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Radha asks Banke to tell truth like he told truth to Banke. Banke says there is nothing to explain. Dantavakra emerges with Shukracharya and attacks at Banke. Balram rushes to his rescue and asks Banke to attack the enemy. Banke says its not his duty. Balram asks whose duty is it then. Banke says love, Krishna. Krishna enters. Radha gets happy seeing him. Shukracharya how did Krishna return, its impossible. Krishna says its possible with love, he had told that love will win for sure; wherever Radha is he is present there. Shukracharya disappears telling Dantavakra that its too late now and he cannot help him. Dantavakra requests him not to leave him alone. Banke says he has already left. Dantavakra says Krishna cannot kill him. Krishna says he has to die as his brother Jay is waiting for him at Vaikunta gate. Dantavakra days that means Banke was right. Krishna says this is his last asur life and he will return to be near Narayan. Dantavakra apologizes Radha for his mistake and requests Krishna to free him. Krishna beheads him with his sudarshan chakra. His body dissapears and he return to Vaikunta gate as Vijay.

Radha happily runs and hugs Krishna and says she was waiting for him eagerly. He asks her to wipe her tears. She says he made him wait for so long. He wipes her tears and asks if Banke was not with her, he brought him back. Radha says Banke troubled her a lot, now she will take revenge from him. They all 3 laugh. Radha asks reason. Balram says he told Banke to tell truth. Banke gets immersed in Krishna. Radha surprised and says Krishna became stone, then Banke; why did Krishna trick her. Krishna says this event made her meditate and she became the biggest saint/meditator from lover. Radha asks if he told that her devotion will be immortal after the incident for the same reason. Krishna says Banke is a result of her love, she faced many difficulties and got him at last, she is an example for whole universe; he is present in each atom of the universe, but she proved that problems will emerge and with devotion, they can get him. she asks if she will be only his lover always. He asks true love is devotion and asks if she doesn’t want to be his devotee. She says a lot. He says Banke came to teach her devotion and love and whoever in this world will remember Banke will get both love and devotion. He turns into Banke and then himself. Balram greets him.

Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Banke Bihari is an unique symbol of love and whenever she will see Banke, she will remember Radha Krishna. Mahadev says she is right. Gauri says one has to learn from Krishna to keep their promise, he made Radha his devotee with his loving act, soon Radha and Krishna will meet in Golok. Mahadev says Krishna has to fulfill few more promises and he doesn’t have much time left to fulfill them. Krishna enters and greets them. Gauri asks what is he doing here. Krishna says it has been a long time since he met his aradhya and sister, so she came here. She asks him to explain he puzzle. Krishna reminds Mahadev that it has been long since he didn’t meet his devotees, so he should go into deep meditation and meet his devotees. Mahadev says as he orders. Krishna disappears. Gauri confused asks Mahadev what did Krishna say. Mahadev says Krishna reminded about a special devotee whom Krishna promised to meet whenever he takes an avatar on earth. She asks who is it. He says she will find out soon.

Krishna and Radha return to Dwarka. Citizens chant their names. Sam and Laxmana fume in jealousy. Nishant says kaka sri’s return calls for a celebration. Radha says her demand will call for a bigger celebration and giving her demand note asks Nishant and Ulmukh to find out if anyone has problem with her demand. Sam thinks what will Radha do now. Nishant informs citizens that they all have to put a coin in a box approving Radha’s demand. Radha says she knows her demand is right, so she hopes nobody will oppose. Everyone put coin in box and approve. Laxmana asks Sam to oppose Radha. Sam asks her to wait. Balram says Krishna is missing from celebration and goes to bring him. He tells Krishna to come and hear Rada’s special demand. Krishna says its time to awake a special devotee. Balram asks who is he. Krishna says le him first hear Radha’s special demand. He walks to Radha and asks what is her demand. Radha says her demand is she is Krishna’s biggest devotee; Dwarka is a place where Krishna most devotees stay and whole Dwarka accepted it. Krishna asks her to wait. Radha asks why should she wait and announces that she is Krishna’s biggest devotee in the whole universe. Hanumanji hearing that opens his eyes while meditating.

Precap: Krishna requests Radha to take back her words.
Radha says she spoke confidently, who else can be his biggest devotee than her. Hanuman thinks he needs to find out who this woman his who is challenging him.

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