RadhaKrishn 8th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Ravan’s Deceitful Disguise

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RadhaKrishn 8th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha reminiscing Ayan’s advice to send Krishna to Kans thinks she has to stop this, else Krishna won’t be present to give her advice. She hears Ram and Sita’s story in her mind and thinks how can Krishna’s story come into her mind. She calls Krishna and says she needs to talk. Krishna walks to her and asks to speak in her mind so that he can hear it. Radha asks if he really can read her mind. Krishna says he is not such a big magician to hear anyone’s conversation. Radha relaxes thanking Narayan. Krishna murmurs that she is thinking of him by remembering both Narayan and Krishna. Radha asks what.. He says nothing and asks her to sit to continue the story. Radha says his story is running in her mind and she will describe it in front of whole Barsana people, he

has to support her if she gets confused. Krishna says he is always there to help her and thinks she is going to do something which will take her towards truth.

Radha gathers Barsana people and says she wants to describe Ram and Sita’s story for 3 days during saptami nights of navratri. Nand and Urapath with others agree. Ayan says they shouldn’t, else Kans will get angry. Ugrapath says they are respecting Kans and they are not breaking any rules, they can listen to holy stories at least. Ayan tries to speak again. Nand scolds him to shut up. Radha starts story that Ram and Sita were spending their vanvas in jungle when Ravan to take revenge sends his asur Marich in golden deer form to lure Sita and kidnap her. Sita gets mesmerized with golden deer and requests Ram to get it for her. Ram asks Lakshman to guard Sita and goes behind golden deer. He shoots deer when it turns into asur and before dying calls Lakshman for help in Ram’s voice. Sita asks Lakshman to go and help his brother. Lakshman says it must be an asur as brother Ram is very powerful. Sita insists. Lakshman draws a line around hut and asking her not to cross it rushes to help Ram.

Ravan burns in anger hearing his plan failed and himself disguised as brahmin walks to Sita and seeks charity/bhiksha. Sita brings bhiksha and requests him to come and take it. He says she should come to him, else its an insult it is an insult for him and he will curse her lineage. Sita gets tensed and walks to him crossing Lakshman’s drawn protective barrier. Ravan kidnaps her.

Precap: Sita describes Hanuman’s story. Balram asks Krishna how can Radha remember whole story. Krishna says Radha is reaching towards enlightenment.

Update Credit to: MA

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