RadhaKrishn 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Arjun Is Unsure About the War

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In battlefield, Bhism tells Duryodhan that reason for Pandav’s victory and Duryodhan’s loss is Sri Krishna. Duryodhan says he is not worried about Krishna as he is a mere charioteer and nobody won war because of charioteer. Krishna rides chariot as driver and Arjun as pillion. Yudistra thanks Dhrupad and all other kings who are supporting Pandavs and above all Sri Krishna for supporting them and says when Krishna is with them, their victory is for sure. Krishna reminds that he will not pick weapon and is just helping them passively, so instead of believing in superstition, they should fight and win. Arjun reminisces Bhism’s love for him and warning that he should trust only himself and considers everyone as enemy.

Duryodhan laughs saying Krishna is a good driver and after winning war, he will make Krishna as his lifetime driver. Dushyasan and Shakuni support him. Bhism warns that one shouldn’t underestimate enemy and to stop their arrogance. Duryodhan orders him to play shank naad and start war. Bhism plays shank followed by Shakuni, Dushyasan, Guru Dronacharya, Duryodhan. Yudistra asks Krishna to play replying shank and declare closure. Krishna says he cannot do that as he already told him that he will not actively participate in war. Pandavs insist Arjun to shoot arrow and start war. Arjun says he cannot fight against his dear ones and requests Krishna to take him near his dear ones once as he wants to see them before war. Krishna heads towards Kaurav side. Duryodhan asks Bhism to order them to attack Krishna and Arjun. Bhism says Krishna has not played ending shank and declared start of war, so he will not order and if he forces him, he himself should take over and free him from duty. Duryodhan stands fuming.

Arjun tells Krishna that he cannot fight against his own dear ones and cannot kill his cousins, he cannot see his family women as widows and children as orphans, so Krishna should guide him and give him moral gyaan. Krishna chants a lengthy geeta shloka. Arjun asks its meaning. Krishna describes its meaning that he and all humanity is mortal, but soul is immortal, etc. Arjun asks what does that mean. Krishna explains that a king has to be citizen and everything in life has to experience its own deed. Arjun asks how can be a king be a citizen. Krishna says one has to experience what they teach first and then teach it to others, etc. He continues his moral gyaan describing about sanatan dharma and encourages Arjun to just follow his dharma.

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