RadhaKrishn 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna Tricks Radha

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Bakasur bird continues creating havoc. Yashoda tries to move. Vrishbhan and Nand ask her to stop. Bakasur notices her and walks towards her. Krishna in jungle says he is here, if Bakasur can dare come here. Radha confronts and asks why he is acting so much, he acted as holding vast tree, speaking to himself and calling monster bird as if it will come here. Bakasur comes. Krishna says god heard Radha’s request and monster bird came here.
Radha gets afraid seeing Bakasur.

Ayan tells Vrishban that he will go and bring Radha from jungle. Vrishbhan says even he will accompany him. Balram says Vrishbhan that his people need him here, he need not worry about Radha until Krishna is with her, asks Ayan is it not. Ayan and Vrisbhan fuming hearing Krishna’s name. Ayan warns

Balram to stop his speech and asks Vrishbhan to order him to go to jungle now.

Radha panics seeing Bakasur and says it came really here, why don’t he kill it. Krishna says did not say he will kill it, he will run fast before Radha. He runs. Radha runs behind him calling cruel Krishna. Radha reaaches middle of jungle. Radha follows him. Krishna snaps his fingers. Time freezes, Bakasur and Radha freeze. Balram asks Krishna if is time to fulfill Radha’s promise. Krishna says yes, it is time fulfill Radha’s wish of Golok like land on earth, he had promised she will not go alone and he will accompany her. Brinda means tulsi leaves which is pure and where Radha’s feet fall with Krishna on earth, that place is called Brindavan, where Radha and Krishna’s love story will be written. He asks Radha to extend her feet and get into her Brindavan. They both step at once. A plant emerges on their footstep. They both continue running and whole place turns into garden. Krishna says the love Radha left in Golok will continue here, he chants whole poem in Radha’s honor. Krishna stops while running. Radha asks why did he stop and turning back sees a new world.

Krishna gives moral gyan that usually elders would have told this world is full of sorrows, if it was full of happiness, then would god would have born here; if something goes wrong, they think they would not have come here; a farmer turns baron land into greenland, when a tailor turns cloth into beautiful outfit, similarly they should realize why they came on earth, then their reason for coming on earth will be fulfilled.

Precap: Krishna frightens Radha that he came here to conquer Barsana. He then punches Bakasur, and it falls far away and then flies towards Radha.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. nicely poised show now loving the music to the core of the heart #good story build up now

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