RagLak- Our Cute Love Story (Part 5)

RagLak- Our Cute Love Story (Part 5)
Hi guys i am back with next part of my ff. Thank u so much to all those who commented and silent readers.
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A room is shown there a boy is sleeping peacefully a person enters into the room silently and does something and comes out. After coming out that person gives hi-fi to another person. A voice is heard
Ap: shona ragu where are u
Swaragini: coming mom (yes they both are swaragini) they go from there. After sometime swaragini, ap, dp, shekhar, janaki and sanskar are sitting on the couch and talking
Ragini: (smirking and slowly says) 3…2…1… boom
“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh” they hear a very loud shout and swaragini starts laughing rolling on the floor
Laksh: (shouts) u duckling i will not leave u

Saying this laksh comes out of his room while ragini starts running laughing loudly and laksh chasing and all others also laughs understanding what has happened. So the boy in the room is laksh and ragini applied different colours in different patterns on his face making him look like a joker and when he woke up and saw his face in mirror he was horrified and shouted later he realised and started chasing ragini. Now laksh is chasing ragini and they finally entered gm and ragini ran into her room and about to close the door but in the nick of time laksh stopped and entered the room while ragini widened her eyes and started moving backwards and laksh is moving forward. Finally ragini stopped as she hit the wall and laksh is very near to her she tried to move from the sideways but laksh blocked her way by keeping his hands on either sides of her not letting her to go. He is staring her intensely while she looks at him and their both eyes meet they share cute eye lock. Laksh slowly moves towards her face leaving his hot breath on her face and she closes her eyes feeling his closeness and places her hands on his chest.
Ragini: (whispers while closing her eyes and breathing heavily) jelly i am sorry please let me go
Laksh: (whispers) then let me also apply for u
Ragini: (still closing her eyes) but u dont have colours with u now let me bring them
Laksh: (smiles) no need i can do it in some other way.
Saying this he rubs his left cheek on her right cheek while ragini blushes later he rubs his right cheek on her left cheek and sees her blushing closing her eyes. She is looking very pretty with that blush and colours on her cheeks laksh pecks her lips making her to open her eyes immediately and look at him who is smiling looking at her intensely she feels shy and immediately hides her face in his chest. Laksh laughs and hugs her very tightly and breaks the hug and kisses her forehead lovingly.
Laksh: happy holy my duckling
Ragini: thank u my jelly (kisses his cheek)
Laksh looks at her raising his eyebrow while she lowers eyes blushing and laksh pulls her through waist while she raises her eyes to see him. He moves towards her lips while ragini closes her eyes when their lips were just an inch distance they here a knock on the door which make them jerk immediately.
Sanskar: (knocking the door) lucky if ur romance with ragu is over and if not completed also u can do it later come fast and get ready we need to go to temple for puja.
Laksh: (keeping his head on ragini’s shoulder) huh always someone disturbs my romance (ragini giggles while laksh shouts) coming bhai u go
Sanskar: come fast (he leaves from there)

Laksh is about to leave her with an irritated face but ragini pulls him, encircles her hand around his neck and places her lips on his this is just done in a fraction of second that he did not understand anything ragini slaps him near his chest that is when he understands and starts to respond to the kiss and smile in between the kiss seeing his duckling’s act when they both are lack of oxygen they part away and join their foreheads closing their eyes and panting heavily with a smile on their lips. After few seconds ragini hugs laksh very tightly
Laksh: (worried) jaan (laksh calls her with different names but mostly duckling) is everything fine
Ragini: (breaking the hug and with a broad smile) ha jelly why are u worried
Laksh: dont know why i felt that something is bothering u
Ragini: (again hugs him) dont worry i am all fine leave all the worries and enjoy this holy after all we are celebrating with our siblings after many years
Laksh: (tightening his grip around her and kisses her head) hmm u know what u can wash away all my worries with ur one smile and hug i love u a lot
Ragini: i love u more (suddenly she shouts) oh no
Laksh: (breaks the hug) what happened
Ragini: (smiling sheepishly) woh i forgot to give u the gift which i bought for u (she runs to cupboard and brings a box and gives it to him)
Laksh: (opens it and a smile appears on his face it is a blue shirt) it is very nice
Ragini: (with smile) wear this tomorrow while going to college
Laksh: ok and why do u always think to give heart attack to me stop being kid
Ragini: no i will get bored between u all oldies
Laksh: (fake angry) i am an oldie to u
Ragini: ha see u always keep saying dont do that dont do this so u are also an oldie but u know i love u so much my cute jelly (she pulls his cheeks)
Laksh: (making faces) dont call me that
Ragini: cute cute cute
Laksh: huh leave it i am going to get ready we need to go to temple also (turns to go)
Ragini: ha bye looser
Laksh: (again turns to her) looser?
Ragini: ha like every year it is me who applied colours first so u are a looser (shouts) looser looser
Laksh: uuuuuuuu wait i will not leave u (he starts to chase her but ragini runs into washroom and closes the door)
Ragini: (shouts from inside) looser later u can hold me first go otherwise this time dad will come to call then u know what will happen (she laughs)
Laksh huffs but immediately smiles leaves from there.

Gadodia’s, maheshwari’s, Sharma’s (harish and Avantika), Aakash and ritu are also present in the temple they completed the puja and are sitting on the stairs of the temple
{note: from two days they have holidays so priya still dont know that swaragini and sanlak are siblings}
Laksh: come on jaan let us go to lake (he drags ragini with him)
Ap: sanskar and shona u both also go and make a wish and throw a coin in the lake that wish will be fulfilled
Sanskar: ok mom chalo shona
They both also go along with Aakash and ritu, when they go there they see that laksh is back hugging ragini and they both closed their eyes and prayed and throw the coin in the lake and open their eyes and smiles at each other.
Sanskar: (hits laksh’s head) even in temple u dont leave her
Laksh: aahh bhai i am not romancing with her, from childhood we both wish in this way only
Sanskar looks at ragini while she nods her head in agreement
Laksh: huh why dont u believe me
Ragini: aww my jelly leave it u all go and wish and come fast we need to go home for playing holy i am very excited.
All smiles seeing her excitement and goes to wish
Garden is fully filled with people wearing white clothes and colours spread on their faces and clothes all are enjoying and there are thandais and bhang also placed on the table and some servants are serving them by placing them in a tray.
Raglak are throwing colours on all and enjoying a lot along with swasan and rish (ritu and Aakash) all the elders are very happy to see their children very happy.
Ap: everytime i used to miss them a lot and today i am very happy to see even swasan with us
Janaki just side hugged her as she is also feeling the same and they all stared their children when suddenly ragini came to them
Ragini: (shouts) happy holy to all and applies colours to all of them and they also apply to her. She again runs to youngsters. After sometime ragini feels thirsty and takes a glass from the passing servant and drinks it all in a go. She feels it different but ignores and takes another from another servant who is passing by and again drinks it. Now she can see all things as two she closes her eyes and shakes her head and again opens them still she finds all two. While she is doing like that laksh came to her
Laksh: love what are u doing here
Ragini: (drunk voice) jelly u are two persons here is one jelly (pointing to laksh) and here is another (pointing beside him)
Laksh: (understood she has drunk bhang) ragini u drank bhang?
Ragini: i drank bhang i i drank bhang (she points towards herself) but i dont know

Laksh sighs as it is now waste to say anything also he holds her hand and tries to take her but she frees herself and runs from him
Ragini: (shouts) holy hain and starts singing and dancing while some other joins her
Itna Maza, Kyun Aa Raha Hai
Tune Hawa Mein Bhaang Milaya
{She drags laksh and swasan and they dance with her}
Itna Maza, Kyun Aa Raha Hai
Tune Hawa Mein Bhaang Milaya
Dugna Nasha, Kyun Ho Raha Hai
Aankhon Se Meetha Tune Khilaya
Ho Teri Malmal Ki Kurti Gulabi Ho Gayi
Manchali Chaal Kaise Nawaabi Ho Gayi, Toh?
Balam Pichkari Jo Tune Mujhe Maari
Toh Seedhi Saadi Chhori Sharaabi Ho Gayi
Haa Jeans Pahen Ke Jo Tune Maara Thumka
Toh Lattoo Padosan Ki Bhabhi Ho Gayi (X2)
{She again takes a glass of bhang and was about to drink but sanskar who noticed it immediately takes the glass from her while she starts crying then swara comes there and gives her another glass which is of thandai and ragini drinks it and again starts dancing}
Teri Kalaai Hai, Haathon Mein Aayi Hai
Maine Maroda Toh Lagti Malaai Hai
Mehenga Padega Ye Chaska Malaai Ka
Upvaas Karne Mein Teri Bhalaai Hai
Ho Bindiya Teri Mehtaabi Ho Gayi
Dil Ke Armaanon Mein Behisaabi Ho Gayi
Balam Pichkari Jo Tune Mujhe Maari
Toh Seedhi Saadi Chhori Sharaabi Ho Gayi
Haa Jeans Pahen Ke Jo Tune Maara Thumka
Toh Lattoo Padosan Ki Bhabhi Ho Gayi (X2)
Kyun ‘No-Vacancy’ Ki, Hothon Pe Gaali Hai
Jabki Tere Dil Ka Kamra Toh Khaali Hai
(Kamra Toh Khaali Hai…)
Mujhko Pata Hai Re
Kya Chahata Hai Tu
Boli Bhajan Teri
Neeyat Qawwali Hai
Zulmi Ye Haazir-Jawaabi Ho Gayi
Tu Toh Har Taale Ki Aaj Chaabi Ho Gayi, Toh?
Balam Pichkari Jo Tune Mujhe Maari
Toh Seedhi Saadi Chhori Sharaabi Ho Gayi
Haa, Jeans Pahen Ke Jo Tune Maara Thumka
Toh Lattoo Padosan Ki Bhabhi Ho Gayi (X2)
Haan, Bole Re Zamana Kharabi Ho Gayi
Haan, Bole Re Zamana Kharabi Ho Gayi…

Finally laksh pics her up in bridal style and starts to take her to a room and all the others go along with them with a sigh while she keeps on singing
Ragini: Balam Pichkari jo tune mujhe Maari (she stops and starts crying) ahhaaaannn jelly why did u take my chocolate
Laksh: (confused) when
Ragini: on that day when i got first in school do u remember that day i got first in school in 10th class that day
Laksh: (shocked) for that u are crying now (he chuckles realising that she is speaking in the effect of bhang)
Ragini: (making an O shaped mouth) here i am crying and u are laughing (she starts beating him on his chest while laksh just ignores and takes her towards washroom)
Laksh reaches near the washroom and makes her stand under the shower and she starts playing with it
Ragini: jelly it is raining (she starts dancing)
Laksh: (holding her tightly) ragini stop it right now
Ragini keeps on doing that he forcefully makes her drench in water and slowly she starts feeling dizzy and falls unconscious in his arms he sighs and lifts her in his arms and lays her on the bed and comes out where all are waiting for him
Laksh: (sighs) she fell unconscious shona please go and change her dress she is fully drenched she may feel cold
Swara nods with a smile and leaves to change ragini’s dress
Ap: tho chalo all get fresh up and come it is common every time she drinks without knowledge we handle her same
All nods and leave to fresh up

Ragini wakes up with heavy head ache she holds her head with her hands and closes her eyes. She tries very hard to open her eyes when she feels someone placed a glass near her mouth. She realises who the person is and immediately drinks the lemonade and leans to the person’s shoulder and places her head with closed eyes
Laksh: now feeling better
Ragini: hmm how do u know that i will wake up now
Laksh: from past two hours i am here only
Ragini: sorry again i drank without my knowledge
Laksh: it is common everytime why dont u check before drinking
Ragini: (opens her eyes and pouts) i was very thirsty
Laksh: come on ragu it just takes a minute to ask what is it and drink
Ragini: ok leave it we always talk the same thing and end up with same conclusion u saying that i will never change so it is waste i am very hungry i will go and fresh and come then i will have food
Laksh nods and she leaves to fresh while laksh goes and brings food for her

Samar is in the backside of the college very frustrated waiting for someone (his friend ajay is not with him because he does not want to involve in samar’s plan and samar knows about his friend so he left him) his wait is over the person for whom is waiting has arrived
Samar: (angry) what the hell why do u take so long all students may start to come if u are few more minutes late
Person: (angry) shut up dont dare to shout at me ok i am helping u here
Samar: oh come on miss. Priya (yes it is priya who is helping him) i did not ask for ur help it is u who came to help me by saying that u dont like ragini and u love that laksh
Priya: (huffs) ha it is my fault to come to u so that i can get my laksh but leave it now is everything ready
Samar: ha everything is ready and we can execute our plan today.
Priya: great then i will manage everything and u be ready for the correct time to execute ok i hope u dont do any mistake this time atleast like u did before on ur stupid plan.
Samar: (angry) mine was not stupid plan ok anyways at that time i want her for only one night but now i want her every night i cant wait for that day
Priya: (smirking) dont worry u will definitely get her while i get him
Samar also smirks along with her

It is recess time, Laksh’s gang except for ragsan are sitting in canteen and speaking to each other. They are there after 3 complete days. Ragsan came there at that time
Ragini: (pleading) please na jiju please
Sanskar: no ragu i am not going to do anything
Laksh: bhai now what she wants
Sanskar was about to answer but priya interrupted him
Priya: (confused) jiju, bhai why so suddenly u changed u both are calling him bhai jiju (she does not know anything na)
Swara: woh u dont know na priya (she tells everything to priya and priya gets very happy for swasan as she always treated them as real friends and hugged swara but her hatred for ragini increased)
Priya: i am very happy for u shona
Swara: thank u priya
Laksh: bhai u tell me why are u saying no for my ragini (priya fumes listening to my ragini)
Ragini: jelly see na i am asking jiju to propose di atleast now but he is not agreeing
Aakash, laksh and ritu laughs while swara pouts and priya seeing ragini with a lot of anger and hatred.
Ragini: (makes a puppy face) please jiju for me na
Sanskar: (sighs) fine i will but only we both will be there
Ragini: (happy) thank u jiju love u so much (hugs him)
Sanskar: ok fine now i am going then i need to prepare for proposing ur sister (saying this he leaves from there)
Laksh: finally shona be happy he got some sense
Swara: even now he did not get sense it was my sister who requested him to do and he is doing that for her not for me (pouts)
Ragini: di
Swara: ok i know he loves me but he is weak in expressing let me see how will he do it chalo let us go to class
Aakash: atleast tell us later how did he propose u
Swara: may i make a video and show it
Ritu: great idea
Laksh: (hits his head) now i understood how did u became this kid’s friend ritu u also becoming like her day by day
Ritu: (pouts) bhai
Laksh: kya now chalo we are getting late for class.
They all go to class
It is evening swasan went for the date in the afternoon when it is lunch time and ritu and Aakash also left while priya said that she is also going home and went to meet samar so that they can execute their plan as for now ragini will be alone in canteen as laksh is going to library to fetch few books. Ragini is sitting alone in the canteen involved in her phone as laksh warned her not to move from there and the whole college already left only very few members are there and it is late as well. At that time a girl came to her
Girl: ragini laksh said u to come to the parking lot
Ragini: (confused) me but he told me to sit here
Girl: dont know he said
Ragini: ok i will go thank u
The girl goes from there and shows thumbs up to priya who is observing them she only sent the girl to ragini and tells her to say that laksh said her to come to parking lot
Ragini goes to parking lot but finds none and starts searching laksh, here laksh starts feeling restless and starts coming towards canteen leaving the books there, after reaching canteen after finding ragini is missing he gets more restless and starts searching for her he asked some girl who is sitting there and got to know that ragini went towards parking lot and immediately runs towards parking lot.
There when ragini is searching for laksh a car comes and stops in front of her making her horrified and few men comes out of it and surrounds her
Man1: hey u go and sit in the car
Ragini: (frightened while tears are flowing from her eyes and stammers) why should… I… sit…
Man2: hey stop questioning and sit

Ragini looks around trying to escape she pushes one of the man and starts running but she gets caught by the men and they drag her to the car and ragini keeps on shouting “leave me dont take me anywhere leave me” but they did not pay any heed to her and was about to make her sit in the car but one of the men get a blow on his face which makes all others to see who the person leaving ragini while ragini seeing the person immediately runs to him and hugs him crying
Laksh: (hugging her) shh duckling i came na see nothing happened
But ragini is not leaving him and continuously crying in his embrace and the men came to him to beat him laksh forcefully breaks the hug and makes her stand aside and looks at that man with red shot eyes and starts beating all the men black and blue. They get afraid of him and start running but laksh holds one of the men
Laksh: (angry) tell me who sent u (he beats him)
Man: (winces in pain) Samar he sent us to kidnap her please leave me i am doing only for money please
Laksh leaves him with blood shot eyes he is very angry listening who sent him he wants to kill that person but his eyes fall on ragini who is standing horrified and looking down standing like a statue. He calms himself and goes to her and keeps his hand on her shoulder she gets feared and moves back
Ragini: (shouting) no dont take me with u no
Laksh: duckling come to senses they went away see it is me ur jelly
But ragini is moving back shouting leave me dont take me laksh finally can’t see her like that and slaps her for which she comes to senses and immediately hugs him tightly crying bitterly and laksh is just kept rubbing her back after sometime he feels her weight on him and looks at her only to see a fainted ragini. He lifts her in his arms and places her in the car and drives back home.

I know all must be angry on me that i did not post for so long sorry for the late. Thank u for reading. And again sorry for the boring episode. Please tell me did u like or not through ur comments.

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