” she says and she falls on floor. Her eyes are seemed to be hollow as no tears are there still to escape.

Sanskar: Ragini..?

Ragini: leave me alone..!!

Sanskar goes out to search Laksh.

Ragini leans on floor. She remembers Laksh’s smile in front of her eyes.

It was a year back,
Ragini was in her college. She is a final year student. she is running to submit an article and that guy has come suddenly and bumped into her. intentionally or unintentionally.
Her papers fell from her hand and she was about to slip down, but fell in his strong hands and those honey eyes were locked with her black eyes.

May be the new fairy love tale is going to start..?
She drove away her silly thoughts and came out of hallucination, but it’s true, she couldn’t even take away her eyes from that handsome face, who have the perfect manly features.
He was picking up all her papers and gave it back to her.

“I’m sorry” he offered a pleasant smile along with those papers. Ragini smiled and took them from his hand.

“By the way, I’m Laksh. Your good name..” he forwarded hand. But, Ragini gave a namaskar, “I’m Ragini. Thank you.” She said and started leaving.
Ragini kept remembering those mesmerized eyes again and turned back to see him… but, he is nowhere. She left a sigh and looked forward and realized that he was standing in front of her leaning to a wall.

‘when did he come here?’ she thinks and starts making her steps fast to avoid any eye contact with him. That guy just gave a smirk and left the place.

And, the second time…
Some guys are teasing her forming a circle around her. she was scared. Then again that guy Laksh came as hero and saved her. he fought with those boys. Maybe, that was attraction due to age, she started liking him.

They never talked again.

Again after one week, he is found in the orphanage where she used to come every day. He was playing with kids, giving them kids. Which girl can stop herself liking such guy..? and, she is one among them. Just they talked with their eyes.

Why the fate kept on making them together again and again..? is this is designed by the god..? or this is designed by any human..?

The fourth time,
When She was rushing for the exam she has to attend, she was stopped at the entrance only to make her realize that her hall ticket was missing. She was tensed and scared. Then again he, came as her savior.

“there you go. Yours hall ticket. It’s fallen on ground there” he said with a smile which is soothing her heart. She took it and left to hall forgetting to say him thanks.

After exam, she remembered him to say thanks but.. he is nowhere. She becomes a lil sad.

If love happens for these small things, then that heart is called a weak heart. A girl’s life is very delicate. She has to be cautious and careful before falling in love with someone just by looks or behavior which is seen just for a while. Think it as attraction and leave it.

But, that day that incident made her to forget that heart is strong and that guy has that much intensity to melt her heart as ice.

It was farewell party in their college. Some guys who have eye on her mixed some powder in her juice. She drank it. she was unconscious. She was about to take away by them.
He, came again. Gave good answer to all..! then he carried her to his house.

Ragini wakes in morning to find herself in a new room, but she was all ok. She looks around and finds him. Yes, he is Laksh.

Laksh: actually, that stupid batch was..
Ragini cries.
‘thanks for helping me. You saved me.”

Laksh: I don’t want your thanks. I want your love..!

A sudden order of proposal. She was shocked to hear it.

Laksh: I love you Ragini.

A word which she never listened from anyone. Or that ‘love’ which she has never experienced from anyone. He is saying that he will give it. shall she accept..? she has no one. She is a orphan and lonely living being. Now, a new friend has come. Asking her love.. saying that he will give his love. She has no dare ness to say no or yes.

Her silence has left only confusion in his mind.
She would have been silence forever like that.


He was found nowhere. Whenever she opens the door, he used to be visible. Whenever she goes out he used to look at her at least once. But, it has been a month till he disappeared. She was worrying. She wanted to talk to him. She was missing him badly.

Then while she was doing some work at her place… he came again. He was wetting in rain waiting for her. she felt happy.

She ran to him. Ran as fast as she could. She wanted to catch him before he escapes again. Her young age wanted his love. Her lonely life wanted a pair forever who gives her love. Which she never know..!

She ran and hugged him tight.
“I love you Laksh” she said it at last. He buried her in himself wrapping his hands around.

Ragini: but, why do you love this alone girl who has nothing..?
Laksh: it’s me who is alone without you Ragini..!

His words made her tear.

As that Rain as witness they have promised their love. Then their love was started. Which was beginning of her dreams. The dreams which are steps to the heaven…

To be continued….

{is it slow..? very slow..? be ready to face the twists and speed in next episode..!}

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