RadhaKrishn 7th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna To End Kans?

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Krishna continues fighting with Kans’ asur elephant kuwalyapeedh. Elephant tries to stampede Krishna, but Krishna throws it far away, then breaks his one tusk, jumps on it, and pierces tusk into elephant’s head and jumps back down. Elephant falls dead. Mathura citizens celebrate while Kans’ soldiers run away fearing Krishna. Radha watching the event via Shuka’s eyes thinks if Ugrapath baba also sees Krishna’s divinity, he will stop hating Krishna. Krishna addresses Mathura citizens that he killed Kans’ asur elephant with his own tusk, now it is time for Kans’ end. Soldiers inform Kans that Krishna killed elephant. Kans says he will not fight with Krishna, let him fight with his soldiers and asur brothers first and get tired first.

Krishna provokes Kans to come out and fight with him. He flies high and engraves tusk into earth and says he will smash Kans like the way he engraved this tusk into earth. Devaki and Vasudev get happy knowing their son has arrived. Kans orders to kill them thinking Krishna will drop the idea of fighting if he finds his parents dead. Krishna snaps his fingers and opens jail doors. All intimates run away followed by an old man. Old man walks out. Everyone address him as king Ugrasen and bend in front of him. Akroor chants raja Ugrasen ki jai. Ugrasen asks Krishna if he came. Krishna walks to him addressing him as nanasri and says he had to come to establish Dharma Ugrasen says he knows he is divine and god as his arrival was broadcasted before he was born. Krishna says he is born to kill Kans. Ugrasen requests him not to kill Kans and to give him a chance to reform. Krishna says it is against nature. Ugrasen says as a father wants to see his son alive and reformed.

Krishna imagines Radha who explains in detail that father’s love is very special in this world, father knows only to protect his children, etc., so he should respect a father’s request. Akroor asks Krishna not to give Kans any chance and to kill him. Krishna tells Ugrasen that as he wishes, he will give Kans a chance to reform. Ugrasen gets happy.

Precap: Krishna Kills Kans.

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