RadhaKrishn 31st December 2018 Written Episode Update

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RadhaKrishn 31st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with Radha about to tell Krishn about her feelings when Ayan enters n takes away Kirtida n Radha on an excuse that Vrishbhaan kaka wanted to speak to them urgently.

Vrishbhan declares Radha’s marriage..radha appears.very sad.

Balram is annoyed with krishn for not allowing Radha to speak I love you and he too did not confess his love for her. He was watching radha so depressed in her room because she loved Krishn..while krishn was just labeling her love as enchantment. Balram could not stand it any more.

Krishn says she had to suffer heart break for her to be reunited with her krishn for eternity. Balram walks away teary eyed for Radha Krishn. Krishn too feels upset. Radha is helped by Krishn to fall asleep by playing a melody on his flute .

Next morning, Vrish is seen decorating the house with flowers n lamps as groom’s family was coming to see Radha..Radha is very upset. So is Kirtida. Kirtida assures if Krishn confessed the same feelings as Radha she would get them married. Ayan fumes at Jatila for making Radha fall for krishn n now Kans would kill him. He decides to suicide instead. Jatila is about to reassure him but before that Akrura arrives with his army n captures Ayan n takes him away saying Ayan was unlikely to fulfill his promise to Kans. Jatila is furious n decides to kill Krishn.

Nand has made to order a beautifully decorated chunari with gold, silver n precious stones n pearls for his friend radha’s wedding gift. yashoda loves the chunari n laments that her wish to see radha in this chunari but as her own bahu might never come true.

Meanwhile Vishakha comes to meet depressed radha. she asks her to write her feelings in a letter to Krishn n offers to carry it for her.

She shows it to Jatila before delivering it to Krishn. Balram is very eased to see Radha writing her feelings for Krisnn in a love letter. Krishn too looks forwards to it.

Krishn vaani
He says its time that decides who we are going to meet.. our heart decides whether we like this person or not and our behaviour decides whether we will remember the persons or not.

Precap: Vishakha gives Krishn Radha’s prem patra. Groom’s family is being welcomed by Radha’s family while she waits for Krishn impatiently.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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