RadhaKrishn 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Duryodhan’s Sly Act

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Krishna in his Vishwaroop’s avatar throws sudarshan chakra towards Duryodhan. Duryodhan shouts its Krishna’s black magic. Dhritarastra asks Duryodhan what is happening, he can’t see anything. Krishna says he will give him vision to see. Dhritarastra is also shocked to see Krishna’s Vishwaroop and requests Duryodhan to accept Krishna’s demand and give 5 villages to Pandavs. Duryodhan says he will not and will not fall for Krishna’s black magic. Bhism and Vidhur request Dhritarastra to use his powers and accept Krishna’s demand. Dhritarastra says his son’s happiness is his only motto and he can’t do anything. Krishna says time for request is over and now there will be a war. He plays shank announcing war and walks away to be ready for a war. Duryodhan orders guards to arrest Krishna. Guard walk towards Krishna, but Krishna just with a gesture throws them far away and walks out.

Pandavs reach Dwarka and greet Balram. Balram asks about Krishna. Pandavs inform him about Krishna’s decision for war against Duryodhan and say something must have happened in Hastinapur peace sabha that Krishna decide for a war and played shanknaad. Yudistra says they should get ready for war and by now Duryodhan would have gathered all kings with him either by power or by wealth. Bheem says they need not worry when the most powerful Balram Dau is with them. On the other side, Krishna walks to Radha. Radha and informs that war is inevitable now. She asks if he will participate in war. He says if he participates, people will think whoever’s side he is on will win.

Dhritarastra takes Duryodhan to Bhism and asks him to listen to Bhism. Bhism says Duryodhan dared to insult Sri Krishna and should apologize him. Duryodhan shouts he will never apologize. Dhritarastra requests to accept Bhism’s request. Bhism says to save their clan, Duryodhan should go and apologize Krishna for his sins and seek his forgiveness, else nobody can save them from Krishna’s wrath. Shakuni says Bhism is right and Duryodhan should accept this request. Duryodhan agrees. Shakuni then informs Duryodhan that if he convinces Krishna to be on their side, he has to fight with Balram who is with Pandavs and Balram is the most powerful wrestler on earth.

Pandavs plan whom to gather on their side. Krishna walks in asking if they will not take Karn’s help. Arjun says Karn is always loyal to Duryodhan, so he won’t support them, anyways he is eager to fight with Karn and settle old dues. Guards informs them that Duryodhan has come and wants to meet Krishna. Bheem fumes. He rushes to Duryodhan and warns how dare he is to come here after insulting Krishna. Krishna with Balram walks to them and stops Bheem. Duryodhan apologizes Krishna for his mistake and says he came with a request. Bheem asks Krishna not to forgive Duryodhan. Krishna says when someone makes mistake and apologizes, he should forgive them. He asks Duryodhan to take rest now and he will listen Duryodhan’s request in the morning. He also makes clear that he will neither fight on anyone’s side nor lift weapon in this war, shocking both Pandavs and Duryodhan.

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